Recent Traditionalist Publications

Herlihy, John. Borderlands of the Spirit. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2005.

"This book is based on the metaphor of a 'borderland' between our minds, conditioned by the modern world in which we exist, and the timeless human nature in which we truly come to life. Through a comprehensive look at the realities that confront the modern psyche, Herlihy begins to guide us to the many different crossings from which we can both look back at the narrow chasms of our current thinking, and ahead at the vast treasures of our hidden selves."

Laude, Patrick. Returning to the Essential: Selected Writings of Jean Bies. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2004.

A recipient of the prestigious High Prize of the Society of Poets, Jean Biès is often considered in France to be one of the most important philosophers of our time. His work, which is situated at the confluence of East and West, offers spiritual keys and suggestions for the regeneration of mankind. These selected writings, taken from his more than twenty books, include studies of the metaphysical and esoteric teachings of the great religions of the world, travel writings, and a remarkable collection of highly poetic aphorisms.

Oldmeadow, Harry. The Betrayal of Tradition. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2005.

"This anthology alerts us to the spiritual crisis of modernity and to its root cause, the betrayal of tradition. That there is indeed a spiritual crisis will hardly be denied by anyone who has pondered the condition of the contemporary world. These essays by traditionalists and other eminent contemporary thinkers illuminate some common ground and thereby help to dispel false charges sometimes leveled at traditionalist authors that they are out of touch with the contemporary world."

Pallis, Marco. A Buddhist Spectrum. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2003. $19.95.

"A Buddhist Spectrum is at once one of the most readable works on Buddhism and a major work on comparative religion and living spirituality. It is the fruit of the thoughts and meditations of a man whose authoritative exposition during several decades of religious questions in general and Buddhism in particular, especially in its Tibetan form, have had a profound influence upon many scholars and practicioners of religion in both East and West."

--Seyyed Hossein Nasr, George Washinton University

Schuon, Frithjof. Adastra and Stella Maris: Poems by Frithjof Schuon. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2003. $19.95

"Mystical experience almost inevitably leads to poetry. The great mystics all over the world used the language of poetry when trying to beckon to a mystery that lies beyond normal human expression...We are not surprised that Frithjof Schuon too felt compelled to write poetry...Here we listen to the thinker who, far from the complicated scholarly sentences of his learned prose works, sings the simple prayers of the longing soul...These tender lyrics show the famous thinker in a very different light and from an unexpected side."

--Annemarie Schimmel, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Uzdavinys, Algis. The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Pythagorean and Platonic Philosophy. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2004.

Presenting key writings of the most important sources of Pythagorean, Platonic and Neoplatonic thought, The Golden Chain defines this philosophy as a spiritual and contemplative way of life that ultimately leads to the vision of God. These writings point to underlying influences from Chaldean, Eyptian, Phoenician and Indian sages, suggesting that the Hellenic wisdom from which all subsequent Western philosophy arose was established upon a perrenial philosophy of unchanging metaphysical an divine truths.

Cutsinger, James S. The Fullnes of God: Frithjof Schuon on Christianity. Bloomington: World Wisdom, 2004. $19.95

"In these radiant essays, the master metaphysician of our time expounds Christiantiy's distinctive features and relates them to the immutable principles which comprise the essence of all integral traditions. At a time when the Christian message is more widely misunderstood and distorted than ever before, Schuon's work beckons a return to the wellsprings of an authentic Christian spirituality. Readers will find in this beautifully produced anthology a veritable treasurehouse of Christian wisdom as well as practical guidance on the spiritual path."

--Harry Oldmeadow, La Trobe University, author of Traditionalism: Religion in the Light of the Perennial Philosophy