Links Useful for the Study of Esotericism in Antiquity


Ancient Christian magical texts
Ancient Christian Magical Texts

Sites for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean World
The Ancient World Web
Magic in Late Antiquity
The Coptic Network
Alexandria in the Roman Period
Classical Greek Mythology
Digital Library of the Ancient World, With Maps
Classical Mythology

Early Christian Documents
Guide to Early Church Documents, Institute for Christian Leadership
St. Pachomius Library
Early Church Fathers at Wheaton
Fathers of the Church

Primary Works Concerning Gnosticism
Nag Hammadi Library/Gnostic Society
The Gnostic Society Library

Anti-Gnostic Works
Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses
Polemical Works against the Gnostics
Tertullian, The Prescription against Heretics
Tertullian, Against the Valentinians

Contemporary Gnostic Works
The Holy Gnostic Rosary
Sophia's Tale Retold
Benediction, Ecclesia Gnostica

Additional Sites for the Study of Modern Varieties of Gnosticism
The Gnosis Site

General Sites for the Study of Gnosticism
WWW Resources for Gnosticism and Nag Hammadi
The Gnosis Archive
The Gnostic Society Virtual Library
The Gospel of Thomas Home Page
"Thunder, Perfect Mind" translated by George W. MacRae (NHLE)
Ecclesia Gnostica Home Page

More Gnostic writings and groups
Nag Hammadi and Berlin Gnostic Library, index of online texts  
Text of "The Six Enneads"
Short biographies of Christian Gnostics
The Gnostic Society Library
Text of The Apocryphon of John
The Apocalypse of Adam
"Sampler" Gnostic introductory texts

Zoroastrian texts:
Zoroastrian Texts
Old Persian Texts (I)
Old Persian Texts (II)
Old Persian Texts (III)
Old Persian Texts (IV)
Old Persian Texts (V)

Neoplatonic Sources:
Neoplatonists I 
Neoplatonists II (Plotinus)
Neoplatonists III (Plotinus ii)

Hermetic Writings:
Online texts, including "The Emerald Tablet," "The Divine Pymander," and "A Treatise on Initiations"
The Hermetic Musaeum, with articles, resources, bibliographies, texts and images

St. Augustine:
Augustine (general I) 
Augustine (general II)
City of God
On Christian Doctrine
Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love