LIBER LUNAE And Other Selections

from British Library, MS. Sloane 3826

Introductory Note

Liber Lunae is included in the magical compendium referred to as Liber Salomonis (= British Library, MS. Sloane 3826), although the work, or rather the first work of the collection, refers to itself as "Cepher Raziel." The bulk of the text is in English, translated from a Latin version, both of which are likely from the sixteenth century.

This work is nowhere presented at length, though it is briefly described in Arthur E. Waite's Book of Ceremonial Magic (pp. 20 21) [1] and referred to here and there by E.M. Butler (Ritual Magic) [2] and Idries Shah (The Secret Lore of Magic). [3] Lynn Thorndike mentions this text but once in The History of Magic and Experimental Sciences (vol. II. p. 281). [4]

The first section of MS. Sloane 3826, ff 2r57v, contains the seven treatises of Liber Salomonis:

1. Clavis: "of astronomy and stars" {= ff 5v12r}

2. Ala: "the virtues of some stones, of herbs and of beasts"
{= ff 12r27r}

3. Tractatus Thymiamatum: "of suffumigations and of allegations of them and divisions"
{= ff 27r34r}

4. The Treatise of Times: "of the year of the day and of the night for that in it is determined when anything ought to be done by this book"
{= ff 34r46r}

5. The Treatise of Cleanness: "[of] abstinence"
{= ff 46r51r}

6. Samain: "names all the heavens and her angels and the operations of them"
{= ff 51v53v}

7. The Book of Virtues: "[of] miracles, and of his igures and of the ordinance of same"
{= ff 53v57v}

Liber Salomonis is bound together with these other items:

a. The Canon, or Rule, of the Book of Consecration, or the manner of working
{= ff 58r60r}

b. The Orisons (introduced in English, given in Latin)
{= ff 60r 65r}

c. Explicit: magical directions
{= ff 65r83v} [5]

d. Liber Lunae: the 28 mansions; suffumigations; the 12 workings (bindings); the 12 operations; the figures of the planets (magic squares); and the annuli, sigilli, and images of the planets
{= ff 84r97r} [6]

e. Raxhael: The Invocation of oberion Concerning Physick etc.: consecration, invocation, constriction, ligation, license, and rules
{= ff 98r99r}

f. The Call of Bilgal, One of the 7 etc. {= f 99v}

g. An Experiment for a Fayry
{= f 100r}

h. Beleemus De imaginibus (in Latin)
{= ff 100v101r}

The selections offered here, Liber Lunae, Raxhael, and The Call of Bilgal, have been literally transcribed. No changes in spelling or word order have been made.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Liber Lunae is its set of magic squares. In MS. Sloane 3826, four of these squares contain errors; corrections appear at the end of the transcription.


[1] The Book of Ceremonial Magic, 1911, Rider, London; reprinted in 1969 by Bell Publishing Company, New York.

[2] Ritual Magic, 1949 and 1979, Cambridge University Press,, reprinted in 1998 by the Pennsylvania State University Press (University Park) as part of its Magic in History series.

[3] The Secret Lore of Magic, (Secaucus: Citadel, 1958).

[4] The History of Magic and Experimental Sciences, volume II: The First Thirteen Centuries, (New York: Columbia University Press, 1923).

[5] Robert Mathiesen (in "A Thirteenth Century Ritual to Attain the Beatific Vision from the Sworn Book of Honorius of Thebes," in Conjuring Spirits, edited by Claire Fanger [University Park: Pennsylvania State UP, 1998]) lists "Sloane 3826 ... ff 5883?" (a, b, and c above) among the manuscript versions of the Sworn Book at the British Library, though he places it among those which "preserve the original Latin text." Portions of the 3826 text are in Latin (e.g. the first line of each segment and the orisons Iff 60r65r)), but the bulk of the text is in English. The two paragraphs on f 68 begin, "Dixit Thebit Pencorat ... (Thebit Pencorat said ... )" and "Thebit said," presumably Honorius of Thebes.

[6] Liber Lunae bears similarity to the text presented by Juris Lidaka in "The Book of Angels, Rings, Characters and Images of the Planets: Attributed to Osbern Bokenham," in Conjuring Spirits, mentioned in note 5.

[British Museum MS Sloane 3826: 84r96v]

Transcribed and edited by D. Karr 1997/8, Ithaca, New York.

[84r] In the name of the meeke God and mercifull, to God alone honor and glory This is liber that is the booke of worching that is said Liber Lunae the circle of wich is to the dwellers of the earth It is sothely a booke knowen, and it is cleped as I have said Liber Lunae wherein be the privityes of old wise men that were hid to all men. And he worcheth with it in all men that inhibiteth the earth, and in all men that be under the circle of the moone that is cleped the circle of this world he wrought with it fortune and infortune, profitt and impediment, good and evill, and there belongeth unto yt xxviii mansions or dwellings and xxviii worchings. None sothely of them all is that is made or graven but when the moone was in the same mansion diverse. it is the art of all that fulfull not the worke or worching of the worcher where it were good or evill.

Hermes said I have proved all the booke of all planetts But I have not seene a truer neither a perfecter then this party most precious and they nempned it Librum Lunae And the first party of * that is before God I witnes and I admonish that thou hide it from all men or els God shall axe of thee what ever were done by it in the day of Dome ffor with it may be done good things and evill in each moneth and in eache day that thou wylt. And it is the privy name of God and unable to be spoken with wich he [84v] worcheth in all works good and evill ffor he worcheth in it righteous and unrighteous & contrary Keepe therfore that I have written to thee and dread God and beware least thou shew it to any man lest he lese men by it, neither touche he it pollute, that is let him not do in it worchings nor washings, and the worke shall be magnified and it is great. When thou hast made of it the worching, thou shalt enclepe upon it the names of angels serving to the circle of the moone. suffume them 7 tymes with precious aromaticks and suffumigacions And thou shalt make a citacion to it 7 tymes and thou shalt name these names that thou wilt of wich thou hast made worching and the name of the hower and the name of Luna. and the name of the mansion in wich Luna were, and the name of the day in wich he were And if in the same mansions were sely and highe under wich thou makest these most worchings were effect. there shall be speeding of the worke with the helpe of God.

Bolemus said when Meliatalh that is Luna in the first mansion that is the face of martis and it is an evill mansion thou shalt make in it the worching of Separation. Albutaim that is the wombe of Ariets and it is fortuna az when Luna descendeth in yt make of all things to be bowed and of them whome thou wilt Joyne togither. Aldeboran 4th wich is the eye of Taurus and it is the evill face of mercury. When Luna [85r] descendeth in it the worchings of all adversityes and evills be made. Almaycen the 5 dwelling evill red the face of Luna. When Luna descendeth in it the worchings of all adversity and of alligacion or buildingthere be made. Althaya the 6 mansion fortuna rubeafacies Saturni. When Luna descendeth in it the worching of them be they done wich thou wilt fulfill the worchings of God according and love be they made

Addiraen the 7 mansion and end of Geminory and is interpreted Brachia and it is a fortune variant that iswhite and red and the face of Jovis. When Luna descendeth in yt be there made worchings of all wylde beasts of concord and of love and of all goods. Innatar the 8 mansion and it is the head of Cancer fortuna rubea and the face of martis when Luna descendeth in it worchings of waters of shippes and offlouds are they made. Alkaud the 9 mansion and thewombe of Cancer and it is interpreted highnes, andit is fortuna Wz or fortune or forme whyte then bemade the worchings of fowles as well of great as of lesse and of culvers and thou shalt profitt. Algeibh is the 10 man. It is the end of Cancer and the beginning of Leo And it is interpreted the front of him and it is fortuna I and the face of Venus with it make the worchings of wolves of foxes and wylde beasts. Azobra is the 11 mansion and the hart of Leo wich by another name is said Azumble wich is evill blacke the face of Mercury. When Luna descendeth in it be the made the wirchings of separacions and of alligocions or bynding of infyrmityes and distinction and thou shalt profitt in them. Algapha is the 12 mansion and the Cauda leonis and caput virginis for: alba. and the face [85v] of Luna. When he descendeth in it Do thou the worchings of coniunction and of all things that thou wilt shape Alans is the 13 mansion and the wombe of Virgo fortuna the face of saturne when Luna descendeth in it make workings of ciniunction and of all things that thou wilt shape and joyne togither. Alchumech is the 14 mansion thend of Virgo fortuna rubea a starre profitable and good the face of Jovis when Luna descendeth in it be there made worchings of inclination and of all love and dilection Algarst is the 15 mansion evill red the face of martis and the head of Libra wich in it make worchings of all evill and tribulation and destruction of hit whome thou wilt lett. Azubene is the 16 mansion evill the face of Solis and the middle of Libra with it be there made the works of separacion of Destruction and of all alligation and Impediment or letting. Alichul the 17 mansion and it is interpreted Corona It is sothely thend of Libra and the head of Scorpio and it is evill the face of Venus. When Luna descendeth in it make thy workings of good and of bynding of tongs and of all silence. Alhebus is the 19 mansion that is to say acus that is a needle It is sothely Scorpio Candey and the head of Sagittary [86r] fortuna the face of Luna when Luna descendeth in it make the worchings of fornication and of sedition and of alligacion and of luste. Anahim is the 20 mansion and the wombe of Sagittary and it is the face of Saturne

When Luna descendeth in it make the worching of Jucifation of love and if concord Alberda is the 21 mansion and the end of Sagittary and it is fortuna alba the face of [Jupiter]. When Luna descendeth in it makethe workings of Inclination.

In it be made workings of silence. Ceadaebyh is the 22 mansion and the head of [Capricorn] and it is evill fortune of desolation after Arisltotle comixt the face of [Mars] When Luna descendeth in it make the workings of a good hower and the faces of Luna according to love and concord and reflexion the places of Luna to discord and separacion or Departing of all good Azatalbuta is the 23 mansion an the hart of [Capricorn] and the face of the fortune of him that swoloweth. When Luna descendetb in it that is in that mansion then be made the works of all good Zadac Zahond is the 24 mansion and it is Cauda Capricorni and the head of [Aquarius] And it is fortune of fortunes the face of [Venus] fortuna cu etc the worchings of all good be they done. Cealaghbrah is the 25 mansion of the wombe of [Aquarius] and it is the fortune of tents and the face of [Mercury] fortuna az cu etc maketh the working of silence and bynde under it what ever thou wilt. Alfgarem wich is the 26 mansion and the end of [Aquarius] and the head of [Pisces] the face of Luna. When Luna descendeth [86v] in it then be made the worchings of all recuperations and inclination and of dilection or love of all things. Alfgagir is the 27 mansion and the wombe of [Pisces] and evill mansion and red the face of [Saturn] When Luna descendeth in it then be made the workings of separacions or Departing and of bynding and of all infirmityes. Albecten is the 28 mansion and the cauda pisces and the face of [Jupiter] fortunate and when Luna descendeth in it then be made the workings of all good and of all profitt.

Suffumigacions of worchings of dilection and of reflexion and of all good these be the names Alaod alkumeri i signu de Amnaria wich is some Iland in the partyes of India Azafran.

Suffumigacions of all departing and of infirmity and impediment thus be nempned alnafac alas ecfor aloes azandall alagmars of everich of them the 4th part of an ownce And thou shalt exercise in all the hower of suffumigacion aswell in the works of good as of evill by 55 angells of whome these be the names. Comeil Cemeil Charochin azardin reanei agras achithim abrancasai larabusin Iangas mangarozan mamenim hacsemim mimgogm labelas mezetin farbarakin candanegin iaciz andonin rasaidin saphianim barthaylin aninei Neilin borcolin balkanaritin arieisin abranorin cannamdin andalasin carnnamdin sarajemin Adiamenim soe saeosin Jachehay feresin deibenim [87r] mediesin heizamamin Janozothin Abramathin bifulica begehalodin gaforin azafirin barionin matnairelin genira manderilin.

Bolemus said of these that be necessary this is the Ligacion or bynding, provide to all tongs & harts of them that be accusors and of envious men into worlds of worlds Make of him whome thou wilt bynde and write in the gore

head of him the name of Luna that tyme and thses names of angels under wich

is made be they written, whether it be a signe orientall or occidentall meridionall or septentrionall that is to say East or West North or South wich names be these and the names of their signes of the same party write truly in the ridge of name be wich God formed heaven and earth sea and whatsoever is in them And also write these names fro to lett whatever thou wiltlett by the worching of bynding and properitya swell of the sonnes of Adam as of otehr beasts wilde fowles and fishes, and thou shalt grave each party of it And the angels, and if thou readest thesenames to all thing that thou wilt Read tho that be used these sothely they be Lahagenim laghalaghoo layafurin uabalkanarithin. laiagelm. laiaselesyn. But for these names be said to have double effect, it is bound sothely to them what ever thou wilt bynde or thou might let to the same to lose or grant what ever thou wylt. But how these ought to be done say we. When it is intended to this that [87v] the worching of ligacion or bynding be made say the names abovesaid as it is said before in the hower of graving of the worching ffirst they be red by order if the worke of expulsion ought to be done, the names be they red thorder before sett thus for the travaile shall not meve of him that intendeth these names sothely by night from other hid but be he ware that when he cometh to the ficle of any worching in the hower of graving of the names that he reade name what ever he will as regions cityes townes howses man and woman wilde beast and other beast cloudes wyndes bird or fishes or what ever he will bynde or lett afetr the foresaid reason sothely read he and he shall profitt by the power of the creator. This bynding sothly is proved and it is hid to the eyen mouhtes harts and tongs into words the name of the hower Vebiche

The 2 worke is made in the 2 hower of what ever day thou wilt, and it is said the worke of love and reflexion and of profitt concord Therefore be made twey worchings of tymes with heads fused in the 2 hower and the names of their lords in their heads be graven. In the brest sothely the name if the Lord of the hower and in the wombe these names following be they written these sothely done, with good waxe be they Joyned togither in the brests, afterward be they buried in the house of thee and in the hower of Sepulcher the 7 names of the first hower be they [88r] red by right order and they loveth themself ever more. These be the names Melkailin. Cadnaelin Amonayelin. farcelin. uorayeylin. affayelin. badrayeylyn. Machiel. Canariel. Amymaryil. fariel noreil azareil Batraiel The names of the hower yenor.

The third worching is made in the 3 hower of whatever day thou wilt, and it is sayd the worke of all fowles or fishes and it is of bynding, and be it of tyme of a man or woman or of this whome thou wylt bynde. And the 7 precious names of

the first hower be they written in the wombe, the name of the Lord in the head, and the name of the hower in the brest, and suffume it with cleane aloes and santalo rubeo. and it be buried in the place of the same thing of which the worke were for wonderfull things should be seene of velocity or swiftness of obedience of the same by the commandement of God. also the names be then red of the first hower by order of the name of the hower (answer)

The 4th worching is made in the 4th hower of what ever day thou wilt make the working of a serpent of silver or of scorpions and Reptiles letting or of dragons It is sothely the worching of divers wilde beats. Be it made to the likenes of wich thou wilnest the binding The name sothely of the same beast in the head. And the name of the Lord of the hower in the brest. and then the 7 names of the first hower in the wombe be they written. And be it buried in the place of the same thing for they shall not remayne there. And in [88v] the hower of sepulcher or graving the 7 names of the first hower be they red the name of the hower turned Oelghil

The 5th worching is made in the 5 hower of whatever day thou wilt and it is said the worching of wolves of foxes of cats and of other such. The worching be it nade of silver to the likeness of wich thou wilt. and the name of this in the head and of the hower in the brest, and the 7 names of the first hower be they red. suffumigacion of aloes and indo turned. The name of the hower Coaleth.

The 6 worching is made in the 6 hower of what ever day and it is said the over corner of captives and of them that be prisoned, and of them that be constrained and it is of bynding be it made of the 6 hower of tyme to the working of a man. the name of the Lord in the head and the hower in the brest, the 7 names of the first hower in the wombe and beware that thou reade evermore the names of the first hower doing and naming as he teacheth in this suffumigacion with aloes and sandalo rubeo And betake it to the men for whome it is made for from the destruction for wich it were made seene he shall be delivered. Also il thou for eche neede or noy from wich thou wouldest be delivered the name of the hower Jehunor conchor.

The 7 worching is made in the 7 hower of what ever day after the strength and order with wich it is profitable to enter to kings that by it most worship be gotten with dilection or love be it made of silver best compowned upon the head of him the [89r] name of the king in the brest the name of the lord of the hower and the 7 names of the first hower or of the second hower in the wombe be they written. This working thus compowned be it borne at the entring before kings the name of the hower Jador.

The 8 worching is made in the 8 hower of what ever day and it is of confusion and disperacion least he may dwell in houses or in habitacions make the working of Saiac that is of an hound of red brasse with twey heads of wich one be of a man and thother of an hound and write the name of the man upon the head of him, and the name of the hower in the brest of him and the 7 names of the first hower in the wombe and suffume with the bloud of an hound slaine or with the fatnes of an hound thou shalt bury it at thy liking for thou shalt see wonderfull things The name of the hower Jasolun or Jasumech.

The 9 working is made in the 9 hower of what ever day and it is said thoperacion of bynding of theeves make the operacion of a man of silver and the name of this theefe in the head, and the name of the hower in the brest, and the 7 names above, and the names of angels of obstruction or stopping and suffume thou with

Aloes and croco and thou shalt bury it where thou wilt and the theeves shall be stopped leesing their mindes or againe bearing and nothing stealing and deliverance of them is made The name of the hower is Baton or luron

The 10th operacion is made in the 10 hower of what ever day and it is for to lose the mouthes of kings or of riche men or of diverse men. Be there made the operacion of a man of silver and the name of angels of love and [89v] bynding and the name and the hower that is of the second hower suffuming of ligno aloes indo zapharam piloso and be it done as above and beare he with him in a cleane white cloth of sylke the 7 names in order be they red The name of the hower Sachon or Sahon

The 11 hower and it is to dilection and reflexion betwixt twey odiously having themself to be restored be there made twey operacions of silver or of time and the names of the lords in the head and in the brest the names of dilection or love that is of the second hower and as above suffumigacion be it made conveniently with good odors with aloes and zapharan be it buried nigh an easy fier & faire and they shall come to thee and they shalbe ioyned also the name of the hower Jebrim.

The 12 operacion is made in the 12 hower of what ever day and it is to bynde tongs be there made the operacion of tyme to the likenes of a man whome thou wilt bynde the name of the Lord in the head and the name of the hower in the brest and as above the 7 names in the wombe and suffumigacion as above with ligno aloes zapharan thou shalt bury it in the house with thee cleanely and in

white silke in the rigg name one i. normet with stoning wich be of 2 operacion of anentis philosopher hide thou it under the constellation 7 nights reading each night the names of the first hower be ther red And suffume thou be 7 nights saying Tu exumleazart et sandalos the name of the hower Rabalon or vahialon

[90r] Bolemus said while Salomon sought of him that he should ordeine a bath to them or a fier privily The first hower of whatever night beginne thou the worke of bathes or of fyers or of silence Take scorp i. ferrus or yron and as fusu that is brasse melte, make a candle that is to say a vessell having 4 or 6 mouthes* and upon every mouth thou shalt grave these names severally Secesyn hayfaysyn harshin saluj seshin hershdiel remeahalyn Clodel Isus mahede. And in the neather part of the vessell and in everich mouth be a paper made wett in oyle and in the neather party of the vessell these names hid be they graven wich be of stonyng these as Noryn badichin. Anadyn. Sibir sanaphinin. halkars. ahadichin anadyn. bahadin. Sanachin ranchbaili Jahudnil. And make upon the vessell the operacion of a man of brasse having a brasen pottell powring out of oyle into the vessell, and be there oyle in the vessell, that be not with the hand expressed and grave upon the face of the worke these two names chichud ephil The first name in the wombe and that other in the neather aprty of the vessell write ib and tend or kindle all of the papers, and afterward close it with a covercle accordingly that it not be harmed under this evermore. or make upon a vessell an hollow bottom and the water shall be hott for evermore The name of the hower is Cefratetyn or Hamon.

The second operacion is of abcision of fornication and that is made in the second hower of everich [90v] night. Bolemus said within the city that is cleped Laumdarah and ordeyne thou operacion in it That the woman do not fornication in it without end wich thus is made Take an operacion of cleane brasse and write in it these names following Myant. chelem. faroc. kahumcul nohegemah and these upon the face of the operation fecherah harsoleth iasad nadnad lecchat badah. And know thou that the first names that is Mynat etc. ought not to be written in the operacion but in a brasen plate and put it in the hand of thoperacion. And then thou shalt bury the operacion lest any man see there where ever it were buried woman shall not do fornication but region shall cleave to Also thou to fishes reptiles to water peches, and to frogs and to all that letteth The name of the hower is Debzul or Canbeul.

The third operacion is made in the 3 hower of everiche night and it is to put away beasts as serpents scorpions attercoxs hounds mice and other such when thoperacion were profitt or made of tyme to the likenes of wich thou wilt write

in the face these names Myatyon boroyon fafraril. And bury it when thou liketh and they shall not remayne or abide The name of the hower is Thaor

The 4th operacion is made in the 4th hower of what ever night and it is to destroy howses townes cityes and divers tents or what ever thou wilt of thine [91r] enemyes that is negation ooste etc Take & anoynt behind thoperacion of a camyl i urna marin. and write in the party of it with hit afflaceros ffeygiltans ffeyglah ceidarophin And then say Adinro vis vt sicut adurnit partes ligneae in igne sic adurat regis vel quicquid vis That is to say I adiure you that as treen partes brenneth in the fyer so burne the region of what ever thou wilt naming such the sonne of such N moder and thou shalt name only what other thing thou would then the names, and read the 7 names turned in the letters for this is the privity of them The name of the hower is Hallahay.

The 5 operacion is made in the 5 hower of what evr night. and it is to destroy the hoast of cloudes of haile and tempests, and for to cast among men discord Be there made as above said 2 operacions of a double man of 4te of lead s.r pound and of brasse 2to grave in it these names of angels Nesahaelmiel Jeszarailin. Iszunielaie. atfamin renormen sekarkabel aragi mihan Jehabey bedyemyekalkel These be the names of provocation of whome ever thou wilt to thee I can sothely worche be them for great effect shall follow. Also badakatir cheno syelchech And thou shalt suffume it and bury it in a higher place and if thou wilnest the destruction of a region or another to be put away etc read the 7 names turned The name of the hower is Camfar.

The 6 operacion is amde in the 6 hower of what ever night and it is to put any man out of his howse lest he dwell make the operacion of a man of red brasse [91v] and write in it the names of expulsion and suffume it, and write the name of it in the head of him, and let it be in the house of him for whome it is made, and he shall go to flying to another region by 10 miles if for perturbacion of his being and losing of his witt. These be the names of expulsion belychiechyn Raysel. abrail aflin cadeneul miamem bafreni geraodin. barcaiol. analin. foachi. cafalin seche other names for to bren wich is Amagnis etc. And take thilke 7 names of the first hower and be they red. the name of the hower is Zoran

The 7 operacion is made in the 7 hower of what ever night and it is to combustion of grapes and sement of trees make a worke of red brasse and grave in it these names i pope percombustiones byablib. gehil combure dd nissu of rede the 7 names turned thou shalt bury it in

the terme of that place and that region of them shall brent by 10 mile or after that thou wilt by bidding of God with heavenly fyer The name of the hower is Jafor

The 8 operacion is made in the 8 hower of what ever night and it is to gather togither beame fowles or collors in what ever maner thou wilt make the to the similitude of wich thou wilt of the besi~gold and put to the weight of mettall and grave in it these names Jerodah Carmetah adesach achil gabriel afferent vos ad me that [92r] is to say bring yow to me. Be it buried in the higher place of the towne or of the night. Also of other things wich thou wilt gather togither the 7 names be they red by right order and this orison is to be written apes in[[symbol]] loco et parte adducat vos Gabriel de diversis plagis.

Also do thou to eche thing wich thou wilt gather togither The name of the hower Myach. The 9 operacion is made in the 9 hower of what ever night and it is as above to colletion of fowles to an hill wich thou wilt make the[[symbol]] to the likenes of whay thou wilt of an ownce of gol followe and the names of the angells in the next beforesaid in the wombe be they graven and be it buried as above And the 7 names of the first hower be they red by order The name of the hower Oritefor.

The 10 worching is made as abovesaid in the 10 hower that it is to departing of them that loveth them self that they be not isyued neither be concurrent without end make the operacion of tyme to the length of a palme and the 4 party be it made of red brasse and be there sothely twey operacions and the head of one be it the head of a shee beare and the head of that other bee it of an hound, and the names of them be ther graven in the heads and in the ridge of the 7 first names and be it suffumed with stinking things And be they buried in divers placs one in the east side another in the west And to all things that thou wilt depart these be the names Gzorabi Izora hauli haule memoy nahualiemin matmoial

[92v] kaihal malegen. moiogil. muctril muchil The name of the hower Malho.

The xith operacion is made in the 11 hower of what ever night and it is when thou wilt intice or take away of another region to thee, make this operacion as fayre as thou might of silver or tyme and grave his proper name in the head and these in the wombe aragi rahian bedien JahekalkelI agnis kannaizozo maron kamerache emtelh amo koydar rasdar monras kaydich hartah. This orison sothely with these names in the operation be it written.Ignis de caelo combur per

comburente com bureus bihu el alhalil combur jussu dei The name of the hower Aalacho.

The 12 operacion is amde in the 12 hower of what ever night and it is to torment much and to quaking of the body wich thou wilt make thoperacion of a man of red brasse of wich the necke be it large and the face toward the ridge and the feet in steed of the hands and againward And the name of the Lord in the and of the planet in the brest and the names of stoning in the ridge aeol alkeguh hun aguh maeraszach sagellesz mausz mahuh tortolaac Iblin Be it buried at the gates of him. the name of the hower fellen

yet followeth 4 operacions most of the day or of the night. The first operacion is to lese whome thou wilt And of losing of wylt or of lyfe. Be it made [93r] of red brasse and the name of the Lord in the head and in the ridge these names before written thou shalt grave and he shall be made sicke and he shall be troubled, and thou shalt bury it in the place of a dead man unknown

The second operacion is to remove from a towne where thou wilt make the operacion of Subalfrage most newe of 6 expound The middle of wich be it of lead and thother part be it of red brass. And gravein it these names undatos haibiros kalome And 9 dne carnee armeche serath makamil. Inaceleme celub. And make 2 operacions follow of them Be one in the ridge and the other in the wombe Afterward suffume it with the fatues of an hounde and thou shalt reade upon it 7 names of the first hower turned And thou shalt bury it in the place of the east of the castle for they shall not remayne there one day or night.

Now followeth the figure of the planets

The figure of Saturnis is quadrate and there be in each side of the figure 3. When thou wilt worche by this figure Saturnis be he direct increasing the moone In the day of Saturne and in the first hower of it made or yt is better in new cotton and bynde Nit to the thigh of a woman traveling in childe bearing and anon without perill she shall be delivered of the childe bearing And if thou suffumest thilk figure[93v] with thure and beareth it with thee thou shalt not dread a

king neither any other person willing to annoy thee. And thou shalt have of them that thou covetest reasonably. And if thou writest this figure in lead Saturne being retrograde or again ward going or diminute to light or under the beames of stationary, and puttest it in a new building or in a new plantation it shall never be filled or stored with people but men shall fly from it. And if thou puttest it in the seat of a prelacy some he shall be disposed from it. I bid neverthelesse but that the charact be written first above the figure.

The figure of Jovis is quadrate and it is multiplyed by 4 etc in eche side be 34

When Jupiter were direct make this figure in a plate of silver in the day of Jovis and in the hower of him. And thou shalt suffume it with ligno aloes and amber and beare it with thee And as many as seeme thee shall be in love with thee and obey to thee. And if thou puttest it betwixt the feet of a merchant his merchandise shall be increased. And if in a culver house on in the place of bees they shall be gathered togither. And who ever being infortunate beareth it about him he shall be made fortunate from good into better soone.

And if thou puttest it in the seat of any prelate he shall dure raigne and prosper against all his enemyes and they may not do any annoy to him neither [94r] he shall dread them fforget not but to make the characts above the figure

The figure of Mars is quadrateor fowre crnrered

& multiplied by five, and there be in each side 65.

It signifieth warre and destruction. When Marswere retrograde combust diminute of light or number thou shalt grave the figure of it in the day and hower of it in a plate of copper and thou shalt suffume it with menstruate bloud, or with the cloth of one that is hanged, or with the sword of one that is slayne or with stercore murin that is mice dirt or of catte. And putt it in a new house or in a building and it shall not be fulfilled bit it shall be left wildernes. And if it be putt in the seat of any prelate he shall be made worse soone. And if in the place of a marchant it shall be destroyed all. And if thou makest this in the name of 2 men loving themselves together hate shall fall betwixt them and enmity if thou bury it in the house of that other of them. And if thou doeth it while mars were direct or increasing in number or light and suffume it with red sylke and saffron and wrappe it in the same silke and putt it with do thure or that is better cornelius with there that great lorde noy thee not neither domes men neither enemyes, neither dome thine adversaryes and also in battaile they shall fly from thy face and they [94v] shall dread, and they shall be ashamed. And if thou putt it upon the thigh of a woman sha shall have menstrua. and if in virgin parchment. And if thou putteth it in the place of bees they shall fly Also grave the characts above the figure.

The figure of Sol is quadrate and there be 6 multiplied by 6 and there be in eche side 111. & it is to kings and princes of this world. And it is of all lordship & power when Sol wer in his exaltation in the 5th degree of Aries. Taek 6 of pure gold and make a round plate and thou shalt grave on it the figure of Sol in the day and hower of it and thou shalt suffume it in muske and camfyre and thou shalt wash it in rosewater muske and camfer and wrappe it in a cloth of yelow sylke And thou shalt hold it with thee. And thou shalt lead to effect whatever thou wylt. And thou shalt get of riche men that thou wilt. that thou be honoured among kings and great lords and whatever thou shalt axe thou shalt have.

And whatever thou seest for certaine shal be allowed to thee for good.

The figure of Venus is quadrate And there be 7 multiplied by 7 and there be in eache side 75 and it of fortune [95r]properly in the face of women and in all love and fairenes. And Venus be it in piscibus wich is the exaltacion of it or in tauro or libra wich be the houses of it, and that it be fortunate that is swifte in course increased of light direct or even Take 7 of pure silver and make a plate in the day and hower of Venus, and suffume it with ligno aloes amber and masticke, and put it in a white cloth of sylke. And thou shalt see marveiles And if a man or a woman tary to be wedded beare he hit with him and soone be shalbe spowsed. And if any man hate thee wash it with rainwater or of a well or of rosewater, and give it to the hater to drinke and he shall love thee And thou shalt do that thou seechest. And if thou seethest bamomill and washest the figure with that water and if thou sprinkle the same in a place where is discord or dread of Dome, all evill shall cease and shall be neigh and wisedome. And if thou sprinkle that water where beastsor merchandise be they shall be multiplied and increased And if thou puttest it in thy bed thou shalt about in coitu and thou shalt be loved of her.

The figure of mercury is quadrate and there be 8 multplied by 8 and there be in eche side 260 in length and bredth and figur overthwart And mercury is full swift in meaning and inchanting of bowinghe hath party in nature [95v] of other planetts and of signes complexions and also to him be given strengthes of

soule or lyfe wisdome of philosophy fowre wayes and description when mer= cury were direct swifte in course Take 8 zara cenores of pure silver in the day & hower of [Mercury], and thou shalt grave in it the figure of mercury, and suffume it with ligno aloes, gariophylli and masticke and holde it with thee and all things that thou axest thou shalt have. And if thou hast not silver make it of citrine paper for it availeth as much. And if thou putt it in a place of prelacy'or in a chaire of a prelate he shall dure against his enemyes, and the gads of the same shall be increased And if thou makest it in a ring in glasse or in a basen, or in a glasen plate in the first hower of the day of [Mercury], in the first 7 day of Lunation, and doest it away in the water of a well and drinkest it be three dayes continuall knowe thou that thou shalt leave all forgetfulnes and thou shalt learne lightly that thou wilt And if in steele of in a myrror and he that hath the palsy beholdeth it, or he that hath spasmn they be cured with the sight alone. And also he that is blinded for coitu shall be cured And if thou fasteth by iii dayes continuall onley to bread and hony and vuae passae And afterward gravest it in citrine sylke and suffumest it with ligno aloes and sayest 0 deus per virtute istius figurae indica mitu in somnis i. quod vis. That is to say 0 God by the vertue of this figure showe thou to me in sleepe that that thou wilt [96r] and put under thy pillowe when thou lyest downe write the characts first upon the figure

The figure of Luna is quadrate and there be 9 multiplied by 9 and there be in each side 369 in lenth and bredth and overthwart In the day of Luna and in thehower of Luna increasing, in virgin parchmt write it with inke of muske and saffron tempered with rosewater, and suffume it with some cucumis cucurbite and camfora and double the scrowe and putt it in a plate of silver made to the maner of a litle pipe or reeds and beare it with thee.

It availeth also to axe all noble things and fulfilling, and that taketh away all evill. And if thou dreadest an enemy in the way, put it in the way, and thou shalt be delivered from theeves and all evill. And thou shalt write in it thincreasing of parchmt of a sheepe with the bloud of a black cocke that be gelded in the day of Luna in diminucion

In that of side sothely make thou the figure of Pisces

and Cancer with thaforesaid bloud, and put that scrowe in a litle pott full of water, and let it stande by a night in the ayre. In the day following take the pott and say go out N the sonne of N moder from such a place or city that he be never returned to it held that water in 4 partyes of the world. And that a woman never be [96v] wedded make it diminucion in the day and the hower of hit in a place of lead saying Ligo N filia N vt nunqua nubat nec fructus faciat.

That is to say I bynde N the daughter of N that she never be wedded neither make fruite and over that other side make the ymage of the woman, and bury it in the sepulcher of some man unknowen. And if you may not sell thy merchandise write it in citrine paper in the increasing in the day and hower with saffron tempered with rosewater and suffume it with the first suffumigacion and dowble the scrowe and put it with the things to be solde or to the necke of a beast and they should be sold soone with good deliberation. Deo gracae thanked be God. These be thaforesaid names niselesayal nilegayal Nihtiranaklaban nirufayal oohgal ahgal ninegiohal.



The Figure of the Sun:

The Figure of Venus: The totals of the ranks and columns for this

for this Figure, given in the MS as "in eache side 75," are actually 175.

The Figure of Mercury:

The Figure of Luna:

Additional texts from British Museum MS Sloane 3826

[98r] Raxhael

The Invocation of Oberion Concerning Physick &+ of the omnipotent eternall and incomprehensible God and creertor of heaven and earth and of all thingsvisible and invisible, most mighty Tetragramaton by whose might power and vertue all things are an have their effect and exacons vouchsafe thy most mighty matyr for Jesus + Christe sake my savior and redeemer in whome I trust and in whose incarnation + holy nativity + passion + resurrection + and glorious ascension + thy servant doth faithfully believe, to forgive me all my sinnes secret and known and regenerate my hart with the grace of the holy ghost + that I may be made worthy of a most unworhty sinner to see thy holy Angelis appearing unto me, to minister and reveale unto me those things I shall desyre and demand be thy holy passion and sufferance, to whome be all honor power ma(ty) dominion rule ascribed for ever and ever. Amen.

(consecratio Rei)

In no: pa: et ff et Sp: &t I blesse thee thou creature of N

with the blessing that God blessed Abraham Isaac and Jacob that

thou be a'pure seat for the angells and sp. of God to descend

into Let therefore oh most glorious God thy blessing and

benediction come upon this thy creature that it may be a worthy

place and seat for them through thy holy permission and sustenance


Pater noster &t in signo omnis +

supra cristallus vel agua


Domine Jesu + expere + vox gloria dignare mistere hoc cord

me licet indigno servo tuo quem secundus imaginae tuae creasti

Angelus et sp. ob. in pulchra forma humana qui dicat et ostendat

nihi veritatus de istis rebus de quibus volo

Oh Domine Jesu + Christe + qui conceptus et de sp. sco. + natus

of Maria virgine + passus sub pontis pilate + crucifixus

mortuus et sepultus + descendisti as infernos tertia die

resurrecisti a mortuis ascendisti ad Gaele + et sedes ad dextra

Dei patris omnipotentis + unde venturus es indicare vivus et

mortuos et seculus dignere mistere hic istu Angelus et sp: L virtu nominus tuoch cognitur et incognitur viz

+Tetragramaton+ +Planaboth+ +ya+

+Prymumaton+ +Adonay+ +sother+

+Panthon+ +Agios+


+Craton+ +Athanatos+ +Alpha+

+Elohim+ +Agla+ +Omega+

+On+ +Xpus+

+Saday+ +Amen+



Expedi et proxa ergo oh tu Angele et sp: Ob require

te et te contesterix sancta Maria matre Dei uri Jesu +

christi + x novem ordines angelos cherubin + et seraphim

* thronus + Dominattiones + principatus + et polestates

* virtutes Archangelicus Michaele + Gabriele + Raphaele +

elem + urielem + qui non cessant clamare ante thronus

Dei semx < > ch(e) dieg cantantes Jeus + Seus + Seus +

Dominus Deus + Sabaoth + qui est qui erat et qui venturus est

indicare vivus et motuus et semlus x igne~

quaternius statim et sine mora appareas in pulchra forma

humana ante oculos meo + Adinre te benigne Angele et Sp: Oberion x

omnes reliquias qua sunt in Coelo et in terra + x lar quod do

minus noster Jesus + Christus + de mamillus beatae marie

virginis ex < > cus vere puer erat ille in hoc mundo +

X veste coccinea qua indutus est Jesus + Christus + et

X unguentus quo sancta Maria Magdelena + unxit pedes

dei uri Jesu + Christi + et fersit illes capillis rapitis

suii quatenus statim omni celeritate subito venias et appareas

coram me ni & sine ulla tertuositate vel deformitate

in pulcherrima forma humana antidicta Amen fiat fiat

fiat. In no: &tc

Sta Sta Sta in nomine Saphori + Saphaon +

Jesu + xpi + Dei + Tetragramaton +



Oh tui Angele et Sp. 0. Adiuro te ligo et firmite te

constringo x hoc signus + In no: pa: et ffilii + et Sp:

sci + quod non decedas ab hoc loco, nec ab oculis mes

donec voluntate~ et desiderin~ men ximpleviste in omnibus


In nu: pa: etc. Oh tu benigne Angele et sp: o vade

ad locus ubi Dominus Deus noster te ordinavit ab sg ullo

nocumente nihi vel alicui creaturar mecu~ in meo consortio

et pax Domini nostri Jesu + Christi + sit inter te et me

nunc hic et ubig Amen. In honore domini uri Jesu +

xpi + eleva manus tuas ad sydera et vade fiat etc.

Amen ffinis

Rx emmets eggs, the bloud of a blacke cat 7 droppes the fatt of a white henne, mixe these togither with a litle oyle of roses annoynt yo(ur) eyes saying . Lord blesse etc.

[99r] Rules and observations to be used heerin viz

I This must be done [moon] crescente i. in connictione (moon] at the first tyme instantly upon the change

2 The pat(h) and creed cum vi psal: cu Ave Ma

3 Breath on the cristall or vrinall of water thename of the Sp. Oberion

4 Take annisseeds in your mouth when you breath on it eat them

5 Let your feet 2 or 3 howers before you beginne be washed & bathed pure the nayles of both etc.

6 Take rosewater putt in a hott shovell perfume the chamber or roome

7 Noli coire cus uxore morte purcedente

8 Do it in a place where litle or no noise is heard, turning your face towards the east

9 Annoynt your eyes with the foresaid thing before you beginne

10 Make a cnadle of Allelnia virgin waxe and write on the

candel Oberyon

): Adinro te ligo constringo requiro et te contestor x virtu es

hoxe nominus Dei x qua Salomon constringelat demones et

Angelus quatemis statim venias appareas in forma pulchra

humana viz

+laiafaryn+ +vbalganaiah+

+laialogin+ +Moeth+

+Iaiarezyn+ +Naoth+


[99v] The Call of Bilgal one of the 7 &

I (coniure) thee B by heaven and by all the powers and vertues thereof + by the 7 planets (Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon) and by all their secret and hidden operations and vertues by the 4 elements fier water earth and ayer and by all their powers and effects and by all that ever God did or spake in the creation of the world that thou B appeare unto and this virgin N. in the forme of a Queene sitting in a chaire of beaten gold with thy attendants and shew me those things I demands thee.

I (coniure) thee B. by the earth which is the footstole of our Lord God + and by all the beasts and creatures therein conteyned that thou appeare as aforesaid to me and this virgin etc.

I thee B by the height of heaven + by the depth of the earth + by the toppe of the hilles and by all things therein conteyned that thou appeare as aforesaid etc.

I thee B. by the king of kings, by the prince of all princes + to whome under God thou hast obedience by his dominion and rule and by the office he hath under God that thou obey my invocation.

I thee B. by the sea and by these 7 great and mighty


of God by which King Salomon bound sp. that thou appeare etc.

+laiafaryn+ +vbalganaiah+

+laialogin+ +Moeth+

+laiarezyn+ +Naoth+


And finally by the vertue of God the ffather, God the sonne and God the holy ghost + And by the power of the holy Trinity and by all the host of heaven and by all the strength of Almighty God father of heaven and by all the powers might vertue and dignity of Jesus + our onely Lord and savior and redeemer Amen. fiat fiat fiat

In no: Saphori + Saphori + Jesu +

Christi + Dei + Tetragramaton + Amen

Sta sta sta ligo te et t te B ex virtutes omnes antedictas et ostendo nihi voluntatem et desiderius men~ in omnibus Amen