Liber Salomonis: Sepher Raziel – Part 1

British Library Sloane MS 3826: 2r-27r
Transcribed, annotated, and introduced by D. Karr
© D. Karr 2003

Liber Salomonis comprises folio pages 2r-57r of British Library Sloane MS 3826; it contains seven treatises (as described in its own fo.3r):

Liber Salomonis refers to itself as "Cephar Raziel" (ff 2v, 3r, 4r, 12r, 34r), "Sepher Raziel" (fo. 2r), "booke of Raziel" (ff 20r, 46r, 57r), and "booke of Razeelus" (fo. 3v). Solomon is indicated as the recipient and redactor, not the author of the book in the narrative which introduces the text (ff 2v-3v), though most instructions begin, "Salomon said." Others begin, "Hermes said" (ff 9r, 11r, 18v, 24r, 28v, 30r, 31r, 32r, 33v), "Adam said" (fo. 16r), "Nathaniel said" (fo. 47r), "Moyses said" (ff 4r, 4v), and "Raziel said" (ff 6r, 16v, 22r, 26r, 28v, 31v, 34v, 36r, 37r, 38v). Narrative passages refer to Raziel as the source of the book (e.g., ff 34r and 36r).

The rest of Sloane MS 3826 consists of:

Folio pages 58r-83v have been identified as material from The Sworn Book of Honorius (see below, "Printed notices of Sloane MS 3826": Mathiesen). My transcription of Liber Lunae, Raxhael, and "The Call of Bilgal" appears in the "Archival Works and Exhibitions" section of Esoterica: The Journal of Esoteric Studies, III (2001): 295-318 ( "An Experiment for a Fayry" can be found at Donald Tyson's Supernatural World ( ).

Sloane MS 3826 is in English, except for (i) the opening lines of paragraphs in Liber Salomonis and Incipit Canon; (ii) the Orisons; (iii) the invocation, constriction, ligation, and license of Raxhael; and (iv) Beleemus De imaginibus (Beleemus regarding the Images [of the planets]). Sloane 3826 and the Latin MS from which it was translated are most likely from the sixteenth century.

Liber Salomonis is here literally transcribed, line-by-line; no changes in spelling or wording have been made. (Spelling in the MS is quite inconsistent; e.g., within a few lines of each other, we find "wing," "winge," "wyng," and "wynge.") With the superscript and other features, I have imitated the look of the text. Note that superscripted letters belong to the text; superscripted numbers refer to footnotes. All Latin headings are in italics. Each page of text here represents a folio page of the MS; folio numbers are given in square brackets.

Printed notices of Sloane MS 3826:

Liber Salomonis

[2r] In noie Dei potentis vibi et veri et aeterni &c
In the name of Almighty God living and very and ever-
lasting and wthout all and wch is said Adonay Saday
Ehye Asereye I begin to write this booke wch is said
Sephar Raziel wth all his appertenances in wch be seven
treatises complete or fulfilled that is vii bookes.
Dixit Salomon Gloria et laus et cu multo honore &c
Salomon said glory and praysing wth much honor be to
God of all Creatures, he that is singular wch made all
things at one tyme. And he is one God very mighty
he alone that is and that was and wch evermore
shall be, and wch has never an end or any like him
neither is he like to have. And he is singular wthout
end, Lord alone wthout corruption, holy cleane meeke
and great all things seeing and hearing and wise and
in all things mighty. And I begin this booke to put
an ynsample that whosoever that hath it blame it not
till he have red and heard all or somewhat of it, and
then prayse the God maker of all things.
These be the ix precepts Incipiunt praecepta
Heere beginneth the precepts
Ne credas esse plures insi unu singulare &c
1. Ne trowe thou no to be moe or many but one singular
alone upon all things wch hath none like him and him
love wth all dread and honor wth all trust and wth good
will and stable and wth might and wth all they cleane
2. heart. Ne live thou not wthout lawe, and thou shall
3. be loved of God thy creator and of folks. Ne do thou
not to another man yf thou wouldest not the same. Ne
4. be thou not a lyer to the Lord neither to thy friend
and say thou such soothes that be to thy profit and not
5. harme. Ne love thou not neither fellowship thou more
wth unwise men then wth wisemen. And evermore love

thou many wisdoms and good sciences and all thy will
6. and thy lyfe in them. Ne speakest thou not before thou
have thought, and that thou do consider it in thine
7. hart ere thou do it. Neither discover thou not thy privityes
to a woman, neither to a childe, neither to a foole, neither
8. to a dronke woman. No prove thou not a medicine neither
venym in thy self before thou provest it in an other. Ne
9. blame thou not a booke before thou prophesy neither a wise
man till thou have proved thou. And if thou wth holdest
these ix precepts in thee evermore thou shalt profite more
and more. Postqua sensus et scire et posse vo=
luntas vera &c After that witt and knowledge and
might and very will overcometh all things wth good witt
and good discretion. Therfore I will expound or make open
his booke wch is of great power and of great vertue.
I, Salomon out such knowledge and such a distinction
and explanation in this booke to every man that readeth or
studyeth in it, that he may knowe whereof he was and
from whome he came. Knowe ye that after I Salomon
had xxx yeeres wthin an half in the vth day of the
month of Hebreys wch was the vith ferial day, the
sonne being in the signe of Leonis. In that day was sent
to me from Babilony of some prince that was greater
and more worshipfuller then all men of this tyme some
booke that is said Cephar Raziel wch cont vii bookes and
vii treatises.
Nota tempus in quo Salomon fuit po adeptus istu libre
et quomodo et a quo venit sibi
Knowe thou the tyme in wch Salomon gott the booke and
howe and of whom it came to him.
Iste liber est magnae virtutis et magnae secretiae This
booke is of great vertue and of great privity, the name of the
prince that sent it to me was Sameton and of the two
wise men that brought it to me was said Kamazan and
the other Zazont.

The name of this booke expounded in Latine is Angelus mag-
nus Secreti Creatoris That is to say the great Angel
of the secret creator And in Hebrew Cephar Raziel it
is the booke after Adam written in language of Caldey
and afterward translated in Hebrew. And know each man that
reades it that in it all Semiforax that is to say the great
name complete wth all his names whole and even. and wth
his vertues and his sacraments And I found it in 7 bookes that
is 7 treatises. And know ye that I found the first and the
last full darke and the five middle more plain and although
I found them darke I opened them as much as I could or
might. And the 7 treatises of this booke be these..
1. The first is said Clavis for that in it is determined of
Astronomy and of the stares for wthout them we may do
2. The second is said Ala for that in it is determined of the
vertues of some stones of herbes and of beasts
3. The third is said Tractatus Thymiamatus for that
there is determined in it of suffumigations and of Alle-
gations of them and divisions
4. The ivth is said the Treatise of tymes of the year of the
day and of the night for that in it is determined when any-
thing ought to be done by this booke
5. The vth is said the Treatise of Cleanesse for that there
is determined in it of Abstinence
6. The sixth is said Samaim for in that treatise it nameth
all the heavens and her angels and the operations or
workings of them
7. The viith is the booke of Vertues for that there is de-
termined in it of vertues and miracles for there be told
the properties of the ark of magicke and of his figures
and of the ordinance of same.
And the I beganne to write all these treatises in a
newe volume for that one treatise wthout another serves
not to the wholeness of the worke Therfore I made an

whole booke to be made of the treatises. Therfore Salo-
mon said to his writer Clarifaton that he could write
it, wch I know well the language of Caldy of Indy of He-
brew and of Syne and their right explanation. Methelis
Salomon said that after Clarifaton had corrected it and
had drossed it, it should be the better and ordained it in
the best maner that he might. And Clarifaton said, wch
was the writer of Salomon, that this booke is full of
great privity and that it was sent of full great honor
And that it was sent to Salomon for most price and
most love. And everiche treatise of these vii was
was written by themselves. But although it be so that
Clarifaton said that it ought to be but one booke alone
by itself for none of these saith he should suffice wthout
another, wherefore he said it were necessary that they
were all together Whereupon Salomon ordained that
all the said 7 treatises were but one booke as they
ought to be and as they ought to be read and wrought.
And he ordayned it much better then the phors orday-
ned, and also he taught how a man ought to do his
worke by it. And he put every treatise by itself
and every chapter by itself and ordayned all till
the end of the booke. And he putt into this booke Semiforas
that is the booke of 17 vertues how it ought to be written
and of wch Inke, and of wch parchment and wth what pen
and wth what man, and in wch time and what day and
in what night and in what hour. After that Salomon
expounded in the booke of Razeelus and how it ought to
be kept Cleanly and wth great honor
Dixit Salomon qui videt et non cognos t &c
Salomon said who so soeth and knoweth not is as he
that is borne blinde and knoweth not colors and who
that heareth and understandeth not is such as if he
were a deafe man. And who so considereth and knoweth
not the consideration is such as if it were of a dronkerd

And whom that speaketh and cannot expound the reason is
as a dombe man. And who that readeth playne bookes
and understandeth them not is as it were he dreameth.
These proverbs Salomon said in this booke ffor as Salomon
said in this booke is hit that Cephar Raziel the angel
said to Adam wch was the first man in this world and
after it wch Moyses said to other prophets in soothes
and we troweth it so.
Dixit angelus Salomoni vt operes tua operations &c
The angel said to Salomon that all thy workhings and
petitions and willes be fulfilled, and it shall be made
in all hitt that thou shalt covet that it be in the might
It behoveth that when thou hast this booke of this or of
Another example or ensample that thou write it in
Inst maner in virgin parchemt and that it be not filthy
neither of a dead beast or in vealime (vitulino) or in
parchmyn of sylke, or in samatyne1, or in cleane clothe
or in parchmyn of a lamb or of a virgin kidde or of a
virgin ffawne, and this is better than any other.
And the Inke wth wch thou shalt write be it of cleane
galles and let it be made wth good white wyne & whole
and wth gume and vitriol and masticke & thyme and
croco. And the third day when it hath taken residence
and shall be clensed putt2 thou therein a little of Algaba
and Almea3, and putt therein of good muske or muske more
than of those three. And put thou therein Amber and Bal-
samus myrryam and lignus aloes and when the Inke
shall be made, boyled wth masticke and wth thyme and wth
lingo aloes and wth somewhat of Thymiamat and Mu-
culazarat and thou clense it well wth a cleane thinne
clothe, and the cloth be it threefold. And afterward putt
therein muske and Ambram and Almenus & Algana
and Balsamis and Myrrhas all well grounden & then

1 Above "samatyne" is written "sattin."
2 Above "putt" is written "& strained."
3 A marginal note offers an alternative to Almea: Alinza.

[4v] shalt meddle all this wth the Inke full well together
And let the inke be so still for the space of 3 days well
covered in a fayre place And knowe thou that wth this
ynke thou shalt write all the holy names of God and
of his angels and of his saints, and all things in wch
his holy great name is4 nempned and written. And all
things that thou willest truly to be fulfilled wth thy well
pleasing or wth thy service. And what ere thou puttest
in this ynke, be it newe and bright and pure and good
pen And the penne that thou shalt write the holy names
be it of a greene reede gathered early ere the sunne
5 arise. And he that shall gather it be he clene & washen
& in running water or in a quicke well and also let
him be clothed wth cleane clothes, and the moone being
waxing wth Caput Draconis or wth Jove, for that
they be true and very. And when thou shalt gather it, thou
shalt behold of looke toward the East and thou shalt say
thus Adonai et Saday jubate me ad complendus volun-
tates meas eos axundine ista. That is to say Help
ye me to fulfill my willes wth this reede. and when this
is said thou shalt cutt one reede or twayne or as many
as thou wilt wth one stroke. And as Moyses said the knife
be it well playne sharpe and whole as thoughe we should
cutt of an necke wth it. And thou take the reede wth thy
cleane hands, and make thou of it a gobbeth. And when thou
wilt cutt the penne, cutt it ere the sunne arise or when
it ariseth. With this penne and wth this ynke thou shalt
write all the names of God holy and severall. And as
often as thou writest the name of the Creator be thou
cleane and6 solleme & serened & in a cleane place. And
thou shalt first ere thou write by iii dayes be bathed in
cleane water, but rather thou shalt be cleane by 9 days
an house or cleane place made very cleane wth beesoms

4 Above "is nempned" is written "named."
5 A marginal note here reads:
it might be done / in the new of / the ( whiles / the ( dothe / increase when / she applieth / to caput dra / conis by o / or to the o of or / [fire] of [Jupiter]
for if / they be true / & very good [ ( = the moon ]
6 Above "and solleme" (and in the margin) is written "solitarie."

and washen watered and suffumed And ordeyne so that when
thou writeth, hold thou thy face toward the East & write thou
from morning till midday till that thou eate. And after that
thou hast eaten and dronken thou shalt not write in it any
thing. And if thou wilt write Semiforax wth his strengthes
the number of the mone, be it even. And most in the day of the
mone or of morning or of Jovis or dius. & be thou word of
Saturne and of Sol upon all. And Salomon said If thou
puttest into the ynke of the bloud of vowter or of a furtur or
of a gander (wholly or all white) the ynke shall be much the
better and the more vertue
Also I say that if there were of Sapher powdered Sma=
ragdo, gaynisia & topasia the ynke shall be complete or
fulfilled. And wth this Inke and wth this penne ought to be
written all the names of Semiforas and knowe thou yt
he that shall write this booke ought to be cleane & fasting
bathed and suffumed wth precious aromatickes, that is wth
spices well smelling. And it shall be great profit to thee
and to him that maketh it or writeth it. And each man yt
hath written this booke or hath holden it in his house, ev'more
holde he God in his mynde and his holy Angels & hit
for wch he hath made it. & let him put in his mynde in
wch tyme of the 4 tymes of the day wth his ougth or of
the tymes of an hower And ev'more let him put in
his mynde to his 4 tymes of an hower to wch they ought
to be as juvenies in libro prophare
Dixit Salomon sicut si esset castrus etc
Salomon said as though there were a castle full
strong and his highenes ful great and high and en=
hansed and well on each side wth walles invironed and
the gates in one place well strong and stable or fyrme
and wth keyes closed and locked. Therfore it behoveth it
who that would open the gates of that close castle and
holsomly would enter into it both wthout travel of gyfte and
wthout bruising of his body It is necessary to have the same

keyes and none other of this castle and of his gates &
of his closings Thus I say this that it is for to knowe
the starres and their names and their figures and their
natures, and when they should be good and when they should
be evill, And thus I say of the fixe and of the 7 erraticis
neverthelesse Consider how evermore the nature of the
Circle of the xii signes that is thee towards. And therfore
it behoveth each man that hath this booke, that he holde it
clenly and that he keepe it wth great reverence & wth
great honor. And who that hath it, and can reade it, let
him not reade it, but if he were before full cleane of body
and wth great witte.
And I make every man to knowe or weel that he ought
not to worke by this booke in vayne, neither wthout wytte
nor wthout lawe or reason. And this is when every man
doth to the contrary, or when and Reptiles, or wood beasts
should lett thee or do the harme. And knowe thou thoughe
thou have might and trust for to worke by this booke &
although thou might have great trust in this, yet thou shalt
not worke, but wth great right or lawe or wth much reason
And understand thou of all the contrary, and if thou
worchest otherwise by this booke then thou shouldest and
much might let thee that is to say if thou worchest wthout
reason, or if thou were uncleane or evill in thy self.
oClavis istius libri est cognoscere et scire loca
The key to this booke is to knowe and will the places
of the vii bodyes above and their natures and their
sciences and the domes, and all their vertues after yt
it appeared in the earth to me
O__o formata debet esse omnis figura cus ex vero
Eache figure ought to be formed wth very or true en=
sample therfore I put the figure of the key in this booke
that no man true that wthout reason and profitt it be
made. And I put in figure and key wth the shafte to the

similitude or likenes that there is one soleyme Lord one god
wch never had neither shall have any even or like to him
In the Quadriture or in that, yt is fower cornered yt
signified that there be 4 elements and no moe. And in
this key is one triangle wch signifyeth knowing might
and will for whome these three no man may do any thing
in the worlde neither attayne to any profit. And Salo=
mon said that the shafte of this key is as Raziel said to
Adam unite or one head, and the quadrate is as 4 vertues
that be in herbes and words and beasts, and they be to the
similitude of elemts wch openeth and doeth all. And the
7 wards be 7 Angels wch have might in the 7 hea-
vens, and in the 7 dayes of the weeke as furthermore
I shall teache you.
And the triangle signifyeth man wch is in body and soule
and spirit, and these above said leadeth togither all the
worlde as it was compounded in highnes & lownes.
Pastquas hucusq diximus oportetnos dicere &c
After that we have said hitherto it behoveth us now to
say for this booke that wch is said of the key of the 7 bre=
thren. And these 7 brethren have among themselves 12
realmes for to devide or to depart, and in each realme
be 30 cityes, and in every city be 60 castles and in
every eiche castle 60 Caldee yt is to say feeldy or wilde
fownes. And this ensample Salomon found and made
distinction and said there is one father and he hath 7
sonnes and these 7 sonnes be germanyes ffor after that
they be of the same father germayn. And the Elder is
most heavy among all the other. And the middle in the
middle more ordinate then all. And thither lightly be in
the middle in fellowshipping hit evermore, so they twene
of these be not much severed from hit. And the 7 bre=
thren Salomon said be Sabaday Saturnus. Zedel Jupiter

Madyn Mars Hamyna Sol Noga Venus Cocab
Mercury Labana that is to say Luna Knowe thou
the houses of the planetts. And Salomon putt names
to the xii realmes of the of Germanyes and they be called
signes and he beginneth to make distinction. And he
gave to their fighter that is to say to Mars that he should
rest, and that he should not fight in the realme of the
signe of Arietis and of this vertue he is in the realme
of the East, he gave him in the realme of the worlde
the signe of Scorpionis that he should fight strongly
and that he should never rest, and he is in the eight
realme from the first. And afterward he gave to
the fayre Noga that is to say Veneri twey realmes
of wch one hath the half deale of Tauri that is
from the highnes of his head wth his horns till to the
navell. And their as the viith from the first that is
Libra, and after while Venus is above that is in the
Northe, and otherwhile beneath that is in the South.
And so he hath inherited in twey parts And then he
gave to the painter (wch is the writer) that is Mer=
curius twey realmes of wch one hath twey men embraced
that is clipping togither himself, that other hath a
fayre virgin winged and nevermore would be divided
or departed from wemen for those Images be such
and he displeaseth evermore to go much from the South
into the Northe. And he gave to the Malix that is to
say Lune for that he goeth evermore one realme
And for that she will note stande much in her house
& her signe is a fish that is said Cancer wch hath
many feete, and signifyeth be this that he will go much
for that he is under other brethren, this suffer alone
And he gave to the middle brother, wch is the Lord of all

other, and he commandeth to all and is more adorned for fay=
rer arrayed, therfore he gave to him one realme full strong in
heate and his signe is as the Lion, that sheweth him Lord
upon all beasts, so is he stronger and of more Lordshippe
upon all his brethren. And then remayned twey brethren
of the Lty of the South and theld or tooke twey realmes, one
about another for this that he should never overcome
in the signe of the realme well meridionall or south, and
he is one beast wth one forme in his front, and the signe of
that other realme is a man that holdeth wth many waters
and this brother is said the old Sabaday. And then ta=
keth that other brother for heritage on his right syde
the realme wth the signe of half a man and half a horse
and it is said Sagittarius, and on the left syde of Pisces.
Knowe you heere the natures of the Signes
And Salomon said Aries is a sign fiery hot &
dry, choleric, and so is Leo and Sagittarius and they
have might in the East.
Taurus is earthy, cold and dry, melancolious & so
is Virgo and Capricornus and they have might in
the South.
Gemini is airy, hot and moist & sanguine and so is
Libra & Aquarius & they have might in the West.
And Cancer is watery feminine moist and flegmatic
and so is Scorpio and Pisces & they have might in
the North.
Iam diximus de naturis et signis et eor complexionibis
Now we have said of natures and signes and of the
complexions of them, so we meane to say of natures
and of the complexions of germanyes and what they
The first higher that is said the old Sabaday is Satur-
nis the nature of wch is cold and dry for that is

much straight and melancholious and signifyeth father
and wroth and discord in lands.
The second is said Zedek and he is temporate for that
he is betweene the old Sabady and the hott Madyn and
Zedek is hott and moyst and sanguine in savor sweete &
it draweth to good ayer, and it signifyeth good and honor
and vertue.
The third is the fighter Madyn and he is hott and dry
evill and lover and bremer, ravisher & a lyer.
The fowrth is Hamyna Sol middle among other hott
and mighty and worshipfull and all thither brethren
shameth or dreadeth him and he is much soothfast and
The fifth is the fayre Noga colde and moyst, glad
flegmaticke fatt and fleshy and well seeming in all her
members and chere, and he signifyeth good soughts
and he is much glad among wemen.
The sixt is the writer and the forespeaker Cocab, this
holdeth himself wth all & serveth to all, and signifyeth
writers and tidings and voices after that he shall be wth
it yt wch everiche he holdeth him self, when he is wth it
The viith brother is Labona & it is Malx and it is
colde and moist and it signifyeth brethren and beareth
each moneth and manndemts of brethren to brethren
after that it is severed from them.
Deinde loquamur de septem fribus quare dicuntur
clavis &c And then speake we of the vii brethren
why they be said the keyes of the world (and wch this
world may not excuse neither excuseth) and these were
formed as 4 brethren wch be said the 4 elements, and
they have after signification witt and discretion & might
complete and honesty and strength, and everiche may
do in his hemisphere that is empire as an Emperor
in his empyer, or as a prince in his Lordship. Also they
have might over the 7 parts wch we sayen clymates. And

knowe thou that these be mighty upon all beasts heere
And Salomon said prophets clippeth these brethren
vii quicke spirits, and holy and wise men said that they
were 7 lampes burning or 7 candlesticks of light & of
life, and all prophets clipeth them 7 heavenly bodyes wch
be vii planets and of commonalty they be said 7 starres.
And the 7 brethren be kept of 4 beasts full of eyen before
and behinde wch be the partyes of heaven East West north
and South, and they have might in the 4 parts of the
worlde and in 4 tymes and in 4 natures wth her com=
plexions and wthal her parties and in all her 4 ele=
ments and wth these togither is hed and meeved all things
moveable by the Commandements of God that put them
in their places.
Dixit Salomon sicut fuerunt semp status superius
Salomon said As there were evermore states above
wthout corruption so knowe thou that there is nowe and
shall be evermore. And for this we understand the
bodyes above cleane and good and made wthout corrup=
tion. And that neather-bodyes uncleane evill treated and
broken, and eache day they fayleth and bend corrupted
And this corruption resteth not neither is made very
of the wch we understand that the neatherbodyes might
not excuse the over bodyes. And all things wch we seene
beneath have roote and beginneth from things above
ffor things above be wth lyfe and wthout dolor and things
beneath be the contrary, have death and dolor And things
above have during wthout corruption and things beneath
each day fayleth and be corrupted and minished. All pro=
phets seene that if there lacked any one of the over bodyes
that is of these that be much above ten thousand betwixt
those that we see and those that we not see. Knowe thou
that it were a great precipitation and destruction and
confusion in lande and in sea and in the 4 elements if

any of the bodyes above were broken or were evill trea=
ted And if there fayled one of the 7 brethren the earth
shoulde come agayne to his first state, and all the ele=
ments were confused. And if any of them had corpo=
rally received corruption knowe thou that all things
were destroyed that received soule or lyfe. And knowe
thou that as the 4 elements be turned downeward so
be they not turned wthout some reason of the 7 above
And this sayeth the Pher7 when the sonne is destroyed
eache lyfe and eache soule is destroyed. And when the
mone is destroyed the ligatures or buildings of the sea
be destroyed. And knowe thou that Saturnus is
earthly and holdeth all the earth in a ballance that is
not moved. And Jupiter holdeth the ayer, and Mars
the fyer, and Sol the day and men, And Venus holdeth
the fayre parts of the worlde, and Mercurius reasons
and Luna holdeth the hearts seas waters and their powers.
And knowe thou that everiche (After that it were or shall
be in this exaltation) ordeyned and bounden wth the sonne
yts reasons and words and speeches should be good betwixt
men. And as often as Mercury were joined in Virgo
in the same point wth Sol direct and not retrograde, make
we subtill things and reasonable And as ofte as Sol
were in Aries, so many yeeres unlike he giveth us. And
as ofte as Saturnus were in Libra so many mutations
he giveth in landes. And as ofte as Jupiter is ioyned wth
Saturne in an earthly signe so many divers mutations or
changings he giveth. And he changeth lawes & seates
and Lordshippes and thus understand thou in other com=
plexions of planetts after the states of them and their
beholdings that is said Aspectus.

Ex dixit Hermes istam rationem super capita oia &
And Hermes said this reason upon the heads of beasts
Saturnus hath the right eare, Venus the lefte and Sol
the right eye and Luna the lefte. Mercurius the mouth.
These 7 hooles have they in power above upon the head
of a man. And Salomon said that a man is a measure
wch is said Palmus made wth hande in wch bene all
the vertues of the worlde and of the 7 planetts and
that is only the head of a man wherefore everiche man
is likened to his starre and to his elements.
And Salomon said when I founde a spirit above re=
trograde or combust or evill treated thus I say that his
body was evill treated beneath in wch it was like or he
signified in it. And who that were so wise that he knowe
his signe and his planet and his starre above and his
signification he might do good and evill to himself &
likewise so to other men. And as the nativityes of beasts
be denyed such wurchings you shall do wth helpe
of God.
Postqua diximus de 12 signus et planetis &
After that he said of the 12 figures & planetts
& of radiis of them we say that eche planet that were
in Ascendent and if there be another in the same As=
cendent it is named coniunction, and how much the
latitude or bredth shall be lesse so much the coniunction
is said to be stronger and if there be more latitude
the coniunction is the feebler. And so I say to thee
in the middle of heaven. And if the poynte of the 12
houses wch be in the stronger places of all houses I
say the poynte of the first degree of the house, and eche
starre that were lesse and hath upon himself another
the like is said that it hath power and goeth upon another

from starre to starre And thus each starre that diverseth
from another by 60 degrees before and after It is
said aspectus sextilis that is the sixt beholding And
each planet that differeth 90 degrees before and be=
hinde It is said in aspectu quarto that is in the fourth
beholding. And each planet that diverseth or differeth
by 120 degrees before and behinde It is said in aspectu
tertio, that is in the third beholding. And each pla=
net that differeth by 180 degrees is in opposition
in that that it is said in the contrary place. These
be the 7 beholdings and no moe duo tertii, duo
quarti & duo sextile and unus opposites that is to
say twayne in the third, twey in the fourth, and twey
in the sixt and one contrary against another. The
coniunction is complete then they be in one degree
Double coniunction if twey good or temporate sheweth
double good, as twey evill by the contrary sheweth
much evill The sextilis beholding the ascendent
avayleth one good if trino and twey trino avayleth
in the beholding ascendent one good fortunate in the
ascendent. And twey quarties in the beholding the
ascendent avayleth one greevous or heavy (if there
were evill starres) and twey opposita avayleth one
infortunate in the ascendent or in the opposite. And
twey quarti avayleth as much as a starre falling
or combust or retrograde this is letted in the Ascen=
dent one fortunate or twey in the Ascendent and
another of sextile and another of trine beholding
the ascendent sheweth much good hasty or highing
Twey evill in the ascendent or one wth another in
opposito that is in the contrary or falling sheweth

greevous or long impediment. And if they be falling and
letted it shall be worse. One fortunate in the Ascendent
beholding of twey trinis it sheweth much good and how
much there were no witnesses upon the figure of
wch thou enquireth and searcheth or fo wch thou worchest
so much it shall be the better And if three planets be=
holden the Ascendent wth good beholding and twey evill
the good shall overcome the evill and so of the other
One infortunate in the Ascendent beholding twey quar=
tis sheweth much greefe. Caput draconis is much
better than Cauda Eache planet in his head of the same
degree it more Lordship in the figure for that it is twey
in latitude to the way of the sonne and it profiteth in
going toward the xty of the north. Eache planeth in
the tayle of the dragon is minishing of his worke yt
goeth towards the south.
Luna coniunct or Joyned wth Saturne and Mars in
the Ascendent it constrayneth and threatneth divels
Satunus maketh divels strength & great power
Luna coniunct or Joyned wth Jove and Venus in the
ascendent it sheweth great dilection and great love
in every good thing.
Luna joyned wth Mars & Saturne in the ascendent it
sheweth impediment except the planet were of good
Luna joyned wth Sol in the one poynt sheweth great
grace and if that they were good
Luna ioyned in falling and to mercury in the
Ascendent it sheweth the contrary
Luna in the ascendent by her self signifyeth after the
planet to the wch she is Joyned
Luna wth Caput draconis in the ascendent sheweth good
Luna wth Cadua draconis or combust or ioyned wth

a starre letted or in evill sitting it sheweth much
evill when caput draconis and Luna were wth
capite Saturni or that Luna or Saturnis were there
and that their werke of celson made it signifyeth upon
building of devills fowle and evill.
Each planet that is wth dracon of another & both be
ioyned togither it sheweth a very soothe or try worke
and more in the ascendent. And if caput draconis
were of Jovis or Luna and these twey coniunct or
Joyned in the ascendent it sheweth much good and in=
ceasing of good and honor And if it were in Cauda
not only when there were twey Cauda draconis that
is of Luna and of other they be full evill when Luna
were wth them. When Caput draconis Luna were
wth Caput draconis Martis and Luna and Mars
in the like poynt it sheweth strength and might. And
if Cauda wth Cauda and Luna wth Mars togither
it is full greevous and evill after everiche is
evill so is the place or beholding of one another.
Caput draconis and Luna in capite. Aries (Luna
& Sol in Zamin) sheweth great might and great honor
and by the contrary in Libra beneath wth Cauda dra=
conis. Caput draconis wth capite veneris sheweth
much love and cauda draconis the contrary
Caput draconis that is to say mercury wth caput
draconis and Luna sheweth werke of reason and of
voice and many sounds, and in Cauda Luna wth
Mercury & Saturne it sheweth us the beholding of
many experiences.
Luna in capite sui draconis sheweth and if there
Were Jupiter or Venus it shall do the werke of Jovis
or of Venus and it shall profit in all good worke as these
be good. Luna if it be in Cauda draconis and Mars

and Saturne wth it or that they beholdeth it wth evill be=
holding it sheweth as evill as we have said of Saturne
and Martis.
And we have said that Saturnis nourisheth devills and
Mars draweth and thresheth and figureth them. And
Saturnus gathereth togither many divels Venus and
Saturnus gathereth togither devills and wyndes from
beneath. A good starre in the ascendent and Luna
Joyned wth a good starre sheweth much good. And the
beginning in all hit in wch were deus quartae that is
the Lord of the 4th house and if the 4th house is well
beholden of good, all the one of the thing shall be good
And when the Lord of the 4th house were evill and evill
intreated it sheweth noy and evill. The signe of the
Ascendent sheweth the body o The Lord of the Ascen=
dent of the planet that is in the Ascendent or wch behol=
deth it sheweth his spirit and the Lord of the hower
signifyeth his soule and his will, and this understand
thou in other dones The body and soule and the
spirit for these three knowe thou that they maketh the
body of a man safe and whole.
Dixit Hermes Saturnus exaltatur in Libra &c
Hermes said Saturnus is enhanced in Libra, and
Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Capricorne and
Sol in Aries. And Venus in Pisces and Mercurius
in Virgo and Luna in Tauro.
And knowe thou that Saturnus gladdeth or Joyeth in
The xii house, and Mars in the vith and Sol in the
ixth and Venus in the vth and Mercurius in the Ascen=
dent that is the first house and Luna in the 3d house
And the Ascendent hath 12 vertues, and each planet
that is in it upon eache place of the circle. The xth

house hath xi vertues. The xith house hath 10
vertues. The viith nine, the 4th eight vertues
the vth house hath 7 vertues, the ixth house hath 6.
The third 5. The second 4. The 8 three, the xiith two
and the vi house hath one vertue. And evermore
consider thou in all things, that thou shalt do upon the
planets how it be in the xii houses & thou shalt
profitt if thou choosest well. And Salomon said to
eache man that worketh by this booke, It behoveth that
he knowe all these things, that is reasons wch heere I
will not expound to thee, that is thou knowe in wch
tyme of the yeere thou were borne of the 4 tymes
of the yeere. And in wch moneth of the moneth of Luna
And begin thou from the Lunation of the moneth of
Mercury (where ever Luna prima were) And all
Secrets and privity be it asked in Saturne wth all
deepenes, and honor and substance be it asked upon
Jove. And all strifes and battaile and hasting be it
asked upon Mars. And all cleannes & Lordship of
sol. And all fayrenes and dilections or loves and
fatnes be it asked of Venus. And all reasons & witts
& subtiltyes of Mercury. And of these 7 thou shalt aske
evermore counsel where thou findest them in their
houses and signes And they shall shewe to thee
so deeme thou upon them in all good and evill.
Now we have fulfilled heere wth the helpe of God
The treatisy that is said Liber Clavis That is the
booke of the Key.
Heere endeth the first booke and heere
beginneth the second

Dixit Salomon sicut alae avium sunt membra &c
Salomon said as the wings of the fowles or byrds
be members that leadeth the fowles to the place where
they desire to be, so by the vertue of stones & of herbes
and of beasts, that liveth in flying, in swimming in going
and in creeping thou might attayne to that thou wilt
if thou chooseth the nature of them.
The propertyes and vertues. And therfore we clipeth
this booke Ala that is wings for wthout wings neither
fowles neither fishes mought move themselves, and so as
winges beareth bodyes to highnes upwards and to fun=
daments downwards and to Longitude and latitude
that is to length and bredth, so by the vertue of
stones and of herbes wth grace and wth much might
of Semiforas Knowe thou that thou might attayne
that thou coveteth to do as to heale and to make sicke
or to stande or to goe.
Dixit Salomon sicut lapides sunt mundiores &c
Salomon said as stones be cleaner cleerer and
fayrer then golde and in vii vertues of this worlde as
be in stones herbes wordes and beasts, so I say that in
the beginning of this booke Cephar Raziel that was
crowned wth vii stones of great power he put them
in this booke The first was Rubinus – i – Carbunclo
the second Smaragdus, the third Saphirus the
fourth Berillus, the fifth Topasius, the sixt fagun=
cia, the viith Adamas and the vertues of these
stones Raziel hath spoken. And he said that they
were crowned of 7 angells wch have might over the
7 heavens and of the 7 dayes of the weeke. And Raziel
said knowe eache man that hath this booke that in this
booke be the more vertues of this worlde And the first
vertues of this booke that is said of 4 wings be the

vertues of stones whereof knowe thou that by stones
alone thou might do wonderfull things if thou hast well
knowen as thou shouldest doe wth all other Images and
that thou keepe them clenely and reverently.
De prima ala
Et dixit Salomon scias quod in prima ala sunt &c
And Salomon said knowe thou that in the first ala
or winge be 24 precious stones great and of great
power to the similitude and signification that there
be 24 howers in the day and night. And Salomon
began & said I put and sett the first stone car=
1 bunculu Rubinus for that it is brighter and cleerer
and fayrer and of more price above all other stones
And I will say of his color and his power and his
vertue, and of his seale and of his figure that might
to be in it. And thus I shall say in all other
stones, eache stone signifyeth durability or lastingnes
wthout end. The color of Rubinus is as the color of fyre
sparkling and his power is that he shineth by night
as a starre or as a flame of fyre sparkling. And the
vertue of it is that it maketh good color of men that
beareth it reverently, and it encreaseth his goods
of this worlde among other men, and the Image wch
thou oughtest to putt in it ought to be a draco that is
a Dragon well fayre wth dread.
2 The second stone is Topazins of wch the color is citrine
as of golde. His power is that if it be put in a caldron
wth fervent hott or boyling water it wthholdeth the
water that it may not boyle, wch is for great power
for making colde, and the vertue of it is that it ma=
keth a man chaste that beareth it wth him and it giveth
benevolence or well willing of great Lords and his
figure is a falcon.

3 The third stone is Smaragdni and this stone is greene
and fayre upon all greenenes, and it is not heavy as others
are and his power is to keepe the light and it healeth
the face and it doth many wonderfull things. And his
vertue is to increase riches, and who that beareth it in
golde prophesyeth things to come. And the signe of it
is Scarabeus that is a maner of flye.
4 And the iiiith stone is Faguncia the color of wch is redde
as the graynes of an apple. Of these sothely there be
well coloured some and some a little and some in the
middle maner. His power is that beareth it is not
infect wth alien infirmity, his vertue is that is that he giveth
health and honor and keepeth the man that beareth it
whole in wayes or in Journeys, and his figure is a Lyon
well figured.
5 The vth stone is a crysopazine of wch the color is greene
and when it hath similitude as though it had golden
drops, and his power is to defend a man from the
Podagrie, and his vertue is that it maketh to prophesy
things to come (if it were in the hand cleane and
chast) and his figure is the image of an asse.
6 The sixt stone is Saphirus the color of wch is full
leady and fayre (as the color of the pure cleane heaven)
His power is that he healeth all infirmityes that axeth
in men of Inflamation and greevance of the eye. And it
clenseth them much. And if in this stone be graven
the head of a man wth the beard it delivereth a man from
prison and from all pressure and oppression and this
stone accordeth to the great power of Lords & of kings
If this stone be kept clenely reverently & chastly, &
that it be good oriental wth it a man might attayne
great honor and the profitt of it that he searcheth and
coveteth And some man putteth therein the signe of a ram. Aries

7 The viith stone is Berillus the color of wch is of the
eye or of sea water, and some of them be round and
some of five corners. The stone ought to be cleere
wthin and cleane. And his power is to chaffe the hand
closed of him that beareth it. And if it be sett in golde
it giveth great frindshippe betwixt twey men, if thou
touchest them wth it. And his figure is Rana that is
a ffrogge & it is of great power to make concord and
8 The viiith stone is Onyx this stone is full blacke
and his power is to give him that beareth it many
dreadfull dreames and dreads, and he that beholdeth
himself in it hath power upon all divels in constray=
ning them and in clipping and gathering them to=
gither in speculo tabilio conjuring as it behoveth
and his figure is the head of a camell or twey
heads betwixt two eares that be said Mirti
9 The ixth stone is said sardine the color of wch is
red and fayre, and his power is to make other stones
fayrer his vertue is to give good color to him that
beareth it. And it is putt in golde, and if there be
graven in it Aquila that is an Eagle it giveth great
10 The xth stone is Crysolitus that is of golden color
and sparkling as fier. His power is to gather togither
divels and windes and his vertue is to defend the
place where it is from evill spirits and from dead
men that they do not there any evill and that divels
obey there. And his figure is Vultur that is a wontor
11 The xith stone is said Eliotopia. And it is a stone
of great power of wch the color is greene and fayre
shining and cleere wth drops like bloud well redde
wthin this stone is said the stone of wisemen of prophets

and of philosophers. And this is honoured for twey things
for the color is like Smaragdo in greenenes and in
rednes to rubine. The price of this stone overcometh the
price of other and of his vertues and propertyes. The
power of this stone is that if it be put in any broad vessell
full of water to the sonne it resolveth the water into vapor
And it maketh it to be raysed upward till that into the forme
of rayne it be converted downeward. His vertue is that who
that beareth it in his mouth or in his hand closed he may
not be seene of any man, wth this stone a man may have
power upon all divels, and make eache Incantation or In=
chantment that he will. And in this stone ought to be graven
Vespertino thus he sayth. But I trowe it be Vespertilio
that is a Backe or a rermouse.
12 The xiith stone is Cristallus of wch the color is of water
congealed wth colde. his power is that he putteth abstray
of fyer from him. and his vertue is that he increaseth to
nourishe much mylke and good. and thou may take in it
what vertue thou wilt, after as the hower shall be in
wch thou shalt worke. and after as the Image shall be
wch thou hast made (although they be many) and yet be
seene easily. Knowe thou that it hath many vertues. and
his figure is a gryffon that is a fowle and a beast that
he hath 4 feete & 2 wings and he is a great beast.
13 The xiiith stone is Cornelia and it is likened to water
in wch is bloud as the loture or wasting of bloud. And his
power is to staunche bloud of the nostrells. And if there
be graven in it a man well clothed holding a yard or a
rodde in his hande, it giveth honor to him yt beareth it
14 The xiiiith stone is Jaspis and it is thicke darke greene
and redde. and there be some greene and cleere and they
be better then the other. and there be some redde thicke and
dropped. And his power is that who that beareth it is not

letted wth venyme neither wth serpent, neither wth
Attercope neither wth scorpion. And it defendeth a
man from fever if in it be graven Leo Aries or
15 The xvth stone is Iris and it is likened to cristall
or to gelly, and it hath corners and if any man put
it in a house to the beames of the sonne so that the
beames passé through it or by it the color appeareth
of the raynebowe. And for this cause it is said Iris
that is the raynebowe. And this is the might for it
hath vi corners, and the vertue of it is to keepe the
place wch it is wth health & honesty, and there ought
to be graven in it a man armed that beareth a bowe
and an arrowe.
16 The xvith stone is Corallus and it groweth in rocks
of the sea as Arbor inuersa that is as a tree over=
turned, and it hath branches as a tree, more till two
and three palames or palmes and no more. And when
it is drawen up it is greene and tender, and then it
is dryed in the ayer and it is made redde & harde as
another. And otherwhise it is founden white. And
know thou that the redde be better. And where this
stone were it keepeth the house and the vineyarde
or the place from tempest pestilence and torment
And it keepeth the place wth health and it defendeth
a man from malefets i maleficis and from evill
inchantments. And his Image is a man like to him
that holdeth a sword in his hande.
17 The xviith stone is presius or prassius and it is of
greene color thicke and fayre. and it helpeth malefets
an giveth to them grace to his ministry And Taurus

ought to be graven in it, that is a Bull.
18 The xviiith stone is said Catel and it is of great power
both in deedes and in vertues. the color of wch is like to
Berill, but for it is darker then it, although it have
wthin full cleere and cleane beames and strakes And
there be founde some of vi corners and other some
of v. And his power is to inclepe devills and to speake
wth them. And his vertue is, if thou maketh in thee blanke
of water and bringeth the roote of Apii and the stone
hanged to the necke in the skynne of an Asse suffumed
wth masticke shure and croco and that thou inclepeth what
dead man thou wilte that is knowen to thee and other
knowe thou that anone he shall appeere to thee. And
he shall be wth thee in the same tyme And grave thou
in it Lapwing and before Dragancias wch is a middle
herbe and it is said Colubrina.
19 The xixth stone is Celonites And it is greene as
an herbe and his power is that it waxeth & decrea=
seth as the moone, and his power is also to make peace
and concorde betwixt twey if in it were graven the
signe of a swallowe.
20 The xxth stone is Calcedonius and it is white
as betwixt cristall and berill or as gyfus thicke
bright, his power is to overcome plees. His vertue
is to holde a man whole in an alien land and his
Image is a man that holdeth his right hand straight
forth to heaven.
21 The xxith stone is Ceraunius This stone is of di=
vers colors after divers elements and divers londs
otherwhiles white, and otherwhiles browne greene &
redde And elsewhere it is likened to Iron and somewhere
to copper and sulphur and it hath as it were rundlets

paynted and little droppes and his power is to defend
a place from thunders and lightnings, and his vertue
is to defend from all enemyes. And write thou in it or
one prte or syde Raphael Michael & Gabriel
and on the other side pantaseron miracon Saidalson
and if thou beareth it wth thee and hast it in thy power
thou shalt overcome all thine enemyes and thine
22 The xxiith stone is Metestus7 and it hath the color
of wyne upon it. a white cloth or of a rose or violet
and this hath might to chase away feends and his
vertue is to defend from dronkennes and his figure
is Ursus that is a Beare.
23 The xxiii stone is Magentis or magnes and it is
of great weight and like to ferro barunts. His
power is that he draweth dead Iron as nayles knives
and swords and his vertue is that wth it thou moght
be in what house thou wolte, and do what thou wolt
wth men and wth things of the house suffuming the
house of it, and wth this men made inchantments
and grave thou in it a man armed when Luna were in
Aries or Scorpio joyned wth Mars, and sol beholding
them wth a trine aspect. And knowe thou that what
maner of Images thou gravest in this stone such in=
chantments thou might attayne, and beare it wth thee
and thou shalt profitt.
24 The xxiiiith stone is Adamas as it is middle color
and the better hath somewhat of greenenes And his
power is that wth it other stones be graven. And ther=
fore we have putt it out more strange & more openly
and his power or vertue is to keepe the members of
a man safe and whole And this stone is more, and is

7 Above "Metestus" is written "amatyst."

better set at price in inchantments & invocations of
wyndes spirits and devills And wth this thou maiest
send whatever fantasy thou wilt, and his figure is of
5 corners and knowe each man who that will beare
wthin a precious stone be he pure and cleane when
he will do anything wth them And eschewe he or keepe
himself from uncleanenes and keepe he them reve=
rently in a quiche or in a cleane place And Raziel
said In the hower in the wch thou wilt do of Semiforas
beare the ii stones abovesaid and thou shalt profitt.
Dixit Salomon sicut avis corpus volare non potest &c
Salomon said As the body of a fowle ne may not fly
wthout wynge neither go where he cometh, so by sci=
ence of one thing above we might not fulfill that we
define And for this we putteth the second keye in this
booke, and we sayne it the second for that it maketh the
second opening, for as the world is closed wth 4
elements so this booke is closed wth 4 sciences and
4 vertues. and now we have said of stones now say
we of herbes. Knowe thou that in herbes are
vertue of the most that may be. And some of naturals
of this worlde beth that liveth of them as ther that have
reason and some that flyeth, and some wch swimeth and
wch goeth and wch creepeth. And knowe thou that of
trees and herbs some liveth much and some liveth midly
and some liveth litle, and yt is the similitude of beasts
And knowe thou also that among herbes there be some
wth wch thou may do good or evill, as to heale & to make
sicke, and so understand thou in these that shall be said
furthermore hereafter And Adam said By a tree
come wretchedness into the worlde, that is by the tree

I synned in it. And Raziel said an herbe shall be thy
Lyfe. And Salomon said A tree shall be & shall waxe
Or growe of wch the leaves shall not fall and it shall
Be medecine of men.
The second wynge is to the similitude
of 24 howers and of 24 herbes
1 Prima herba est Acil almalie &c
The first herbe is Acil almalie and it is said corona
regia and in Latin Rosmarinus This herbe hath
a middle tree and good odor and litle leaves and his
power is to chafe and comforte the brayne. And if
an house be suffumed wth it it chaseth away devills
the same doth Pionia
2 The second herbe is Artemisia and this mother
and first if other, but for that other is said Corona
regis that is to say the crowne of a kynge we had
putt it first of this they sayden all that in all things
thou doest thou shalt putt of it And the leafe is middle
greene over thone side and white on thother side
And it waxeth or groweth midly. And wth this thou
shalt steepe windes8 and all spirits that thou wilt
and thou shalt profitt.
3 The iii herbe is Cannabis9 and it is long in shafte
and clothes be made of it, the vertue of ye Joyce
of it is anoynt thee wth it and wth the Joyce of
artemisia and ordayne thee before a mirror of steele
clepe thou spirits, and thou shalt see them, and thou
shalt have might of bynding and losing devills and
other things
4 The iiii herbe is said feniculus and it hath small
leaves and a long staffe and it is an holy herbe and
worshipfull, and it is medecyne of the eyen, and it

8 Above "windes and" is written " stop or stacke."
9 Above "Cannabis and is written "hempa."

giveth good light and it chaseth away spirits and evill
eyne in the place10 where it is, the roote of it chaseth
away evill things and helpeth in sight.
5 The vth herbe is Cardamommus and it is hott and of
good complexion and it is of middle highnes and it
giveth gladnes to him that useth it and gathereth togither
spirits. Eate thou of this when thou steepest or maketh
invocation and if thou wilt make fume of it.
6 The vith herbe is Anisus and it is of chastity Joyne it
to camphire, and thou shalt see that spirits shall dread
thee, and it is a cleane herbe, and it maketh one to see
secret things and privy, and the fume of this ascendeth
7 The viith herbe is Coriandrus, and this wthholdeth the
spirit of a man much wth tother, and it maketh a man also
full of sleepe and this gathereth much togither ye spirits
wherefore evermore they standeth wth it, so that it is
said that if wth this and apis and insquiano thou make
fumigacions compounded wth much lazaias cicuta
anon it gathereth togither spirits, and therfore it is
said herba spiritum.
8 The viiith herbe is said Petrselimus wch hath great
might for to chase away the spirits of roches, and his
vertue is to breake the stone in the bladder of him that
useth it.
9 The ixth herbe is ypericon or hipericon and it is a
middle herbe thirled the Joyce of it seemeth bloud, this
is of great power for wth the joyce of it, and wth croco
Arthemisia and wth fume of radicis valerianae if it be
written upon what frindshippe thou wilte of a prince
of spirits of the ayer and devills. Knowe thou that anon
it shall be that thou covestest And so upon spirits and wyndes
10 The xth herbe is Apinn. this is of great power upon

10 Above "in the place' is written "that is wthouten." The final word, "wthouten," is not clear and could be read differently.

wyndes and devills and fantasyes and it is shawdded
and towched to shade wth the cloud Acisse for in it
be wyndes and devills, and this alone maketh Albafortus
bazebelib i martagon and they be much contrary, for
one is kepte wth heavenly angels, and another is kepte
wth devills i.Apinus And this beareth the stone of the
reyes and a woman wth childe use [shee]11 it [not for]11 it
noyeth [to]11 the childe, and it gathereth togither divells
when suffumigacions is made wth insqrmo and arthe=
misia Apinm suffumed by 7 nights wth fagax al=
mait and gathered clenly and the roote of it putt
and dryed and then tempered wth aqua lapides suffume
thou thee by environ when thou wilt and thou shalt
see fantasyes and devills of divers maners.
11 The xith is Coriandrus of the second kynde wch maketh
one muche to sleepe. And if thou maketh suffumigacions
of it and croco and insqrmo & apio papavere nigro
grounden togither evenly and tempered wth succo ci=
cutae and wth msk, and then suffume thou the place
where thou wilt hide treasure in when Luna is Joyned
wth Sol in angulo terra that is to day in the corner
of the earth. And know thou that the like treasure
shall never be found. And who that would take it
away shall be made fooles. And if in the hower of de=
position of the golde or silver or of the stones or
Images thou suffumeth them wth thure musk suco=
lingo aloes cost evermore devils keepeth that
place and evill wyndes. And knowe thou that it might
never be dissolved or foredome agayne wthout sever or
and Image made thereto by the poynt of starres.
12 The xiith herbe is Satureja and this is of great
vertue and good odor and who that beareth it wth him

11 The words in square brackets are crossed out in the MS.

wth auricula muris in the day of veneris it giveth him
grace of goods and it taketh away from ther place wyndes
and evill fantasyes.
13 The xiiith herbe is said sca12 And this is middle
in length and hath litle leaves This ought to be hol
den worshipfully in holy places and in churches, for it
defendeth the places from evill things And wth this
prophets made dead men speake that were dead
by many dayes or fewe. In place where as any evill
he hath no might if he that beareth it stepeth them not
And it giveth them might upon wch things he woulde
and this herbe put upon the place where devills be
closed, and it constrayneth them and byndeth them
least that they might have power to move them selves
And Salomon said I founde in the booke of hermits
that who that taketh water in the 4th hower of the
night upon the tombe of a dead man wth what spi=
rits he would have speech wthall caste he water
upon the tombe wth this herbe ysope And the
water be it suffumed wth costo succo musco and say
surgo surgo surgo That is to say rise rise rise
and come and speak to me, and do this by 3 nights
and in the third night he shall come to thee and he
shall speake wth thee of what thing thou wilte.
14 The xiiiith herbe is psyllium wch is of great vertue
for it sheweth or maketh open in the ayer the other
mought not to do it maketh to see spirits in the cloudes
of the heavens and this wth scicorda & garmone and
the tree wch swimeth wch is said arbor Canci and
malie wth rere madii and wth the tree that sheweth
by night, and it is said herba lucens that is herbe

12 Some speculation on this has led us to the reading "scammony," namely, the bindweed Convolvulus scammonia.

shining if thou makest wth these an ointment wth
the eyne of a whelpe and wth the fatnes of a harte
thou mightest go suerly whether thou wolt in on hower
15 The xvth herbe Majorana, this keepeth an house
by itself and defendeth from evill infirmityes and
Hermes said that gentiana and valerina and
maiorana avayleth much upon great princes and
upon great men.
16 The xvith herbe is Draguntia. This is of great
power, and the highnes of the roote of it Joyned wth
the tong of Colubrj wch is lett quicke, and the herbe
be gathered when sol is in the first degree of Cancri
and Luna beholdeth mercury or Joyned wth him
knowe thou that who that toucheth clansures or locke
they shall be opened to him anone And Hermes said
that it gathereth togither wyndes & spirits If man
dragora were wth it and Capillus dezoara.
17 The xviith herbe is Nepita and if this wth maio=
rana and athanasia & trifolio and salina hermita
edera and artemisia wth ysope being ioyned & ga=
thered togither cresente luna die Jovis That is
to say in the wenyng of the mone in the day of
Jovis in the morowe when the sonne waxeth from
the first degree of Aries till into the first of Cancer
and when thou shalt gather him be thou clene and
washen worshipfull and stand thou towards the east
knowe thou that the house and place is amended
where these nyne herbes were wyned togither And
put them upon the gate of thy house and thou shalt
profitt evermore And the 9 herbes ioyned be
like to rubyne.

18 The xviiith herbe is Linum suffumigacions of the
Seed of this wth semine psylly – i – azartachona & radix
Violae and apii maketh to see in the ayer things to come
and to say many prophesies
19 The xixth herbe is Salvia this is of great vertue
and the long leife of it is as ligna agni and sharpe
this breaketh or defendeth evill shades & evill spirits
from the place where it is, and it is good for an hole
man to beare wth his for it holdeth a man whole, but
a sicke man holdeth it not wth him.
20 The xxth herbe is Sauina, and some men say that it
is a tree ^ of love13 and dilection who that can chese it
And if this wth somewhat of croco and lingna co=
lubri be borne wth him a ring of gold and somewhat
of provinca surely goe thou before the king or before
whomsoever thou wolt And most if thou put wth it
the stone that is said Topazius or if thou wilt beril=
lum And if this ring were made when Luna is ioyned
to Jove in trino from sol it were much the better
And it is said annulus solis that the wing of the
sonne, and it is of health against infirmityes, and it is
of grace of vertue and of honor.
21 The xxith Nasturciu~ This holdeth the
members whole, and if there were wth it origan and
pulegin~ and arzolla and be borne togither wth thee
and thou eatest of them thou shalt be whole wthin
and wthout And so if thou annoyntest thee wth them
and were suffumed wth marrubio albo or reubarbaro
and herba thuris it shall defend thee from many
22 The xxiith is an herbe that is said Canna ferula

13 At the pointer ^ above the words "of love" is written, "This is a tree."

This is full dreadfull and greevous and strong in
worke. And if thou takest the Joyce of it and the Joice
of cicuta and Jusquiami and sapsi barbate and san=
dalu~ rubr~ papaver nigr~ wth confection made fume
thou what thou wolt and thou shalt see devills and
things and strannge figures And if Apin were wth
this Knowe thou that from eache place suffumed
devills should flye, and if thou wolt thou might de=
stroy evill spirits. This suffumigacions is full
evill and dreadful for the fume of it and the
worke overcometh in malice and worcheth most evill
and most strongly if Luna were wth Saturne or
in opposition wth marte that is in opposition wth
23 The xxiiith herbe is Calamintum and it is like=
ned to mynte and it is of great vertue in good
suffumigacions, and if there is wth it menta and
palma xpi i. pioma theis beholden taketh away
evill spirits from a place And evermore it is
against fantasyes.
24 The xxiiiith herbe is Cicoria. This is full good
in all ^ exercisannce14 if it be ioyned wth irigon &
pentaphyllon and ypericon and vrtica & verbena
and all be togither and be borne at the necke and
under the feete and be there the herbe of vii knots
and of vii leaves. l. Martagon and liliu~ domesticus
and sylvestre that is tame and wylde and herba
angelica who ever hath these under his feete or
sytteth above and putteth the other herbes to the
necke and hath vii rings of vii metals in the fi=
gures Knowe ye that he shall have might in

14 Above "exercisannce" is written "exonization."

bynding and in losing and in enchanting and for to
do good and evill in eache place that thou wolt making
suffumigacions of these 9 things thure albo thymiama=
te mastiche musco ligno aloes cassia cinamono and
of them suffume thee wth the things above said in envy=
ron and say these names Raphael Gabriel Michael
Cherubin Seraphin arrielim pantaseron micraton san=
daton complete mea~ petitione~ et mea~ voluntate~. That
is to say fulfill ye my peticion or asking and my will
and they shall fulfill it to thee. These be the more names
of the more 9 angels abovesaid And knowe thou them
and keepe them, and some men said that they be the 9
orders of Angels.
Heere endeth the 24 reasons upon the vertues of
herbes of the second wynge and these experiments
were new noricen on party in Raziel although Sa=
lomon put two of these three of the sawes of hermes
And the herbes be put in the booke of Raziel for
that wth them we may be excused and worke wth herbs
as wth Semiforas wth fasting and wth words in good
and in evill And let no man Joyne himself to Se=
miforas till he knowe himself the first and
in the second And thus we shall say all thing that
shall be to us necessary wth the helpe of God.
De tertia ala
Dixit Salomon super ala tertia sicut corpus solis &c
Salomon said upon the third wyng as the body of the
sonne is more appeering and mighty upon all other
bodyes and brighter and fayrer and cleener So the
vertues of sensible beasts wch flyeth and sendeth out

voices and sayeth And so beasts of the third wyng
have power upon the twey first wyngs of stones and
of herbes And he put therefore in the Raziel 24
beasts wth their names and vertues and states. And
the figures be 24 distincte or departed a twey. And
I would putt upon eache Element 6 beasts everiche
distinct from other and everiche of his kynde. And
as the fyer is the high Lord and distinct from the
4 elements so the lese of them all is purer and Cle=
ner among them. Therfore I beginne to say upon
the beasts of fyer ffor as everiche of the 4 ele=
ments hath his beast beneath so the fyer hath his
above pure and cleane wthout corruption And this
fyer that is above is not expounded of wax trees neither
of oyle neither of other composition but it is simple
And the things that liveth in it beth angels cleane
and cleere and bright like to the beames of the
sonne or of a starre, and like to the flame of fyer
or of a sparke of fyer or to the color of quickesilver
or of pure golde. And this similitude is naturall in
the beasts of the fyer And the figures of them bene
seeme such as the lightening in similitude and in
deed for as an Evrizon is a messenger to the
creator so they be ready anon to good and evill and
they seme like things & prophets that upon the
4 elements be heavens wth their beasts of wch we
should say furthermore.
The second spirit is much cleane but darker then
The overer and it is likened to the wynde & his figure
Is after that he would take after some of the 4

Elements to wch he is Joyned. And he formeth himself
in this maner either by water or by cloude or by moist=
nes or by thicknes of some darkenes or he receiveth
some body as fume of some kynde by falling on it either
by voce or by shape of a beast elemented by these he
taketh forme after that the nature above disposeth
3 The third beast of wch wise men sayne is that ever-
more he fellowshippe a spirit And most the corpulent
and thicke of the spirit And therfore his figure is found
by night in places of dread and it is heard and seene and
that ofte tyme and the color of it is like to tpari 1 after
the nature of hower ere it is made, otherwise to the
similitude of the body of wch it went out of, wherfore
some men seith otherwhiles the soules of bodyes in church
hayes And of these soules said the wise Hermes and
the prophet that the soule that goeth out & hath might
is not neither was but a man or a woman And upon
such maner of soules speaketh wisemen and clepeth
them spirituall for goodness heavenly fro~ symplenes.
4 The iiiith beast is the wynde eache day we heare that
we seyne not although we other & hearen not. And
the worke of the wynde be seene of the eyne after
the part from wch they cometh And he hath such
nature that if he be orientall or meridionall that
is East or south he is hott And if he is occidentall
or septentrionall that is west or north he is colde
This we seene to have great power for it beareth
cloudes and waters and tempests and gayles and it
stirreth and troubleth the seas and breaketh tree, and
this is said quicke ayer as the fyer above is said
quicke fyer and simple. And therfore the elementes
above said double or twey folde That is to say fixe &

moveable, moveable it is because it dwelleth in
the corners of the earth although it descendeth from
above ffor the 7 above byndeth and loseth it for
of them it descendeth and of them it was formed &
this is a great figure in sea in Ayre and in land
as it cometh temperate.
5 The vth beast or vision is a fantasy that is a shade
to the similitude of divers colors or maners come
pounded of divers togither And this forme is made
in desert place or in a corrupte ayre or otherwhile
it descendeth from hills to the similitude or lightnes
of knights, and they be said exercitus antiquus, that
is an olde house And otherwise upon matters to
similitude of fayre women and well clothed
or in medes, and some say that they be faces. And
otherwhiles this befalleth in a man, for corruption
or malice of complexions and of humors that be
in a man And they be said Demoniaci for that it
ascendeth the head and falleth upon the eyne and
such corruption maketh to see many fantasyes
6 The sixt beast is said Demon this descendeth
in highnes to lownes ad he was formed of pure
matter wthout corruption wherfore he fayleth not
but shall evermore dure although he hath taken
thicknes in darknes of the lownes of the earth. And
he is pure in matter and strong in body And of this
sayth the wise man that he knoweth all things that
is, And by him Philosophers have answers
and wise men all things of wch they would knowe
the soothenes and he dwelleth evermore in darknes
and in obscurity and he is never severed from them

And of this sayth the prophet that he hath power of ta=
king away forme and shapes of wch he would in the
earth after the will of the creator And he said a bright
angell mighty and fayre as the forme of the sonne
and of the mone and of the starres or of an angell or
of a cloude or of a fowle or of a fyshe or of a man or
of a beast or of a reptile that is a creeping beast or
any other forme wch he woulde And all these abovesaid
wthout them knowe thou that they be impalpable or un-
happy to be felt. That is that they neither may be taken
wth hand nor towched wth foote for they be spirits or
wyndes And knowe thou that everiche of the abovesaid
when it befalleth in the elements he taketh a body of them
although the lyfe of them be of fyer And the dwelling of
them in the fyre and their deads fury for they be fury.
And Raziel said upon these vi that invocation of them
and opening and constrayneth and bynding and losing
and also to do good and evill by them All is made wth
cleanes and therefore who that would slepe them or
have the service of them & wth orison and fasting and
fumigation and wth praysing of God must do as Heere=
after thou shalt heare furthermore.
Animalia aeris tertiae alae vocantur aves &c
Beasts of the ayer of the third winge be cleped
fowles for that they flyeth and they be of 4 mevings
one is said running another flying and swiming and
going and creeping
Now say we of flyeing and beginne we first of
1 Aquila that is an Egle for that is a fowle flying
much in highnes and he hath Lordship upon all other
fowles, and he is very and true in his deeds and in
Lordship and in honor among all other fowles. The

Eagle hath such a nature that he taketh his sonnes
or byrds when they be litle and ascendeth them into
a place when the sonne is highe, and then he dresseth
the face of them to the sonne. And if they beholdeth
strongly the sonne he deemeth them to be his children
and good and if they beholdeth not the sonne he deem=
eth them not to be his children but thinketh them
evill and letteth them fall and dye And one feather
of him fretteth another fether, and he seith farre
by one league or rule a litle beast, a great beast
soothly he seith by 9 leagues or by a dayes Journey
The eyne of him wth the hart have great vertue and
Grace to a kynge or to a lord of a lorde for that
Giveth to him grace in ^15 realme.
2 The second fowle is Vultur that is a vouter this
hath great vertue in all his members, the head of
him helpeth against all dreames and against crafte
of magicke and his feete helpeth against malefette
And if an house be suffumed wth 9 fethers of him
it putteth out from it evill spirits The gall of it
helpeth the eyne better then anything of ye worlde
The eyne of him putt in the skynne of a serpent, and
The tong of him putt in a cloth of red sylke wrapped
wth them helpeth in clauses in wch thou covetest to over=
come and for to wynne the love of another Lord. The
wings of him putt upon a bed defendeth a man sleeping
from all evill wyndes greevances and evill spiritts
neither may they lett in all the house, neither any other
fantasyes have power or other things.
3 The third fowle is falco that is falcon of whome the
Vertue is that of great Lords he is sett at much price

15 Above ^ is written "his."

they bene of the highnes of his right wyng overcometh
plees both ravishing and in taking away alien things
and the highnes of his lefte wyng taketh away evill
fevers But we ought not to sley venative fowles
neither hounds although they have many vertues in them
selves. And knowe thou that how many members be
in every beast fowle fishe or reptile so many vertues
distincte hath every member by himself.
4 The iiiith fowle is a Turtur simple and good never=
thelesse if thou takest the male and the female together
and burnest them togither in a new pott wth croco and
vervinca and cichoria gathered togithere by them wch thou
wilt ioyne togither if thou castest the powder of these
upon them knowe thou that anon they shall be ioyned to=
gither, and it giveth great love to them that beareth the
powder wth them
5 The vth fowle is said Upupa that is a Lapwing
having a crest of fethers in the head as a cocke &
he hath many vertues this hath one bone in his wings
and it gathereth togither divels and spirits of the ayer
the property of him is that whoever taketh the hart of
him and wrappeth it in hony, and the assoone as he may
swallowe it and drinke the mylke of a white cow of a
red or of a blacke. Know thou that it maketh a man to
say things to come. And he hath another vertue for
who that cutteth the necke where the cocke croweth
not neither may be hard neither the voice of an hound
neither where wheate is sowen and when he cutteth
if his necke inclepe he devils, and then beare he wth
him the half deale of the bloud and of that other half
deale anoynt he himself and evermore shall go wth

him one of the devills that is to witt he whome he
can inclepe wch shall say to him many things
6 The vith is said Ciconia that is an haysoucke who
that fleyeth him in the day of Luna and taketh the
bloud of the hart of him and anoynt himself wth it
And eateth the flesh with somine faeminli and wth
cardamoms and garyophillo And eare he eate it
suffume he himself wth good odors and wth thure
masticke and cinamom and other such. And know
thou that he shall have grace of enchanting
wch he woll and of coniuring and constraining
the spirits of the ayer and other spirits that goeth
upon rivers and wells These vi fowles abovesaid
bene ensample upon all other And when thou wilt
knowe the vertue of any fowle do thou after the
precept of this booke.
Raziel upon the booke of visions of Angells upon
the beginning of tymes in the 12 months as heere
after thou shalt see furthermore
Dicamus de viscubus mavis et alys &c
Say we of fishes of the sea and others upon vi of
Them that is to witt of the more and the middle that
I should shew the vertues of them.
1 The first fishe is Balena the fatnes of wch made
liquid and kepte by the space of vii yeeres & more
for how much it is thelder so much it is the better
it healeth a man from eache gowte and evill mynde
if he anoynt himself wth it. And if he annoynteth his
head wth the bloud of him it helpeth him much and
yeeldeth him strong and more whole and it maketh

him to see true visions. The sperma of him is said Ambra
If they suffumeth tombs wth this it gathereth togither
The spirits above downwords and each peticion & axing
It maketh to give answere. And Hermes said There is not
suffumigacions for to inclepe spirits as Ambra & lignum
aloes, costus, muscus' crucus and bloud of lapwing wth
thymyamati for these be meat and drinke & gladnes
of spirits of the ayre, and these things gathers them to-
gither strongly and full soone. And wise men sayne that
the sperme and bloud and hart of a Balene be princi=
palls for to command the wyndes & spirits
2 The second fish is said Dolphin And he is the king of
the sea ffor as the eagle hath might among fowles
and the Lion among beasts so in this maner hath the
dolphin in the sea. And who that annoynteth wth the bloud
of the clothes of twey friends it maketh them enemyes
or casteth the dry bloud upon them. And who that bea=
reth the hart of him maketh him hardy
3 The third fishe is Cancer this hath vi feete take
and brenne him in panno libido and wth the powder
frote thy teeth softly it healeth them and maketh them
fayer, and cureth the canker in the mouth, if thou
casteth it upon the fyer wth somewhat of Stercoris
humani combusti it gathereth togither spirits.
4 The fourth is bright as an horne betwixt palemes
and whitenes that is to say piscus candis or sepia
This fish hath many propertyes and that knoweth well
enchantments and prophets wch made wth this their
enchantments and transfigurations so that when
they would that a house should seem full of water
or that a river should enter by the gate They tooke

this fish and wth thymyamati and ligno aloes and
roses they fumed an house and they cast therein of
the water of the sea, and then it seemed that the house
were filled wth water And if they cast bloud therein
then it seemed all bloud, and so if they cast snowe there=
in it seemeth snowe. And when they would that the
earth shoulde seeme to quake then they cast therein
the earth of a plowe, and so the made there divers
similitudes in all things according or after the thing
wch they put in the fumigacion. And knowe thou that
it dweth so much and so long as the suffumigacions
is or lasteth in the house. And wth the gall of him
also they made many enchantments, ffor that this
beast is much unlike to other.
5 The vth fishe is Murena and he is lentiguus
the vertue of it is that enchanters beareth the
powder of him wth them to make enchantments wth.
6 The vith fishe is Rama viridis And if thou take
it or touché it upon what woman thou wilte and
nempnest the names of the Angells of the moneth
in wch thou werte borne as I thinke wch be further-
more wthin in libro visionnis thou might do both
good and evill of what woman thou wilte, and know
thou that of these fishes and of all other thou maist
knowe the vertues of moneths and understand
thou by like things in all other things.
Primie~ animal est leo ista bestia est valde fortis
The first beast is a Lyon This beast is full strong in
The brest and in the cheeks And he is of strong beholding

and looking so that when other beasts seeth him they be
moved togither wth dread and the kynne of him is of full
vertue that if it be putt with other kynnes it destroyeth
them and maketh them bare. And who that taketh the biting
toothe of him that is cleped dens caninus and putteth
it in golde it is good to take away and to take alyen things
and the same doth wolfes toothe. And if thou maketh a
purse of the harte of a Lyon full of bloud musco & almea
et ligno aloes thymyamati and it were gathered & put
upon whome thou wylt and thou maketh it hott. Know thou
that in that hower he shall love the much and shall doe
thy bidding. And if thou inclepest wth the bloud of a goate
the prime of Divels he shall be ready anone to do thy
commandement and so more kynge or he fro whome thou
doest, and the same I say for great women.
2 The second beast is Elephant that is an Oliphant and
He is ful great, and when he is risen of hard he lyeth &
when he falleth of hard re riseth, for that thereto he hath
no knees disposed well, and the bone of the teeth of him
is said Ebur that is Ivory. And if it be put in electna=
ryes it comforteth the feebleness of the hart as much as
margarita and more. And the bloud of him wth the liver
comforteth much fasting.
3 The third beast is Cerbus that is an hart wch liveth
long for that he remayneth as the moone or as an egle
who that maketh fumigacions of the hornes it chaseth
away serpents, by it self it chaseth away devills.
4 The ivth beast is Catus that is a catte and he seith
better by the night then by the day, and who that ta=
keth of him and of an Irchen and of a rearemouse and
maketh of Alcosol & Alcofolizeth or noynteth his eyne
he seith well by night and by day. And if thou putteth

therein the eyne of an asse thou mightest see whe=
ther the spirits and devills of the ayer goen
5 The vth beast is Mustela that is a wesell, this
bringeth forth her Issue at her moneth after the
sayeng of the poets but not of philosophers, this
helpeth much when he is brent, and the kynne of
him is written for to cause love betwixt tweyne
6 The vith beast is Talpa that is a molewarpe and
dwelleth under the earth and is likened to a mouse
wth this beast thou mayest make to come tempests
pestilence, hailes and lightnings & cornflations
and many evill things if thou putteth him bare or
naked upon the earth dead and overturned, and wth
this beast thou mayest make discorde and concord wth
whome thou wilte, for he is a cursed beast, he healeth
a man of the festure when he is burnt or powder
and Cast in it.
And when thou wilt knowe the vertue of other beasts
do as it is said in libro visionnis upon wch aske
thou this of the Lord of the vision that is that it
appears to thee that thou askest and covetest to
knowe of beasts wch thou wylte.
This beast seith not neyther hath eyne. And know
thou that the vision of moneths is upon all things
that thou askest or would knowe. And God shall
be wth thee if of right thou aske. And knowe thou
that heere is fulfilled the third wyng And now begin
we the fourth wing wch is complete or fulfilled
upon all the elements.
Dixit Salomon sicut corpus vivus &c
Salomon said as a quicke body mylde or great is

not moved with their feete neither any fowle lesse then
wth two wings, neither the world is governed with lesse
then wth fowre elements may not neither might not
be lesse then wth 4 wyngs wch be said to be 4 vertues
wherefore Raziel said that who that shall be filled
wth this booke shall be as one of the prophets, he shall
understand all vertues of things and powers of them
and if he wthholdeth and worcheth he shall be as an an=
gell. And therfore he putt in this booke 22 elements
of great vertue that is 22 letters or figures wch the
sonnes of Adam might not excuse.
1 The is Aleph [alef]16 That is A his letter is three
cornered and it signifyeth the lyfe power and highnes
and the principall or beginning in all things These
putteth all things in their figures and in their prin=
2 The second is said Beth [bet] That is B and it is
full good in things wch we desire in Battaile and in
playe & evermore sheweth goodness and profitt
3 The third is said Gimel [gimel] that is G and it sheweth
evill and grief and Impediment in things
4 The fourth is said Daleth [dalet] that is D this sheweth
turbation and death of some man & harme to him
5 The fifth is said He [heh] that is H and it sheweth
price, honor and gladnes & it is full good in all things
6 The sixt is said Vau [vav] that is V and it sheweth
death payne and travaile
7 The viith is said Zain [zayin] that is Z at it sheweth
pennyes and riches
8 The viiith is said Heth [chet] and it signifyeth
Long lyfe and helthe.

16 Where the letter names are shown in square brackets here, the MS shows the letters crudely drawn.

9 The ixth is said Teth [tet] that is T and it signifyeth
wrath woodnes and grief
10 The tenth is Iod [yud] that is I and it signifyeth faith
good lyfe and gladnes and all good beginning
11 The xith is said Caph [kaf] hit sheweth very gladnesse
and travaile wthout profitt
12 The xiith is said Lamed [lamed] and it sheweth glad=
nes and honor and profitt
13 The xiiith is said Mem [mem] That is M and it
sheweth greef and otherwise dolor
14 The xiiiith is said Nun [nun] that is N. It signifyeth
restoring of a friend, and a visitation of him & profitt
15 The xvth is said Samech [samekh]
16 The xvith is said Ain [ayin] It sheweth occasion
or evill of a woman
17 The xviith is said Pe [peh dagesh] it sheweth health.
18 The xviiith is said Phe [peh]17 That is ff and it sheweth
bloud is shed of good men and highe
19 The xixth is Zade [tzadi] It sheweth health
20 The xxth is said Coph [quf] It sheweth hid lyfe
21 The xxith is said Res [resh] That is R+ And it shew=
eth a man that is fallen and is risen
22 The xxiith is said Thau [tav] That is T. It sheweth
Greefe and diminution.
Now we have said upon the fowre wyngs upon the
22 letters that be upon the lawes of the table written
And know thou that there be no moe but onlye 22 letters
Wch be the roote of Semiforas for wth them it is formed
And is caused and is made and wthout them I may not be

17 Two forms of peh are given, but no shin.

And some men said that Camalie found them. But it is
not sooth ffor the angell Raziel gave them written to
Adam in this booke that is said liber ignis, and wth them
all the booke of Semiforas written. And knowe eache
man that readeth this booke that the Creator said to Raziel
to be the names of Semiforas wherfore if thou canst
transpose these 22 letters or figures as it beseemeth
thou shalt attayne the great name of thy Creator
and wth it thou might do what thou wilt evermore
wth Cleanesse and wth the helpe of the Creator.
Now we have fulfilled this booke of the wing like
to the angels that is Pantaseron Mucraton
Sandalon for everich of these hath 4 wings by
commandement of the benigne angell wch the Creator
sent to me that this booke were better compounded
and well ordeyned.
Heere endeth the second booke