Welcome to the Ephrata Virtual Tour
The Entrance to Ephrata Cloister, Ephrata, Pennsylvania.
The only known image of Conrad Beissel.
The entrance to what is reputed to be the cave in which Kelpius undertook spiritual retreat and alchemical work, on the hill above the Wissahickon River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The title page of Beissel's Dissertation
A main building at Ephrata, where Beissel conducted his choir.
The alphabet, as shown in an Ephrata manuscript tune-book.
Illustration from an Ephrata hymnbook manuscript.
Buildings of wood and of stone at Ephrata.
A Sister at Ephrata, from a manuscript illustration.
The grave of Conrad Beissel at the Cloister, Ephrata, Pennsylvania.
The Ephrata cemetary: An unusual stone marking the "Tribe" of the Fahnestocks.