Volume IX

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Harmony Society, Economy, Pennsylvania
Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands

Images from Jacob Böhme, Theosophia Revelata (1730)

Jacob Böhme--Portrait Supersensual Life
Frontispiece Conversation Between Souls
Aurora Apology: Against Balthasar Tilken
Three Principles Signatura Rerum
Threefold Life of Man Rebirth
Centrum Naturae Choosing Grace
Forty Questions on the Soul De Testamentis Christi
Philosophical Globe, or Wonder-Eye of Eternity Mysterium Magnum
Christ Becoming Human Mysterium Manuscript Illustrations
On the Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ Mysterium Magnum II
The Tree of Faith Divine Revelation
Earthly and Heavenly Life Theosophic Letters
The Way to Christ Böhme's Life in an Illustration
Serenity Map of Görlitz in Böhme's Lifetime
Six Theosophic Points mere placeholder words

Frontispiece from Thomas Bromley's
The Way to the Sabbath of Rest (1678)
Bromley--Way to Rest

An Image from Johann Georg Gichtel's
Eine kurze eröffnung (1696/1779)
Gichtel: Unregenerate Man

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