Paintings by Don Karr: 1998-9 Series

O.The Nine Postures [30" x 30" - oil on canvas - 1998]
(also called "Postures of Maatian Freemasonry")

The canvas is divided into nine squares which correspond to the sefirot hokhmah through yesod. Postures symbolic of five of these sefirot are shown: hesed through hod. [Note: Because figures face the viewer, the usual orientation of the sefirotic tree is reversed.]

1. 8 = 3 [36" x 36" - oil on canvas - 1999]
(also called "Joy Is Sorrow")

The figure is shown enclosed in a burial box with only the top of his head showing. He is in one of the chambers of binah surrounded by three deities whose functions in the current universe are unknown. To the right sits Maat (feather on her knee), waiting.

2. 9 = 2 [30" x 34" - oil on canvas - 1999]
(also called "Change Is Stability")

The figure, still enclosed, is now supine, head exposed. Three goddesses attend: The goddess of hokhmah (light green: wisdom, roughly Sophia) covers the reclined figure's physical eyes while pressing his third eye. The goddess of binah (red: understanding, Isis) attests to the security of the lid of the enclosure. The goddess of da'at (dark green: knowledge, Maat) is shown, looking out into the world of which she is soon to assume control.

3. 0 = 2 [18" x 20" - oil on canvas - 1999]