Liber Salomonis: Sepher Raziel – Part 2

British Library Sloane MS 3826: 27v-57r
Transcribed, annotated, and introduced by D. Karr

© D.Karr 2003

& beginneth the third book of Thymiamatibus

Dixit angelus Adae fac Thymiamata &c

The Angell said to Adam make thymiamata
Thymiamata be confections of good odors wth wch thou
shalt suffume (and thou shalt please to Creacion)
and thou shalt attayne what thou wylt by this
And they of wch they be made be peticion things
wch thou shalt fynde and of good odor and of good
nature, and of cleane things. And when thou
wilt do it be thou cleane of wthout all fylthe
and then the angell rested in that hower And Adam
remayned and did what he might And this Salomon
expounded and said I marvaile why this is the booke
of Moyses also ffor the Creator said to Moyses
make thou Thymiamata and suffume thou in the
hill when thou wilt speake wth me wherfore Salomon
said suffumigacions sacrifice & unction maketh
to be opened the gates of the aire and of the fyre
and of all other heavens. And by suffumigacions a
man may see heavenly things and privatyes of the
Creator And each man knowe that they thirleth
The earth water and lownesse And Salomon said
As there be 7 heavens, 7 starres & 7 dayes in
the weeke of wch everiche is distinct and is not likened
to his even. So knowe each man that there be 7
suffumigacions wch wthholdeth wth them the vertue
of the 7 starres, and maketh glad the spirits of the
ayre and the angels of heaven and Divels of angels
of the worlde. And therfore for a man yeeldeth to
them hit, that is theirs. Therfore they be pleased
and well apaid for the words wch thou sayest of
sayest the names of them or of the Creator. And for
this that thou doest when thou washest thee and
for the gift that thou givest to them when thou
suffumest, and these things yeeldeth them earthly
and appearing to thee. And that spirituall & invisible
that is, that neither evill men neither beasts
mongst see thee if thou doest it strongly about thee
and about whome thou doest it.
Thymiamata is made of many things, and these be
Principally upon the vii dayes of the weeke And first
say we of thymiamata of the Saturday for the starre
of him is higher & the angell of him is mighty in ye earth
1 The first Thymiamata is17 of the Saturday ought
to be of good things and well smelling rootes as is
costus and herba thuris. And that is thymiamata
for good, and so I shall shewe all other as it beseemeth
to good and Thymiamata to another I
shall say in another place
2 Thymiamata of the Sonday is thus Mastick muscus
and other such and all other good gumes and
of good odor in all good and by the Contrary in
all evill
3 Thymiamata of the Monday is folius myrti and
lauri and leaves of good odor and so understand
thou in his contrary.
4 Thymiamata of the Tuesday is Sandalus rubeus
niger and albus and all such trees and eche tree
of Aloes & cypresse and so understand thou of each
5 Thymiamata of Wednesday is made of all rindes
as cinamon cassia lignea & cortices lanri & muris
and so understand thou in the other
6 Thymiamata of Thursday is nux muscata gari=
ophylli and citruli and the rinde of Aurangiar~
siccar~ & pulverizatar~ that is the rynde of Oranges
dry and powdered & all other fruits of good odor
7 Thymiamata of the Friday is moas rosa viola
& crocus and all other flowers of good odor and in
the contrary to the contrary put yow all Thymiamata stinking
And knowe thou that each Thymiamata of good odor
Gathereth togither his spirits after that his nature
& his color he18 & his strength is Thus I sayd for good
good, for better better.
17 The word "is" is crossed out.
18 The word "he" is crossed out.

And Hermes said of Thymiatibus that

Thymiamata of Luna is cinamonis & ligno
aloes et mastix et crocus et costus, et macis
et myrtus we putteth this that each of the planets
have a parte in it, and all this may be Luna
good and well fortunate by good spices & sharpe
and planette of the spices wth the wch a man ought
to make thymiamata And he said that of Saturne
is each good roote in good and evill in evill
And of Jovis all fruite, and of martis eche tree
And of solis eche gume and of veneris eche
flower, and of mercury each rinde, and of Luna
eache leafe, and thus understand thou of all other
and eche odoriferous herbe is of veneris. And
Raziel said to Adam that he should make good
Thymiamata. And therfore said Hermes, understand
That eache Thymiamata is made of all good things
as of roote tree rinde leafe flower fruite & gumes
and yet seeds be put in it as Baccae & Cardamomu~
and waxe, and put thou in it all good thing and
precious, and sithen he said Thymiamata completu~
And there is some Thymiamata gracu~ or of greeke
by wch heather men were wont to suffume Idols
wth. And yet to this day Churches and Altars be
suffumed wth it, and it is said Thymaimata Jovis.
And in soothenes who that useth this Thymiamatibus
must be cleane and chaste and of all good lyfe and
will to the Creator and he shall profitt.
Dixit Salomon super suffumigata Hermetis q19 dur &c
Salomon said upon the suffumigacions of Hermes wch
be said beneath and they be seven maners wth wch be
1 made sacrifices some be (and the first) wch fastesth and
giveth tei things to the Creator, and therfore they
trust that they attayne to that that they desire And
it is soothe
2 The second is that they washen & clenseth them
selves and dwelleth cleane and therfore they trow
to attayne their petition & axing & it is soothe
3 The iiid is that they do almes of God and for the
holy angels of him
4 The iiiith is that they sleyeth and casteth the bloud
in the fyer.
5 The fifth is that they sleyeth and burneth all
6 The sixt is that they prayeth much in howers ordeyned
7 tymes in the day, and 3 in the night
7 The viith is to make suffumigacion wth good things
and well smelling and everiche of these did this
that he might attayne the sothenes of it that he asked
and so he attayned hit by the Commandement of the
And know thou that suffumigacion overcometh in all
Sothely who that suffumeth best to the eye it proveth
and wth this the wisemen excuseth all other. And wit
thou that who can well knowe the natures of suffumigacions
he might easily nigh thilk spirits wch
he would enclepe according to the nature of suffumigacion
And evermore consider thou the nature of
the spirit and of the suffumigacion, and the spirits be
constrained by the contrary and be comforted by
19 The q has ae written above it.
like things And it is to wytt that as a wise leache
in giving a medecine to a sicke man removeth
the sickenes and inleadeth health. So suffumigacion
if it be good remeveth the contrary from the place
And wth evill suffumigacion be remeved good spirits,
evill and ill spirits also dreadeth for eache
thing more loveth health then sickenesse. And therfore
it is said that Sulphur remeveth both good
spirits and evill, and this is approbation or profitt
way And there is another way for lignu~ aloes
and none other, and Sulphur chaseth them
away and this is very reason And then I say
that Sulphur gathereth togither his proper spirits
and none other And they be full strong & penetra
tive and thicke and be not severed or departed so
soone from a place But although a place were
suffumed wth Sulphur, and then were washen
wth water and suffumed wth lignu~ aloes yet it
draweth away the spirits of Sulphur or endureth
or leadeth in his owne. And knowe thou also that
the spirit of Azet that is quicksilver and the
spirit of Thuris be contrary Although spirits
both yet therwth all devills entereth and thirleth
rather or sooner then the spirit of Thuris, wherfore
everich hath full great might, yet and if
thou wilte wthdrawe the spirits suffume thou wth
thure and they shall go out And so understand thou
of all other spirits good and evill.
And Salomon said that as a physicion putteth
a man pure good oyntmente and cleane and
they thirleth the body of a man and healeth so suffumigacions
thirleth the 4 elemts and maketh to see and knowe
heavenly things wch were evermore heavenly and wch
descendeth from heavens as be angells & spirits of the
ayre and the soules of dead men and divels and windes
of spelunke and of deepenes and fantasies of desert place
And wherfore knowe thou that all spiritualls wth right
fumigacon shall obey to thee, and shall come to thee
and they shall do thy co~mandement And Hermes said
that all things that was or is present or shall be that the
overnature Joyned wth the neather by ordinance or tyme
and hower maketh one body and understanding that he
can understand and knowe thilke things whereof creatures
have to live and themselves to governe. Therfore
know thou that there be fumes that Chaseth away
spirits and other some that steyeth them and constreyneth
them to come, and other that quickeneth them
and strengthneth them, and giveth them might, and so
by the contrary there be some that destroyeth them
and taketh away their might, and this is the probacion
of this for the fume of an hare chaseth them away
and this he said upon serpents and that chaseth them
away wch is fumus amnecae that is the fume of feces
of oyle and that steyeth them is the spittle of a
fasting man. And therfore he said suffumigacion
sufficeth to us in all things beneath. And Raziel
said knowe thou that as water washeth all uncleanesse
and fire maketh liquid or melteth all mettalls & maketh
cleane and fyneth. And as the aire is the lyfe of a man
living, and the earth sustaineth or beareth eche body
and nourisheth each plant, to understand thou that
good thymiamata – i – suffumigacions is fulfilling in
the worke to the Invocations of spirits and of other
things and well proporcioned wth the wch Thymiamata
is confect or medled, and were in eache hower convenient
of according.
Dixit Salomon propter hoc pono horas et tempus &c

Salomon sayeth ffor this I put the hower and the

tyme in this worke for in all howers in wch a man
will speake to a kinge or to a prince he may not speake
to them neither in eache hower wch a sonne asketh
of the father any thing he giveth to him. Therfore
it is darke to thee to choose the tyme and the hower
upon these that thou askest. This is therfore tempus
quoddam that is some tyme of Jovis be it done in the
day of Jovis and of Veneris in the day of Veneris
and Martis. And of Saturne in the day of Saturne.
And so of other that be done in Invocations of spirits
and in all praysings of Angells. And the fumigacion
of wch is pure and cleane. Knowe thou that it is a
spirituall thing and living and fellowshipping to heavenly
things. And now said Veallia Knowe thou
that no man ought to make suffumigacion of precious
things but if it were before cleane, and wth cleane
waters well washen and annoynted wth precious oyntments
wch he made cleanly and wth precious things
as cera alba, balsamo croco and musco abitatmeca
algalia, almea Thure myrrha. Oleo olivary. And this
oyntment be it well kept and well warded in a cleane
place of him after that also the clothings be cleane
white newe and good, not broken neither blacke. And
the suffume he himself worshipfully, and the
maner of suffuming himself ought to be made in
vii maners towards the East the North the West
and the south, and towards the heaven above, and
towards the earth beneath, and the viith tyme all
about. And as offe as thou doest this evermore
dresse thy mynde unto God evermore, and pray that
he fulfill thy will. And knowe thou that I founde in
some olde booke that these were the more suffumigacions.
Thus thymiamata gracu~ masticke, sandulus
galbanus Muschalazerat myrrha and Ambra and these
be collectors of spirits and placators of them. And
Salomon said when thou wilt gather togither the
spirits of the ayre do thou in this maner. Clense
thou thy self in the better maner that thou canst
and go to a pitt where thou wilt knowen to thee
and suffume it and encleape him by his owne
proper name and lathe him or pray him and that
by three nights, and if he answereth not to thee
neither appeareth send thou him to a certaine place
or to an house or to a quadrive that is a place where
4 wayes meeteth or to a yard or gardeine And suffume
thou the pitt towards the vii parts and in the place
where thou bathest also, as I have said And then
knowe thou that he shall come, and he shall appeere
to thee that thou shalt do this.
Ex dixit Hermes quod spirit qui apparent &c
And Hermes said that the spirits wch appeareth
in this worlde be these. Some sothely be heavenly
and the prophet clepeth them Angels, and
they be bright and cleere as flame or a starre
as we have said. Other be aire and of the aire
and of many colors greene bright and other such
& of many figures. And other be fiery and they be
bright and red. And other be watery and they be
white and as bright as tinne or Iron burnished
or quickesilver Other be that neigheth to men &
be like to a white cloude or to a white clothe
And other be darke and dime and of divers formes
wch be said Divels wch be said wth the wynde, and
they be in the deepenesse of the sea and of lownesse
Spirits that bring wth hailes & lightnings
And wisemen clepeth these huge spirits & strong
Now we have said of the nature of spirits and
putt to thy mynde and thou shalt attayne wth the
helpe of God.
Dixit Raziel sicut in aere puro claro &c
Raziell said as in the pure cleere and bright &
cleane and peciable aire all things gladdeth
a wyeth of it. So knowe thou that from fasting
and cleannes and washing of water & prayers
luck and orison of the Creator. And for naturall and
cleane suffumigacion and very faith or trust thou
might please them wch we have said above. And
Raziel said to Adam knowe thou that in all maner
te life of Angells be holy & cleane And the
suffuming or suffumigacion is bread of wch spirits
liveth And fasting and Cleannesse and Clarity sacrifice
wth orison be the house of holy altar soules
and trust in the author of good. Wherfore each man
that hath these abovesaid in himself he shall attaine
or neigh and he shall have profitt.
And Salomon said these be that befalleth in suffumigacions,
anon shall come to us fume and then odor
and of the fume a cloude ^20 of the cloud an high cloude
and wynde, and of the wynde ascendeth the cloude higher
and of the Cloude an high winde ascendeth higher and
is made a soule And of this the spirit is made higher
and of the spirit and angell of heaven, and of angells
light. And these be caused by cleane suffumigacion. And
know thou that suffumigacions be of vii maners. Some
sothely sharpe, and other penetrative or percing. Other
sweete smelling other stinking, other simple, other meke
other of greefe other sothely of peace, or everich of these
or of these manners is after his odor savor nature and
complexion. Wherfore Hermes said that as coldenes
congealeth water wch is colde, and as water of the
sea is congealed wth great, and as Azertacona congealeth
the water of wells, and everiche of these congealeth
the water one wth coldenes another wth hotnes
another by arte another by nature, and the matter is
made one body and one gobbet. And knowe thou that
good suffumigacion gathereth togither and constrayneth
and maketh spirits to appeare in the aire, and secret
or privy things And it maketh them to take a body wth
out eyne seeth.
And Salomon said that as the Adamant draweth
20 Above ^ appears &.
Iron to himself, so knowe thou that suffumigacion
gathereth together and draweth the spirits of the
ayre, and maketh them to come to the place where
thou doest it and will gather them togither. And the
wiseman said suffumigacion is like to the roote of
Arzolle ffor as it Joyneth togither gobbette of flesh
into one. So suffumigacions gathereth togither
spirits of heaven or heavenly wch the 4 elements
and they make that they taketh a body, and spirits taketh
fulfilleth that be axed of them and that to
likenes of a mirror to wch if there be sett before what
figure thou wylte a like appeareth wthin the fumigacion
made Cleanly and invocation in the hower
after the spirits proporcionall. The spirits appeareth
to us, and new operations and worchings wth
fulfilling upon the thing that thou asketh, and be
thou never deceived in the knowledge of suffumigacions,
and putt thou thy mynde in them lest
they be transposed, and thou shalt fulfill as that
were and after that thou doest as he said.
And Salomon said I will touché somewhat to thee
of the nature of suffumigacions, who that useth it
much it maketh to see in sleepe or in sothenes grene
things and yellowe and divers colors melancholious
fumigacion sheweth leady things Sanguine fumigacion
sheweth red things, and otherwise it is shewing
of purpure color fflegmaticke fumigacion sheweth
white things and fayre. And so understand thou after
that the nature were and the appearing of spirits
and of their color and visions and the worke of them
shall be after the sharpenes of it and the goodnes and
the direction of fumigii that is fulfilling of the thing
after that the Image were formed and the Orison of
the thing nempned and the trust for all is in the
intention of the man and in the hower in wch it is done.
Now we have said how every of the planetts hath his
fumigacions Now say we the fumigacions of the xii
signes and of the xxxvi faces of them. Aries holdeth
by himself Mirtas. Taurus costum. Gemini
masticem. Cancer Musthalazeratis. Leo thus. Virgo
classen. Libra galbanus. Scorpio opopanaces. Sagittarius
lignus aloes. Capricornus assas fatidus. Aquarius Euphorbius.
Pisces Thymiama. The first face of Aries
holdeth Mirta. The second Stamonea the third Piper
nigru~. The first of Tauri Costum. The second Cardamomu~.
The third Cassia. The first of Geminoru~
masticem. The second Cinamomus. The third Cipressu~
The first of Cancer mastu~. The second succu~. The
third anisu~. The first of Leonis thus. The second
lignu~ balsami. The third Nuce~ muscata. The first of
Virginis Sandalos. The second Crocu~. The third mastice~
The first of Librae galbanu~ the second Bofor. The third
mirtum. The first of Sagittarii lignu~ aloes. The
second folia lauri. The third gariofilum. The first of
Capricorni assa. The second Colofoniam, the third piper
longum. The first of Aquarii Euphorbiu~ the second
Reubarbar~ the third Stamonea The first of Piscium.
Thymiama. The second Corcum. The third Sandalum
Nota scdm Hermetem de fumigiis
And Hermes said Aries Leo and Sagittarius
wthholdeth eche chollericke spice & bitter
Taurus Virgo and Capricornus melancholious
and stipticke
Gemini Libra & Aquarius sanguine & sweet
Cancer Scorpio & Pisces flegmaticke and of salt
And this Salomon holdeth for the naturall
for such spice we give & wth them we suffume
And wch give to the dayes and to the howers. And the
sunday the first hower is of Solis, and all of the day
altogether we should give this masticke & muscum
as we have said of planets in the beginning if this
booke of Thymiamatu, and to understand thou of all
other knowe thou the suffumigacions of tymes
In primo tempore lignu~ aloes thus et crocu~ &c
In the first tyme lignu~ aloes, thus & crocu~ In
the second tyme Thymiama. Costum mastice. In the
third tyme Sandalus Cassia and mirtu~. In the fourth
tyme muscu~ succu~ and lignu~ balsami. And as he
gave to eche of the 4 tymes their spices or kyndes
so he giveth to eche moneth one spice by order.
Dicamus nunc suffumigia 4 partiu~ mundi &c
Say we now suffumigacions of the 4 partes of the
worlde and of the 4 elements. For all things
that be in this worlde either be compounded of
4 elements or symples Suffumigacions of the 4
partyes of this world be these upon the partyes of the
East and the fier serveth Ambra muscus & alba cera yt
is white waxe. Upon the party of the south and the earth
Algalia, almea and teriaca. Upon the party of the west &
the ayre Balsamus, Camphora & olen olivraru~. Upon the
North & the water Lignu~ aloes, mix muscata & Maris.
And Salomon said each man that would do any thing
by this booke putt he his mynde to the chapter of thymiamatu~.
That he knowe the kindes or things & justly
Can meddle them. And so knowe thou that thou might
easily worke by it and wthout travayle thou might fulfilall
thing that thou desyrest to see. Now we have fulfilled
one Chapiter of fumigiis or fumigacions, and we
will say furthermore yet upon wch was or intencion wth
the help of God.
Heere beginneth the fourth booke that
speaketh upon tymes of ye yeare
In Dei noie py incipio scribere libris istu &c
In the name of the meeke God I beginne to write
this booke that is said or called Cephar Raziel wch
the Angell Raziel gave to Adam. And it shall speake
upon the 4 tymes of the yeere & moneths & dayes wth
his night how we should nempe each thing and knowe
each man. That this is said the booke of tymes, and the
Angell gave it that is said might and great b21 by the
manndement of the Creator quicke God & in all things
mighty. And for that Adam should knowe all things
by wch he would knowe in this worlde what it is
what it was and what it should be in all things in the
12 moneths of the yeere and dayes & howers and that
by order and similitude of Cleane fastings and of washings
of sacrifice of suffumigacions made by 7 dayes or the
21 This "b" is smudged out.
first mone were, and ere the sonne should assende
his taile the ascendent, and ere the sonne should
ascend upon his starre Zedek Jovis and they should
be nempned in this booke by monthe of holy angells
that have might upon the 7 heavens formed of fyer
and the beholding of them is of fyer and the life of
him is fyer. And they seemed clothed wth fyer And they
be covered wth fyer. And from the fyer the went out
and in the fyer they dwelleth and they be of great fellowships
mighty upon the xii moneths of the yeere by the
precept of the Creator of it wch said the world be it and
all angels be, and were before it, and there be vii
powers before the face of it, and to eache of them is
given might and hath a day of the moneth and of the
weeke. And of them some be standing in environ and
some be sitting in chaires wth great honor serving
to the Creator, and they be evermore ready and
bound to go out and to enter, to come and to go and
to do all good and evill whatsoever is made and to
enchant and to put downe and to cover prily things
and to discover or make revelacion. And all this that
we have said by the manndmt of God, and all the
more angells and lesse, and the princes of them
wth their powers wth their odors or wth their fellowships
they clipeth themselves everiche wth their names
and wch be selly . i . heigh or sovereigne evermore
they praise God the Creator wch formed them. And also
all the powers of all heavens in the moneth and
in the day in wch he formed them and they all
speaking to himself togither as men. And Raziel said
that these angells wrote these names and this booke.
And he said that there be 7 angells mighty
upon vii starres and these bene potestates or
powers mighty upon vvi dayes of the weeke And they
be keepers of them and of the xxiiii howers of the day
and of the vii heavens and of the xii signes and of all
other things that governeth the worlde. And Raziel
said to Adam beholde knowe and wthhold these vii
powers or potestates wch have power in the vii heavens
and the vii starres. The names of wch be these Sabaday
that is Saturnus. Zedek that is Jupiter. Madin that
is Mars. Hanina that is Sol. Noga that is Venus
Cocab . i . Mercurius. Labana . i . Luna. The names of
the vii heavens in wch they be borne be these Samin
raquia Siagum Mahum. Macon. Zebul. Arabeck
upon Samyn goeth Luna. Upon Raquia goeth Mercurius
and upon Arabeck Saturnus and so understand
thou of other
The names of Angells that have power upon the
vii starres and goeth upon the vii heavens and other
while in their chaires be these Capziel. Satquel
Samael. Raphael. Amael. Michael. Gabriel.
And the power of these is that Capziel is the power
of Sabaday. Satquel of Zedek. And Mamael of Madyn
and Raphael of Hanina. Amael of Noga. Michael
of Cocab. Gabriel of Lubona. And everiche of these
sytteth in his heaven. And the meynees of them all about
and there be divers colors as white blacke red
yellow greene leady pardi viati medled overgilt and
of the color of a pecocke fether and of many other colors
These be the Angels that have power upon the 12
moneths of the yeere. The names of the moneths
be these Nisan yar zinantamus abelul Tisirin
Marquesuam quislep tobez or thebeth Sabat adar
petadar postm9 The names of potestates be these
And they be 12 capitalls, that is one upon everiche
moneth of Luna and the rather that is the other is
Oriel Sasuyel Amariel. Noriel. Biraquel magnia
saciel. And everiche of these hath so many potestates
helpers more or greater as there be sayes in the
moneth or many other servants of them. And the aforesaid
Angells a man may knowe all things that is
to come in everiche yeere, and in everiche tyme and
in everiche moneth and everiche day and everiche
hower wth the proper signes of them who that knoweth
them well if he will knowe of many reynes or fewe
or when they shallbe or if they shall be or no. and
the day and hower when they shall fall. And a man
may knowe by them wch is his signe and his starre
and he may knowe of his lyfe if it shall be of long
tyme or of shorte in the worlde sand other things
either for a sicke man or an whole, either for a man
either from a woman. Or he may knowe a subtill understanding
or sharpe he may knowe what is to
come and do wth it what he will. And the dayes of
the yeere or of Solis alone (in wch may be done the
worching of this booke) 365 and the 4th parte of one
day in the week of dayes. the yeere of Luna be otherwise
360 dayes or four howers and 46 minutes
after the yeere of Luna. And the fulfilling of tyme
in this. In one tyme be 3 monethes, and when the tymes
befower sothely till to 12. And knowe thou that Nisan
that is the first moneth entereth in the first day of the
first mone whereat were Luna prima of the moneth
of Martii and so of other. and the first very tyme is
from the first poynt into the wch the sonne entereth into
Arietem, till it enter the first poynt of Cancer. And
The 2 from Cancer in Libran, And the third from
Libra to Capricornu~. And the 4th from Capricorno
into Arientes. And this is the better distinction of tymes
And in the hower wch Raziel gave the booke to Adam
of tymes of moneths and names of things then was Adam
comforted onely wherin thilk day fillen lightnings meved
and thunders and Coruscations appeariden, and there
was in that day great tempest in all the worlde both in the
lande and in the ayre, and in the sea. And in the hower
in wch the Angell Raziel opened this booke and gave it
to Adam. Then he gave to him might and strength & surety
in all the words of this booke and myracles that be in it.
And when this booke fell before the face of Adam, then
Adam dread full muche and quoke of great dread And
fell downe unto the earth as though he had bene dead
Then the Angell Raziel said to Adam Rise and
be thou comforted for knowe thou that a very soothfast
spirit hath descended in thee from the hight heavens
wch hath lightned thee and hath putt in this hower
in thee knwing and might, and that thou sahlt attaine
that that thou shalt aske. And I say to thee that thou
consider in this booke and beholde in it and by it thou
shalt knowe and understand whatere was and that is
and that shall be after thee And in that hower in
wch this booke was given to Adam fier fell upon the
brinke of the floud of paradice And the Angell
ascended by the flame of the fier to the heavens And
an Angell descended in similitude of a white cloude
and spake wth him plainely and came to him as a
man well bright and cleere like to the cleerenes
of a starre in his body and full of many other all about
And in ascending when he was severed evermore
Adam was like to a lambe wch formed well bright
as the flame of fyre and cleere then the fyre of a
fornace in wch golde is purged And then Adam sawe
this and found and knewe that of the Lord of all
worlds wch is a great king and mighty things.
This booke was sent for him. And then he considered
and looked in it wth holynes and Cleannesse. And
then he beheld in it all things that he would know
in this worlde. And this was the first word that
Adam had wth the Angell Raziell And therfore he
considered in it and governed himself by it.
Salomon said upon the foresaid reason above
after that the Angell Raziell said unto Adam that
it behoveth to knowe the tymes and one hower before
another and one tyme before another ffor who that
soweth wheat in Ver it may mot be gathered on
the same Ver. And this is after the temperament
of the party of the northe. And therfore it is necessary
or needful to divide the yeere into 4 parts and a
moneth into 4 partes and an hower into fowre partes
And if thou keepest these divisions and understandest
thou shalt profitt in all that thou wilt, for this is sothe
and all naturall things is made in the tyme and in the
day and in the hower according as the higher or sovereigne
Creator hath ordeyned. Raziel said of thou
wilt knowe any thing of this worlde that is of other
that be in the heaven or heavens wch be fellowshipped
wth the first heavens. Or if thou wilt do any thing yt
be fulfilled to thy will clense thou thy body by 7 daies
that is washe thee and eat thou not a thing of chesce
neither of raven, neither of evill party neither a thing
uncleane neither that is fallen to death, neither a beast
of 4 feete neither other. And eschewe thou thee from
malice and falsenes, and thou shalt not drinke wyne
neither shalt thou eat fishes or any thing wch bloud
goeth out. And ioyne thou thee not to a woman pollute
neither menstruate neither enter thou into an house
where is a dead man neither go thou beside the pitt
of a dead man. neither by him that suffereth gonorrhea
and eschewe thou and be thou ware of night lest thou
fall into pollution and keepe thee from lechery and
evill pride. And do thou that thou be evermore cleane
and be thou in Orison or prayer, and keepe thy tong
from saying evill and leasing and fast thou clenely
And keepe thou thy body from doing evill and sinne
And lighten thou the house wth orison and prayse the
angells and do thou almes to needy men and charity
and be not thou ioyned to evill men neither to uncleane
and clothe thou thee wth cleane clothes the larger that
thou mightest and evermore trust thou unto God and
rise thou early and pray to the Creator that he
dresse thee and washe thee and fulfill thy peticion
and thou shalt attayne to that thou askest wth God
Nota hanc partem bene
Note well this parte
Primum opus istius libri q est necessaium &c
The first worke of this booke that is necessary or
needful in all things that man will do. And when
thou wilt knowe when it is good to do all thing
wch thou wilt do. Or thou wilt know when it is good
to do what thing thou wilt of this worlde and thou
canst not any thing thereof understand thou that thou
account by 7 dayes before the first day of the moneth
that is of the moneth of Luna. And in these 7 dayes
ne be thou not pollute, neither eat thou a beast having
bloud, neither drinke thou wyne, neither touch thou
uncleane things, neither ly thou not wth a woman
and washe thou thee wth cleane water running all
the vii dayes ere the sonne Ascend And hold the
abstinence wch we have said and suffume thou
thee when thou were bathed wth this ligno aloes
and ambra croco costo camphora and masticke
And then take thou twey quicke turturs and whole wthout
languor in themselves, or if thou wilt twey white
culvers if thou might have none other. And cut of
the necke fasting wth a brazen red knife overgilt
on everiche side cutting. And cut of the necke of that
one turtur on that one side, and that other on that
other, after that drawe out the intrailes but wthholde
the bloud in a newe glasen cup & cast it into the fyer.
And wash thou th'entrailes wth cleane water. And then
take iii weighte of musk and iii croco and thuris
albi lucidi cinamoni and 10 keyes of gariophylli and
lignu~ aloes as much And then take 12 grana piperis
nigri and olde white wyne and sandalos and muscu
and camphora and somewhat hony and wyne all these
wth wyne, and put all medled in the entrailes of the turturs
and fill them or divide them into 7 parts or 7 members, and
cast on member upon the coles of the fyer in the morrow
ere the sunne arise and that is to understand the 11 hower
of the night. And when thou burnest the members be
thou covered wth white cloth and standing thy feete
discalciated that is unhosed and unshowed afterward
the names of angells wch be written that is serving
to the moneth in wch be written that is serving
to the moneth in wch thou doest for they be prayers
and doers there, and knowe thou that each day thou hast
to say the names of angells of that moneth 7 tymes.
And in the 7 dayes thou shalt gather togither the ashen
wch thou hast made in thilk 7 dayes of the foresaid 7
members. And the house and the place in wch thou shalt
burne be it cleane. And when all this is done thou
shalt dispose or ordeyne a solemne house cleane
severed to thee. And thou shalt spring the aforesaid
ashen upon the earth in the middle of the house and
thou shalt sleep there so that thou shalt do this. And
then when thou entereth the bed thou shalt nempne the
names of the angells strong dreadfull mighty & high
and then sleepe thou. And speake thou wth man And then
knowe thou that thou be well certaine and not dreadfull
that there shall come to thee some man and he shall
shew himself to thee in the vision of the night and the
similitude or likenesse of him shall be of a worship-
full man. Then be thou strong and dread thou not
and he shall not leave himself to thee that it be
a vision or a dreame but in very or sooth maner
And aske thou what thou wylte and wthout doubt
he shall give to thee.
Dixit angelus Raziel volo tibi dicere hoc complemento &c
The angell Raziel said I will
say to thee this fulfilling the worching that thou
worke by power and vertue and strength of this
booke in wch be written the powers of the moneths
and of dayes and22 of the yeere and they have power
in everiche moneth and in eache day for evermore
And knowe thou eache man who that governeth himself
wth them wth cleannesse that they helpeth him
in all his deeds and in all his things. And they
maketh him to knowe all his willes, and they helpeth
him to fulfill at that ever he asketh wth great
power and strength and wisedome
nisan The names of the Angells of the first moneth. These
be the names of the Angells wch be mighty and more
mighty in the first moneth wch is said Nysan
Oriel malaquiran acia yaziel paltifus
yesmactria yariel araton robica sephatia. Anaya
quesupale semquiel sereriel Malgas Ancason
pacyta abedel ram asdon Casiel nastiafori
sugni aszre sornadaf adniel necamia
caisaat benit quor adziriel
yar The names of Angels of the second moneth
22 The word "and" is crossed out.
These be the mightier Angells of the second moneth
wch is yar in language of Hebrewe Safuel
Saton Cartemat aryel palthia bargar galms nocpis
Aaron manit aadon qwenael quemon abragin yehoc
adnibia parciot marinoc galus gabmion resegar affry
absamon sarsaf alxim Carbiol regnia achlas nadib
absafyabitan pliset. And thou sahlt name the names
of the foresaid Angells of this moneth yar in each thing
wch thou shalt name in it and they should helpe thee
and they shall make thee to knowe all thy will.
zivitam The names of the Angells of the third moneth. These
be the names of the Angells wch be keepers of the
third moneth that is said Zyvan of wch the first is
amariel tatgiel casmuch nuscifa almux naamab
mamiazicaras Samysarach naasien. Andas paltamus
abris borhai Salor hac yayac dalia Azigor Mabsuf
abnisor zenam dersam Cefania Maccafor naboon
Adiel maasiel szarhyr cartalion adi ysar. And thou
shalt name these names that be said in all things that
thou doest and thou shalt profitt.
Thamuth The names of the Angells of the fowrth moneth. These be
Abelul the names of the Angells of the fowrth moneth that
is said Thamuth moriel safida Asaf Mazica sarsac
adnyam nagrow galuf galgall danroc saracus remafidda
luliaraf nediter / delgna maadon saamyel amrael
lezaidi Elisafan paschania maday And thou shalt
nempe these names above said in all hit that thou
wilt do and thou shalt profitt.
23The names of the Angells of the 5 moneth. These
be the names of the Angells of the 5 moneth that is said
23 The marginal note here is illegible
manhi or amariahaya byny madrat amantuliel
cassurafarttis nactif necyf pdgnar tablic mamirot
amacia qnatiel reycat qnynzi paliel gadaf
nesquiraf abrac amyter camb nachal cabach
loch macria safe essaf And thou shalt name
these before said in all his that thou wilt do and
thou shalt profitt.
Ab The names of the Angells of the 6 moneth
Elul These be the names of the angells of the 6 moneth
marqueslica that is said Elul. Magnyny arabyel hanyel
nacery yassar rassy boel mattriel naccamarif
zacdon nafac rapion sapsi salttri raseroph malgel
samtiel yoas qualabye danpi yamla golid rasziel
satpach nassa myssa macracif dadiel carciel
effignax. And thou shalt name these names
aforesaid in eache thing wch thou wilt do and
thou shalt profitt therein.
Tysirin The names of Angells of the 7 moneth. These be
Quislip the names of keepers of the vii moneth that is
said Tisirin. Suriel sarican gnabriza szucariel
sababiel ytrut cullia dadiel marhum abecaisdon
sacdon pagulan arsabon aspiramo aquyel safcy
racynas altim Masulaef vtisaryaya abri And
thou shalt name these names abovesaid in each
thing that thou wilt do and thou shalt profitt.
Tobtz The names of Angells of the 8 moneth. These be
marque= the names of Angells of the eight moneth that
sean is said marquesaan karbiel tiszodiel raamyel
nebubael alisaf baliel arzaf rasliel alson
naspiel becar paliel elisuaig nap naxas sansani aesal
maarim sasci yalsenac iabynx magdiel sarmas
maaliel arsaferal Manistiorar veaboluf nadibael
suciel nabuel sariel sodiel marcuel palitam. And
thou shalt name these names above said in everich thing
that thou wilt and thou shalt profitt.
Quinslip The names of the Angells of the 9 moneth. These be the
Scibat names of the Angells of the 9 moneth that is said Qwinslep
adoniel radiel naduch racyno hyzy mariel azday
mandiel gamiel seriel kery sahaman osmyn sachiel
pazehemy calchihay hehudael nerad minael arac
arariqniel galnel gimon satuel elynzy baqwylaguel
And thou shalt name these names above said in all hit
that thou doest and thou shalt profitt.
Adar The names of the Angells of the 10th moneth. These
be the names of angells that have might in the 10th
moneth that is said Thebeth Anael aniyel aryor
naflia rapinis raaciel pacuel hahon guanrinasuch
aslaqwy naspaya negri somahi hasasisgafon gasca szif
alzamy maint xatinas sargnamuf oliab sariel Canyel
rahyeziel pansa insquen sarman malisan asirac
marmoc. And thou shalt name these names in it that
thou wilt do and thou shalt profitt.
pladar The names of the angells of the xith moneth. These be the
names of Angells that keepe the xith moneth that is said
Cynanth and wch have might in it Gabriel Israel natriel
gazril nassam abrisaf zefael zamiel mamiel tabiel
miriel sahumiel guriel samhiel dariel banorsasti
satyn nasyel ranfiel talgnaf libral luel daliel guadriel
sahuhaf myschiel And thou shalt name these names before
said in all thing that thou doest in the moneth & thou shalt fulfill
24The names of Angells of the 12 moneth These
be the names of the 12 moneth that is said Adar
romiel patiel guriel laabiel addriel cardiel aguel
malquiel samiel sariel azriel paamiel carcyelel
amaluch parhaya ytael beryel cael tenebiel pantan
panteron fanyel falafon masiel pantaron labiel
ragael cetabiel nyahpatuel. And thou shalt name
these names in all things that thou doest and thou
shalt profitt.
The names of Angels if the 13 moneth. These be
the names of angells of the xiii moneth Bisertilis
wch is said Adar the laste in marche lantiel ardiel
nasmyel celidoal amyel magel gabgel sasuagos
barilagni yabtasyper magossangos dragos yayel
yoel yasmyel stelmel garasyn ceyabos sacadiel
guracap gabanael tamtiel. These names abovesaid
thou shalt name in all things that thou wylte, and
they shall ful fill all thy will wth fasting & washing
and suffumigacion and cleanenesse. And thus
understand thou of every worke. And knowe thou
that the moneths of the Hebrewes and the moneths
of Romans be evened upon the moneth of marche
and knowe thou well this number and thou shalt
Scias quod postquas diximus de mensibus &c
Knowe that after that we have said of moneths nowe
we will say the names of the dayes of the weeke wth
his angells full strong and mighty upon everiche day
and everiche in his day
24 There is no marginal note here or marking the 13th month.
The names of ye angels yt serveth in ye day of Solis
And these be the names of haie and his angell be these
Daniel Elieyl Saffeyeyl dargoyeyl yelbrayeyl comaguele
gebarbayea faceyeyl caran neyeyl talgylnenyl bethaz
rancyl falha hyeyl armaqnieyeyl roncayl gibryl
zamayl mycahe zarfaieil ameyl torayeil ronmeyeyl
remcatheyel barhil marhil barhil mehil zarafil
azrageyl anebynnyl denmerzym yeocyn necyl hadzbeyeyl
Zarseyeyl Zarael anqnihim Ceytatynyn Ezuiah
Vehichdunedzineylyn yedmeyeyl esmaadyn albedagryn
yamaanyl yecaleme detriel arieil armayel veremedyn
unaraxxydin These be the mighty angels on the day
of Solis, and name thou them worthily & thou shalte
The names of the angels in the day of Luna
These be the names of angels that serveth in the
day of Luna. Semhahylyn. stemehilyn Jasyozyn
Agrasinden Aymeylyn Cathneylyn Abrasachysyn
Abrasasyn Layzaiosyn langhasin Anayenyn nangareryn
aczonyn montagin labelas mafatyn feylarachin
candanagyn Laccudonyn Casfrubyn bacharachyn
bathaylyn anmanineylyn hacoylyn balganarichyn
aryelyn badeilyn abranocyn tarmanydyn amdalycyn
sahgragynyn adiamenyn sacstoyeyn latebayfanysyn
caybemynyn nabyalni cyzamanyn abramacyn lariagathyn
byfealyqnyn baiedalin gasoryn asaphin dariculin
marneyelin gemraorin madarilyn yebiryn arylin farielin
nepenielin branielin asrieylin ceradadyn These holy angells
in the day of Luna thou shalt name worthily and
thou shalt profitt.
The names of angels of the day of Martis
These be the names that serveth in the day of martis
And they have power upon red mettall and in his
worches. Samayelyn Tartalyn dexxeyl racyeylyn
farabyn cabyn asymeylyn mabareylyn tralyelyn
rulbelyn marmanyn tarfanyelyn fuheylyn ruffaraneylyn
rabfilyn eralyn enplyn pirtophin brofilyn
cacitilyn naffrynyn impuryn raffeylyn nyrysin
memolyn nybirin celabel tubeylyn haayn reyn
paafiryn cethenoylyn letityelyn rorafeyl cannyel
bastelyn costiryn monteylyn usaryeyel emcodeneyl
dasfripyel unleylyn carszeneyl gromeyl
gabrynyn narbell
The names of the angels yt serveth in ye day of Mercury
These be the names that serveth in the day of
Mercury. Michael Zamirel beerel dufuel
Aribiriel boel bariel meriol amiol aol semeol
Aaon berion farionon kemerion feyn ameinyn
zemeinyn cananyn aal merigal pegal gabal leal
amneal farnnial gebyn caribifin ancarilyn
metorilin nabiafilyn fisfilin barsfilin camfilin
Aaniturla feniturla geniniturla elmia calnamia
rabmia rasfia miaga tiogra bee ylaraorynil benenil
The names of angels in the day of Jovis
These be the names of Angells that serveth in the
day of Jovis Sachquiel pachayel tutiel osflyel
labiel raliel beniel tarael snynyel ahiel yebel
ancuyel Jauiel Juniel amyel faniel ramnel
sanfael sacciniel galbiet lafiel maziel gunfiel
ymrael memieil pariel panhiniel toripiel abinel
omiel orfiel ael bearel ymel syymelyel traacyel
mefeniel antquiel quisiel cunnyryel rofiniel rubycyel
Jebrayel peciel carbiel tymel affarfytyriel rartudel
Cabrifiel beel briel cherudiel
The names of angels in the day of Veneris
These be the names of the angells that serveth in the
day of Veneris Hasneyeyl barnayeyl uardayheil
alzeyeil szeyyeil uachayel zesfaieil morayeil borayeyl
apheieyl arobolyn canesylyn anrylin zarialin marilin
batoraielyn kelfeielyn azraieylin ambayerin ayayeylin
cadneirin alserin afneirin abneyrin nonanrin eazerin
orinyn gedulin hareryn nanylin halilin himeilin resfilin
noraraabilin hatheylin laudulin et effilin thesfealin
patnilin keialin lebraieil ablaieil talrailanrain
barcalin bahoraelin
The names of angels of the day of Saturne
These be the names of angels that serveth in the
day of Saturne or Sabat. Micraton pacryton
pepilon capeiel themiton alsfiton chenyon Sandalson
panion almyon expion papon calipon horrion melifon
aurion temelion refacbilion ononiteon boxoraylon
paxilon lelalion onoxion quilon quiron vixalimon
relion cassilon titomon Murion dedion dapsion
leuainon foylylon monichion gabion paxonion xysuylion
lepiron belon memitilon Saron salion pion Macgron
acciriron felyypon ymnybron raconeal zalibron
These holy angells and blessed be they names in all thy
very workes and keepe thee wth them cleane and thou
shalt profitt.
The names of howers of ye night
Ista sunt propria noia horar~ noctis prima hora &c
These be proper names of howers of the night. The
first hower of the night is said zedrin. The second
biroel the third caym the fourth hacir the
fifth zaron the syxt zzya the seventh Nachlas
the eight Thasras the nynth Saphar The tenth
Halaga The eleventh galcana the xiith Salla
And these be proper names wch the xii powers of
the night have. And thou shalt nempne in these
that thou doest and thou shalt proffitt.
These be the names planets and of their
angels by the Elements these be the proper
Ista sunt noia ptar~ 7 et angelor~ super 4 eta &c
These be the names of the 7 planets and of the
angels upon the 4 elemts as is fyer aire earth
and water for wthout these and wthout the 7 above
we may not do anything. The first is the highest
Sabaday and Sabaday is said in the fyer campton
In the aire Srynongoa. In the water Synyn and
In the earth onion. And the names of angels of
Sabaday upon the fyer be these 3 Libiel nybiel
phynitiel. And upon the aire be these 3 Arfigyel
gael nephyel. And upon the water be these Almemel
hoquiel fulitiel. And upon the earth be these Lariel
tepyel esyel. Cedet is nempned upon the fier
Pheon upon the ayre fidon And upon the water
Calidon and upon the earth Mydon. And the names
of the angels of Zedek upon the fyer be these three
Tinsyel Necanynael fonyel. And upon the water
be these 3 Meon ykiel yryniel. and upon the earth
Palriel tufiel quyel. These be the names of
the third wch is Madyn upon the fyer it is said
Roqnyel upon the aire pyryel upon the water
Tasfien upon the earth Ignofon And the angels
of Madin upon the fyer be these three Kasiel
Cabryel raloyl. And upon the aire be these three
pyroyinel flatoniel carbiel and upon the water
be these three Cazabriel pasaliel zebaliel
These be the names of haie upon the fire it is said
yeye upon the aire Don. And upon the water Agla
And upon the earth On. And the angells of haie upon
the fyer be these 3 dandaniel Saddaniel ellalyel
And upon the aire be these 3 Karason berriel
oliel. And upon the water be these three Muracafel
pecyrael Michael. And upon the earth be these
homycabel lucifel locariel. Noga is the 5 and
is nempned upon the fyer Dusuyon and on the aire
Clarifon and in the water Narubni and in the
earth Cabras. These be the three angells of Noga
upon the fyer Capciel debitael deparael. And upon
the aire Camirael Cakaziel neraziel and upon
the water Saloniel emyel expaoniel. And upon the
earth paziael amurael salainel These be the
names of Cocab upon the fyer it is said Piztal
and in the aire Cabran and in the water facayl
and in the earth tarzon. And the names of angells
of Cocab upon the fier be these paradiel darifiel
dameyel. And upon the ayer be these ramatiel
loriqniel bengariel. And upon the water be these
Rinafonel Mellyfiel Alatiel And upon the
earth these Alapion beriel rabiel These be
the names of Labona upon the fyer it is said
Claron. And upon the ayre becyla and upon the
water tasfit and upon the earth pantours. And
the names of the angells of Labona upon the fire
be these Gabriel paticael daliel and upon the
aire be these barasiel ztaziel. and upon the
water be these Caziel memyiel pazicaton and
upon the earth be these: Simyllyel Lafaqnael toniel
And name thou these abovesaid in all hit that
thou doest and evermore Consider thou the planet
wth wch thou wilt worche and thou shalt
The names of the hais in 4 tymes
Ista sunt noia caelor~ in quatuor temporibus &c
These be the names of the heavens in the 4 tymes
In the first tyme first it is nempned Hacibor
In the second rumcaqnia. In the third Mesfisnogna.
In the fourth Saaemaho. These be the
names of the heavens in the 4 tymes. And when
thou wilt worche and worke, name thou the
names of the heavens in the tyme in wch thou worchest.
These be the names of ye fire in the 4 tymes
In the first tyme the first is named quoyzil in
the second Enlubra. In the third Mezayn In the
fourth aybedyn. And these angels have might upon
the fyer and in the flame Michael rafael rasoiel
acdiel roqniel myriel Indam malqniel gazriel
amynyel cariel yafrael And these thou shalt name
evermore when thou doest any thing in the fyer.

These be the names of the aire in the 4 tymes

in the first tyme it is said ystana in the second furayl
in the third Oadion in the fourth gulynon And the
names of the Angels that have might upon the aire be these
rafael quabriel micha^el25 cherubyn ceraphin
orychyn pantaceren micraton. Sandalfon barachiel
ragehyel tobiel And name thou them in all thinges
that thou shalt do in the aire and thou shalt proffitt
well wth the helpe of God.
Ista sunt noia aquar~ et maris in quottuor temporibus &c
These be the names of the waters of the sea in the 4
tymes. In the first tyme it is nempned Angustiz
In the second Theon. in the third Maddrylk. In the
fourth Sebillgradon. And the names of angells of the
waters of the sea be these Urpeniel . Armariel
yyamnel abrastos Sapiel uiotan oriel bachmyel
o porackmiel acceriel galliel zsmayel. And name thou
them upon waters and upon the sea and thou shalt profitt.
These be the names of the earth in the 4 tymes
In the first tyme it is said ingnedon. in the second
yabassa, in the third Coliel. In the fourth Aradon
And the Angells of the earth be these Samael
yatayel baraniel oriel arfaniel latgriel daniel
affariel partriel bael byeniel. And thou shalte
name these names of Angells upon the earth in these
that thou hast done in it
These be the names of lownesse in the 4 tymes
In the first tyme it is said Hahan in the second
Cipaon. And his nagell is Jacyel in the third
25 Above ^ is the letter r.
meresac and his Angell is Ababaot. In the fourth
aycyhambabo and his angell is Caaniel
These be the names of the 4 parties of the world
in the 4 tymes
In the first tyme the East is said Acbedan
in the second Cardrenac. in the third Abryel
in the fourth Acritael.
These be the names of the north party in the foure
tymes In the first tyme it is said Henniyna
In the second tyme Abodich in the third galdidur
in the fourth Rabbifor
These be the names of the west party
In the first tyme Mahanahym. In the second
Sugor. in the third Zarzir in the fourth Rabiur
These be the names of the south party
In the first tyme Naufor. in the second Alparon
in the third Machniel. in the fourth Thaumy
These be the names in the 4 partyes of the world
In the party of the east these have might or
power guabriel raphael uriel
In the party of the north these Adriel yamiel Zabdiel
In the party of the west these Adtriel Samael Joel
And in the party of the south these Corabiel Sariel Michael
And name thou them upon all things that thou
doest in the 4 partyes of the worlde and thou shalt
The proper names of ye planets in the 4 tymes
Ista sunt noia stellar~ qui sunt et vadunt &c
These be the names of the seaven starres that be
and goeth in the 7 heavens everiche by himself Sabaday
Zedek Madyn Hanina noga Cocab Labana And ewiche
of these hath his owne proper name upon the fowre
tymes of the yeere as we shall shewe in this chapter
beneath. And Salomon said in explanation of
this place. Wherfore everiche planet and eche
thing beforesaid changeth his name in each tyme
for his thing ffor heere standeth some tree and
from thilk tree cometh to us fowre things. And of
these fower things the first is when it burgeoneth
the second is the flower. The third is the fruite
___the fourth is the seed when it is in it. Therfore the
sonne is said in the first tyme hott and moist. In
the second hott and dry In the third Colde & dry
in the fourth Colde and moyst. These be the worchings
of the sonne, and the propertyes of it upon all things
for another reason the names of things abovesaid
___ be changed in fower parts of the yeere, for ewiche
tyme hath his nature and his Complexion by himself
as we have said of water wch is in the first
tyme temperate and in the second heat and in the
third rotton and in the fourth Congealed And so other
things of the worlde ewiche by himself. The example
whie Raziel put his name to eache thing. In
everiche thing be the 4 lords that have might in eche
thing and everiche in his tyme. And it is said that
there be 4 elements whereof one is fyer that hath
might in the first tyme and so other. Wherefore
knowe thou that everiche thing changeth his name
As first we say a man a childe and then a yongling
and then a middle man in the fourth tyme
an old man. And so things changeth their names
who will cleape them a leader and this is in a man
And so understand thou of Mettaile and in all things
that waxeth and liveth. And Salomon said and
all other that it was more inst that eache thing
should have 7 names then 4 for that all they
might descend of 4 bodyes, and to them is given
all the might Sothely they put 4 names to
everiche thing that it were more easy to worche
these 4 names be assigned upon the city of David
my fathers and myne wch had many names. Sothly
the wiseman Isaac the wiseman said that the
first name was Remusale, and then Jebusale
Jeroboam Jerusalem. And these names this
City received for 4 Lords that were in yt And
everiche putt to his proper name And for this
like things of this worlde receiveth 4 names
in themselves or 7 or more after that God hath
ordeyned. And therfore no man marvaile of these
names of things in 4 tymes. In the higher heaven
that is the first from the ou/26 party and it is the 7
from the neather in it serveth Sabaday and his
angell Capciel. In the first tyme Sabaday is
said Cuerues. In the second Palicos. In the third
Quirtipos in the fourth Panpotes. In the sixth serveth
Zedek and his angel is Satquiel and the
name Jovis In the first tyme it is amonor. In
26 This is probably "outer."
second Sahibor. In the third Sayin. In the fourth
Eanynyel. In the 5 heaven serveth Madin and for
his angell Balquiel. And the name of Martis in the
first tyme is said Aaryn. In the second Daron. In the
third Bearon. In the fourth Pantefos. In the fourth
heaven serveth Hamina and his angell Dandaniel
In the first tyme the name of Solis is said halyom
in the second Adocham in the third Cantopos. In the
fourth Pantasus. In the third heaven serveth Noga
and his angell Adzdiel. In the first tyme the name
of Veneris is said Aporodicy In the second Calizo
in the third niniptz. In the fourth Pontos. In the
second heave serveth Cocab and his angell Satquiel
In the first tyme Mercurius is said Armis In the
second Angocus. In the third Tholos. In the fourth
Ancholos. In the first heaven serveth Labana and
his angell Anael. In the first Luna is said Salmi
in the second Sarico. In the third Naspilij. In the
fourth Afriqnym. And knowe thou that thou shalt
nempne the names in their fowre tymes and thou shalt
profitt when thou shalt knowe any thing of them.
Heere beginneth the fifth booke
that treateth of Cleannesse
Dixit Salomon revelatu~ fuit nitri de isto
libro &c Salomon said It was shewed to me of
this booke of Raziell and many angells after that
I had the booke and of these wch nourished powers
and vertues and matter and stength of the
potestates above, and that by the manndement and
obedience of the Creator or maker of the worlde
And they said thus Salomon thou hast asked witt
and wisdome and fairenes and might in will compleate
and named full great for evermore upon earthes.
And knowe that all kings and lesse men shall
come after thee and wch should heere speake of
thee should love thee and worshippe thee and should
set price of thee and should prayse thee and
keepe thou this booke, and worche thou wth it wth
reverence and cleannesse. And Salomon said
to the benigne angell Natanael wch hath might
in thaire and this evermore was27 was fellowshipped
to Salomon wch be thilke 7 bodyes wch we seene
above bright fayre cleane and cleere wh ceaseth
never to go neither the wayes of them be void
and they fayleth never but evermore dureth going
their wayes. And it that farryeth more in going
his way fulfilleth it in 30 yeeres. And then they
appeareth such as they were before and wch went
before thus they sawe. And thus it us said that
they should be how long God would. And thus
I say of an hundreth yeeres and a 1000 that they
never be changed neither in meving but we have
found them as the Prophets and other olde men
founden. And the angell Natanael said to Salomon.
The 7 bright bodyes wch thou seest above
27 This word "was" is crossed out.
above be put beneath And they in going upwards
holdeth in balance or in rule the 4 elemts beneath
And therfore the meving of them ceaseth not for such
might the Creator gave to them. And knoweth thou
that the matter of them is simple and pure wthout corruption
and evermore durable. And the state of them
is likenes to the Lord that formed although they obey
to him in all things. And Natanael said furthermore
to Salomon knowe thou that in the heavens of
the 7 bright bodyes be angels wthout number mighty
in all thing, and everiche of them hath his proper
mighte and his strength and vertue. And they be
unlike among themselves as men togither or other
beasts And everiche serveth of his office to the creator
that formed them or made them. And Salomon
said to Nathaniel wch is the lyfe or the might or the
service that these angells doth. And Nathaniel said
the lyfe of them is of cleannesse of Orison and of
trustines and the might of them is of suffumigii
holocausti et sacrificii. And the service of the is when
the Creator woll they go from place to place when
any cleane man hath prayed to the Creator as it
beseemeth And then they do good or evill as the creator
will for in them is power science & will complete
And Salomon said wch be these 7 bright bodies
and how be they named and of what thing serveth
everiche And Nathaniel said that same that Raziel
said to Adam, the higher of these that goeth slower
is said Sabaday and all the realmes of his heaven be
full of Ice snowe and haile and wrothe rancor
and Coldenes And all the angells that bene there
bene clothed wth darkenes full darke. And the greatnes
of them be full high and full long and small
and upon the earthes and upon divels and upon darknesse
and coldeness and drinesse. And this hath
power upon wyndes of this nature And they have
power of doing good and evill And the angell of it
is Beel crowned upon all other. In the second heaven
for luke standeth Zedek and all the realmes of him.
Dixit Salomon rex filius regis David &c
Salomon the king said the sonne of David that
was king of Jerusalem of Jury and Damaske
of Egypt Lord of Babilony prince of science
covetouse of cleannesse ensearcher of privityes
keeper of good true men, avoider of leasing of
poore men, of vertues desire upon lre vertues and
speedfulnes of words busily thinking and most
subtilly in mynde insearching. I have enquired and
knowe that in wordes of power vertue and effecte
and of all humors whole and health and there may
be sufficient fulfilling. And he said I see that
the most fame is of wise men and prophetts by
words and books wch they have left into testimony
of them And I see that the sonnes of Adam and
of Hermes and of Noe and their sonnes & many
other prophets have left books by their death by
wch they should clarify their fame and anents men
glory should remayne. And I see that my father
king David compowned or made some booke in wch be
conteyned all orisons wch he might knowe and fynde
wch sothely latin men that is Romanes clipeth the
psalter wch sothe it is if prayers alone and of holt
names of the creator it is names the head of Orisons.
In the same booke king David wrote all things that
ever he might knowe of patriarke and of old wise men
to the praising of the creator And I king Salomon
sothely long studyeng in holy words wth vertues and
miracles I founde to be while there is fulfilled in eche
thing worching trust and will sawe in the books in wch
while I studies long found and knowe that Adam and
Hermes and Noe and Moyses and many other most wise
men had great privityes & vertues in their bookes.
Cu ergo veteres et antiquos Sapientes &c
When therfore I understand old wise men to have
made bookes how or wth what wytt or wth what arte
I might knowe the sciences of all the aforesaid
I enquired and there answered unto mean old man of
good mynde and understanding wch was cleped zebraymayl
And I said Adam had a maker and a mr that is to say
or Lord his maker and gabriell to mr ffurthermore
Hermes the discreet and most wise man and Moyses
had a master and a friend that is to witt Cretus Also
Aaron sothely had a friend of wch therfore is made
resistance that a wise man may not be wthout a mr
how arresteth it thun in thee that two may be wise wthout
one mr But that thou be wise these I knowe to be
necessary to thee. A wise mr and discreete long
and continuall study many olde bookes of great wise
men made oft and ofter over red profitt & amended
glad and continuall health of thy body long lyfe
wthout cares and travailes quiet. The Salomon
said to the wise man Is not this possible to be done
by a shorter way then that thou hast said above
Zebraymayl answered king by a lighter & shorter
way then this ne unknowe thou not to may be done
To whom Salomon said How therfore to whome
the wise man answered agayne saying Open thou
privily and fully the arke of the Testant no man
knowing or understanding in wch all secrets or
privityes and olde wisdomes and words of great
power and of vertue thou shalt fynde By wch
not only thou shalt knowe things passed but
these also that be present and likewise these that
be to come. The Salomon answered agayne
saying for this that thou hast answered to me I
give thanks to that high and blessed creator wch
reigneth after that it pleased to him all things wth word
alone he formed or made. And there is not any
more noble or mightier then he wthout whome no
vertue or power is wch giveth wisedome to wise
men, he is that is of all things the fyrste sithe
he is wthout beginning and of all things the last
sith there is no end of him. This is of all thinges
maker and none ymade of whome the raigne or
raigning is and shall be and of whome all worke be
good and of whome he will over all is free sith there
is none that may againe say to him. Whereupon Salomon
trowing or trusting to Zebraymayl made the
arke of the testament to be brought before him. And
he sought all the bookes of Moyses and of Aaron of
Adam and of Noe and of their sonnes and of Hermes
and of other prophetts, and of others wch he might finde
of the miracle of words and the vertues of them And
he sought all the old Idolls of heathen men & Images
of divers tongs having writings and all things graven
wch might be founde by all the parts of the worlds
And he made them to be gathered togithers into his
pallace, and he brought forth Mrs of everiche one
of the 72 wch should expound to him privy lres or
hid Y. C. M. Hebrew Caldy Syriacke greeke
writing and that they should expound to him that
wch were hidde. And when the lres were expounded
he sawe the more party to accord wth hit in vertues of
Rex ergo Salomon fecit arca nocte quadam aperiri
therfore King Salomon made the arke
some might privily to be opened that in the arke wth
reasons afterward he should be learned. And
Salomon said After that the sovreigne and Almighty
Creator had infused that grace of his spirit in me
I opened the arke of the testament in wch I found all
things wch long and studiously before I had sought
Among wch I found the booke wch is cleped Raziel
wch the creator sent to Adam by the angell Raziel when
upon the brinke of the floud of paradice weeping
thilke creator he prayed and of him forgivenes of
his sinnes he besought. And I found the booke wch
the creator gave to Moyses in the hill when he
made him partner of his privityes In wch three
bookes that is three Orisons I found.
The first the prophets clepeth Semiforas wch
the creator gave to Adam in Paradice
The second booke is wch the creator gave to Adam
in paradice in the hower of necessity or need
The third is wch the creator gave to Moyses
in the hill of Sinay after that he had fulfilled the fasting.
And Salomon said I found in the arke a pott
full of manna, and the yard of Moyses wch was
changed into a serpent and efte from a serpent
into a yard And the tables of the lawe and peeces
of the first lres wch Moyses for the sinnes of the
people in his wrothe he broke in the ground sothely
of the arke I found some golden tables quadtrate
or fowre cornered In wch were 15 precious stones
twelve tribes or lynages of Israell by similitude
likened And in everiche stone were written the
holy highe names of the creator of the booke
Semiforas out drawen And I found a boxe of
marble having greene color as Jaspis coloured
And in this boxe were 7 figures, and in each figure
7 great and virtuous names of the Creator to Moyses
tolde and other 7 wch the creator taught Adam in paradice.
And this is a secret or privity wch much leaned
and covered ought worshipfully to be kept. I found also
about thextremityes of arke 24 vertuous rings wth
names and figures of the creator writt in Semiforas
wth divers colors written or figured And I myself
Salomon had one of thilk rings having mynde to the same
In wch I knowe to have founden such vertue that when
I said make it to rayne and it rayned And when I said
eft as thou hast made it to rayne so make thilk rayne
to cease agayne and it ceased. And beside Jerusalem
the same realme aswell of tempests as of raines it did
or made And Salomon said I found Semiforas wth wch
Moyses made the plagues in Egypt, and wth wch he dryed the
red sea, and wth wch also he drewe out water out of the
stone, and wth wch also he knewe all the cleannesse of his
people, and wth wch also overcame princes and kings and
mighty men, and wth wch whatever he would do he did
and that wch he would destroy he destroyed And wth wch
fulfilled it at his owne will
Capitulum explanationis hujus nois Semiforas &c
The chapter of explanation of this name semiforam
And it is that that all divells and wynds and men as
well quicke as dead, and all spirits and all bodyes
dreadeth. Wherefore sothely Semiforas is said or
nempned the first secret or privity and of great old
and much yleaned and hidde and of great vertue and
power to gett what ever he would. Semiforas is a word
wch ought not to be shewed to all men, neither by
hit (but wth great necessity or anguish) ought any
man to worche. And then wth dread of the creator
he ought cleanely and meekely and devoutly to nempne
it. Also Semiforas is roote and beginning and
foundament of oryson, ensample of good lyfe trust of
mans body the prison or prayer of a Just man thilk
creator dreading. And Salomon said about Semiforas
These be necessary wth mekeness fasting, with oryson
trust wth clarity cleannesse, wth patience meekenes
and constancy of a man wthout wch yow might worche
nothing. And wth the wch whatever thou wilt thou
shalt gett. When all vertues in worching by Semiforas
ought to be nethelesse these 7 that is mekeness trueth
patience abstinence trust clarit mercy ought in him
principally to be had or to abound.
Si ergo per Semiforas operari volumes oportet
quod simus &c If therfore we will worche
by Semiforas it behoveth that we be bright or
cleane of body and in trust stedfast and from
falsenesse and leasing fully departed. It behoveth
also to dread the creator and the creatures of
him among wch we ought to dread most the sonne
wch giveth to us light and darkenes colde and hott
wch is cause of changing of tymes and of temperment
of the aire and of herbes. We ought also to knowe
the beholdings of the moone and the moneths wch
by hit 12 and 5, 13 by accounted as the said nyssan
yar tina &c And we ought to knowe the waxing
and decreasing of the mone when by it all creatures
as the sea flouds and welles and all the neather bodyes
waxing and decreasing taken bloud in the veynes and
marrowe in the head and the bones. After that
the mone taketh waxing & decreasing they be nourished
in thilk Also the enfusiall or melting of
metalls ne doubt thou not the vertue of the mone
to worche. We ought also to knowe Sabaday .i. Saturne
by whome hunger and dearth and all anguish
in londs befalleth. We ought also to knowe & dread
Zedek .i. Jove by whome honor and health and righteousnes
and a;; good is had. We should also knowe and
dread Madin .i. Martem of whome chollers & strifes
and hate and battailes and leasing and all evills cometh.
We ought also to knowe and dread Hanina .i. solem
by whome we have light and darkenes & cleerenes
and by whome tymes as evill unto good into evill be
transmuted or changed. We ought also to dreade
and know Nogam .i. Venerem by whome we have
meate and drinke and all necessaries or things that
be needful by whome peace and love and dilection
among men is made fast and stable. We ought also
to dread Cocab .i. Mercury for he is nigher
to us then all except the mone by whome merchandise
and venditions or sellings and all seculer things
be exercised. Therfore behold yow those that be said
and most the spirits abovesaid and thus thou shalt
profitt And whatever thou shalt axe of the creator
rightfully thou shalt have it.
Heere beginneth the Sixth book that
treateth of the names of heavens
Dixit Salomon oes coiter horas et malas &c
Salomon said All men commonly good howers and
evill, and good dayes and evill, good signes and evil
to be they affirmeth And this wth many reasons
they Confirmeth And I my self Salomon have
proved the dayes and howers of madin & Sabaday
wch I found full greevous for to worche. I have
proved also the howers of zedek and Noga And I
sawe what ever I would worche of them lightly
I wrought. The howers of Cocab and Labana
otherwhile greevous otherwhile good I have proved
to be And I sawe that in the day and in the hower
coia nothing of my will I might fulfill. And know
thou that the spirits abovesaid anentis divers
men diversty be nempned ffor the first in Hebrew
is Sabaday in Arabicke zoal, in greeke orgrue
fenes in Latin Saturnus it is cleped or nempned
And I say therfore that the first hower of the
day of Sabaday is said Sabaday the second zedek
the third Madyn the fourth Hanina the fifth
Noga. the sixth Cocab the 7th Labana And
the howers of the might ought to be nempned to
them. And knowe thou that by the starres above
said and dayes and howers whatever thou wilte
thou shalt understande And thou shalt knowe the
hidde and privy willes of men.
Cumg per Semiforas operari voluerat &c
When he would worche by Semiforas first or ever
he beganne any thing it behoveth him to name the 7
names of Angells, for some angells be upon the seven
heavens, and upon the 7 planets and upon the 7 dayes
of the weeke and upon the 7 mettalls and upon the
7 colors and upon the 7 words having power, the names
of the wch be these Raphael. gabriel. Samael. Michael.
Saquiel. anael. capciel. And these be ordeyned after
that we ought to name and to enclepe them in the 7
dayes early in this maner.
Nota oratione~ o angeli supradicti sitis meae quoins
quam volo quaerere auditors et nutri in oibus adintores &c
That is to say Oh the angells abovesaid be ye the
hearers of my question or axing wch I will enquire
or axe and to me in all things helpers. Thilke
sothely wch we ought to name upon the 7 heavens
and upon the 7 planetts be these Capciel Saquiel
Samael. raphael anael Michael gabriel. And in all
Things in cleping these angels thou shalt profitt.
When therfore there be 7 heavens that is to witt
Samaym Raaqu Saaquin Maon Mahon Zebul
Araboch And these be 4 partyes of the worlde
that is East West north and south wch Angels
in everiche heaven, and in what party serveth we say
These be the angels of the first heaven
In primo caelo q vocatr Samaym in quatuor ptibus &c
In the first heaven that is cleped Samaym in the
fowre partyes of heaven serveth these
ffrom the party of the north Alael hiaeyel urallim
veallu~ baliel basy unascaiel ffrom the party of the
south these be Duraniel darbiel darquiel hanin
anael nahymel alscini. soquiel. zamel. hubayel bactanael
Carpa;iel. ffrom the party of the East be these
Gabriel Gabrael Odrael Modiel Raamyel Janael
ffrom the party of the west be these Abson soquiel

Angels of the Second heaven

In secundo caelo quod vocatr Roaquya a parte septenrionis &c
In the second heaven that is cleped Roaquya
from the party of the north serveth these angells Tyel
Jarael yanael Nenael. Nenel quian. uetamuel ffrom
The party of the south be these Mylba nelia
balyer Calloyel cyoly batriel. ffrom the party
of the East be these Maachin another lre hath
Carmiel Carcoyel betabaat. ffrom the party of the
west is Anulus yesararye in wch is written the
names of macareton & in many maners expounded
Angels of the third heaven
In tertio caelo q vocatr Saaquin a parte SeptenTrionis &c
In the third heaven that is cleped
Saaquin ffrom the party of the north serveth these
Poniel penael penat Raphael carmiel. Doranel.
ffrom the party of the south be these parna sadiel
lyenyel vastamel sanael samyel ffrom the party
of the east be these Satquiel quadissa taramel
taryestorat amael hufrbria another lre hath heere
last hifaliel
Angels of the fourth heaven
In quarto cael q dicitr Maon serviunt isti a parte
Septentrionis &c In the 4th heaven that is said
Maon these serveth from the part of the north
Rahumiel haynynael bacyel serapiel matiel serael
In the party of the south be these saoriel mahamel
gadiel hosael vaanyel verascyer. In the party of the east
be these Capiel braliel braaliel raguel gael
Daemael calcas atragon In the party of the west
be these Lacana astagna nobquin sonatas yael yas
yael lael yyel.
Angels of the fifth heaven
In quinto caelo isti sunt q dicitur Mahon. In the
Party of the north serveth these hayel hanyel veal
quiel margabiel saeprel mamyel. In the party of
the east be these Lanyfiel anther lre hath barquiel
zaquiel sanficiel zoaziel aciel farbiel uranacha
In the party of the west be these Anhael pabliel
uslael Bortaz suncacer zupa faly paly.
Angels of the Sixth heaven
In sexto caelo q vocatr cebul dices a parte septentrionali &c
In the sixt heaven that is cleped Cebul
thou shalt say from the north parte est Deus fortis
et potens sine fine that is to say God is mighty
and strong wthout end ffrom the party of the south
thou shalt say Deus sanctus patiens et misericors
that is to say God holy patient and mercifull ffrom
the parte of the east thou shalt say Deus magne
excelse et honorate per saecula. that is to say great
god highe and worshipped by worlds ffrom the
party of the west thou shalt say Deus sapiens clare
et juste Deus tua clementia et sititate exoro q
quaestione mea et opus meu et labore meu hodie
complete et integer verficere digneris qui vivis
et regnas deus per o. s. s. amen that is to say
God wise cleere and righteous. God thy mekenes
and thy holynes I beseech, that question and
my worke and my travaile do daily fulfill and
hallow thou vouchsafe to ful fill that liveth and
reigneth God by all worlds of worlds so mote it
be Amen.
Angels of the seaventh heaven
In septimo cael est Semiforas scriptu in libro
vitae &c In the seaventh heaven Semiforas is
written in the booke of lyfe. In the name of the meke
and mercifull god of Israel and of paradice
and of heaven and of earth and of the seas and
of hills and of Creatures.

Heere beginneth the seaventh booke

that treateth of names and of the
vertues of them
Incipiunt srae et verba et noia Semiforas &c
Heere beginneth the lre and words and names
of Semiforas wch god the Creator gave to Adam
in paradice. In wch be fowre letters wch to the
4 parties of the worlde and to the 4 elements
and to the 4 complexions and to the 4 natures
of the beasts they be likened such they be ______28
And these be letters piteously and devoutly and
meekely name thou that peticion in all things
be fulfilled. Salomon said ther be to be said that
there are 7 semiforas. And the first is the
28 At this place are eight poorly formed Hebrew letters. Since no transliteration is given, it is impossible to determine with any certainty which letters are intended, given the similarities among the Hebrew letters heh (H), chet (CH), and tav (T or TH), and, if badly written, between vav (V) and yud (Y). My best guess is that the letters are supposed to show the tetragrammaton forward and backward: YHVHHVHY.
Semiforas of Adam in wch be conteyned 4 chapters
The first is when Adam spake wth the creator in paradice.
The second is when he spake wth the angells
The third is when he spake wth the divels. The 4th
is when he spake wth men and wth fowles & fishes and
beasts and reptiles and wilde beasts. The fifth
when he spake wth seeds and herbes and trees and
all growing things. The 6 when he spake wth wyndes
and wth the 4 elemts. The 7th when he spake wth the
sunne and the moone and the starres And by the 7 vertues
of Semiforas whatever he would do he did, and
what ever he would destroy he destroyed. And this
Semiforu Adam had when the Creator enspired grace
into him.
The first Semiforas
Primu~ Semiforas est quando creator Adam formavit &c
The first Semiforas is when the creator formed Adam
and putting him in paradice nempned or named
_________________29 __________30 that is to say
yana. the natures and vertues of wch above we
have declared. If in great necessity or need thou
namest this name meekely and devoutly before the
creator grace and helpe ne doubt thou not to finde.
The Second Semiforas
Secundu~ Semiforas est quando Ada~ locutus fuit &c
The second Semiforas is when Adam spake wth the
Angell wch brought to him these letters written the
example of wch is such _______________31 That is
yeseraye. And the name thou shalt name when thou
wilt speake wth angells. And then thy question and thy
29 Eight letters resembling those discussed in note 28 are written here, but crossed out.
30 Four letters are shown which look like variations of gimel or perhaps nunbut nothing close to yana in Hebrew.
31 Again, here are eight letters with little or no likeness to the word they represent. Some do not even resemble Hebrew letters.
worke wthout doubt shall fulfill
The third Semiforas
Tertiu Semiforas est qu locutus est cu daemonibus &c
The third Semiforas is when he spake
wth devils and wth dead men and of them counsel
he enquired, and they sufficiently to him answered
And all this he did wth these lres of wch this is
the explanation Adona Sabaoth Adonay Cados
Addona Annora And these lres thou shalt name
when thou wilt gather togither wyndes or divels
or serpents
The fourth Semiforas
Quartu~ Semiforas est qu aialia et sps &c
The fourth Semiforas is when he bound and
loosed beasts and spirits and that wth these 7 names
Lagume Lamizirm Lanagzlayn Lagri Lanagala
Lanatozin Layfyalasyn And when thou wilt bynde
or loose beasts thou shalt name the names abovesaid
The fifth Semiforas
Quintu Semiforas est qu arbores et sementa &c
The fifth semiforas is when he said or names the
7 natures wth wch he bound seeds and trees And
these they be Lihaham Lialgana Liafar Vialurab
Lelara Lebaron Laasasilas. And when thou wilt
bynde seeds or trees thou shalt name the names
abovesaid And thou shalt bynde
The Sixt Semiforas
Sextu Semiforas est magnae virtutis &c The sixt
Semiforas is of great vertue and power of wch
These be the names La32 Letamynyn Letaglogen
Letafiryn Babaganaritin Letarimitin Letagelogin
32 The word "La" is crossed out.
Letafalazin these names thou shalt name when thou
wilt that the elemts and wyndes fulfill thy will in
all things
The Seventh Semiforas
Septinu Semiforas est magnu et virtuosu &c
The seventh Semiforas is great and vertuous for
they be names of the Creator wch thou oughtest to name
in eache thing and in all thy workes inclepe. And they
be these Eliaon yaena Adonay cados ebreel Eloy
Ela Egiel ayom sath adon sulela Eloym deliom
yacy Elim delis yacy Zazael pabiel man myel
enola dylatan saday alina papym another lre saena alym
catinal uza yarast calpi calsas safna nycam Saday
aglataon sya emanuel Joth lalaph om via than piel
patriceion chepheron baryon yael And these thou shalt
name in eache tyme that thou workest upon the 4
elements and whatever thou wilte do by them it shall be
destroyed and fordone.
Heere beginneth the Semiforas that
Moyses had
Incipit Semiforas q deus dedit Moisi &c Heere
beginnethe semiforas that or Lord gave to Moyses
and it is divided into 7 Chapters of wch the first is
when Moyses ascended the hill and spake wth the
flambé that environed the bush and the bush seemed
to burne and nevertheles it burned not. The second
when he spake wth the Creator in the hill. The third was
when he divided the red sea and passed through it.
The iiiith when the yard was changed into a
serpent and the serpent devoured other. The vth is
in wch the name that was written in the forehead
of Aaron. The vith is when he made the brazen
adder and the Calf in brasse wth the plagues of the
Egyptians he smote. The viith is when he rayned
Manna in desert, and drewe out water of the stone
and let out the Children of Israel from Captivity.
Cap primu~
Haec sunt noia quae dixit Moises qu est &c These
be the names that Moyses when he ascended the
hill and spake wth the flambe Maya afi zye
yaremye une bace sare binoe maa yasame roy
lyly leoy yle yre cyloy zalye lee or see loace
cadeloy ule meha ramechi ry hy fossa tu mimi
sehie nice yelo habe uele. hele ede quego ramaye
habe. And when thou namest these names devoutly
knowe thou thy worke wthout doubt to be fulfilled
Capitulu~ secundu~
Haec sunt noia quae dixit creator &c These be
the names wch the Creator said to Moyses when he
ascended the hill and spake wth him Abgincam
loaraceram naodicras pecaccecas acaptena yeger
podayg saccosicum These be the names wth wch
the temple of Bozale was founded. These be the
names of the prophets when wth the Angels wth
wch the 4 partyes of the worlde were sealed wth wch
thou mightest do many miracles And beware least thou
name them but chaste and cleane and three dayes
fasting, and what ever thou wilt do by them thou shalt
do trustelye
Capitulu~ tertiu~
Haec sunt noia quae Moses dixit &c These be the
names that Moses sayd when he divided the red sea
ena elaye sayec helame maace lehaha33 lehahu. lehahu
alielie qore azaye boene hyeha ysale mabeha arayha
arameloena qleye lieneno feyane ye ye malice
habona nechee hikers And when thou wilt have
grace of any man, these names thou shalt name devoutly
and meekely and thou shalt have
Capitulu~ Quartu~
Haec sunt noia quae dixit Moses &c These be the names
that Moses said when the ^34 yard was changed into a
serpents of the enchanters and the prophets micraton
piston yeymor higaron ygniron tenigaron mycon
mycondasnos castas laceas astas yecon cuia tablinst
tabla nac yacuf And these foresaid names thou
shalt name when thou wilt ful fill thy question or
Capitulu~ quintu~
Haec sunt noia quae scripta evant in pple Aron &c
These be the names that were written in the people
of Aron when he spake wth the Creator Saday
haleyos loez elacy citonij hazyhaya yeynimeysey
accidasbaruc huadonenu eya hyebu ueu uaha
oyaha eye ha hia zalia haliha eyey yaia el ebehel
ua ua ua Keepe well these names abovesaid for
they be holy and vertuous, and these thou shalt name
that thou mayst get what thou askest of the Creator.
33 The word "lehaha' is crossed out.
34 Above ^ is written "rod."
Capitulu~ Sextu~
Haec sunt noia quae scripta errant in virga Moysi &c
These be the names that were written in the yard
of Moyses when he made the brazen serpent and destroyed
the golden calf when all that dronke in
the well had a beard. yana yane sia abibhu
uanoia accenol tiogas yena eloym ya uehu
yane hayya uehu ahiacmed. And these names
Conteyned in themselves in any vertues for wth
them thou shalt destroy evill and all enchantmts
And presume thou not to name them in the 7 works
Capitulu~ septimus
Haec sunt noia quae Moyses dixit qu pluit &c
These be the names that Moyses said when
Manna rayned in desort and drew out water
of the worke and ledde out from Captivity the
Children of Israel Saday samora ebon pheneton
eloy eneiobceel messias Jahe yana or eolyen
When thou wilt do any marvelles, or if thou were
in any anguish these names thou shalt name. And
in all things thou shalt feele the helpe of them
and the vertue. And when thou hast done this
rehearse thou these words by wch the names afore
said be expounded Deus vive verax magne fortis
poleus pie sancte munde oi bonifate plene benedicte
due benedictu~ nomen tuu tu completer nostra compleas
questione tu factor fac nos ad fine uri operis
provenire tu largitor nobis integru complementu
uri operis elagire to sancta et misericors nobis
miserere nomen tuu yeseraye sit per secula benedictu~
Amen. That is to say God quicke very great
strong mighty meeke holy cleane full of all goodnes
blessed Lord be thy name thou fulfiller
fulfill our question thou maker make us to come
to thend of our worke Thou holy and mercifull
have mercy of us Thy name yeseraye be it
blessed by worlds Amen. In the name of souereigne
almighty Creator I beginne the explanacion of
his name yeseraye that is to say God wthout
beginning and wthout end Angilae is the name of
a prophet and properly written in a golden plate of
living men And whoever beareth it upon himself
and how long he hath it wth him he shall no
dread sodeyne death.
Heere endeth the booke of Raziel
of the seaven treatises