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Volume V
Welcome to our listings of recent books pertaining to the field of Western esotericism. These listings are not exhaustive, but we are sure that those who peruse them will find here some previously unknown and interesting titles. These listings are only from 2001-2003, and are intended to help scholars see what has been recently published in fields they might want to investigate. We have included here listings of a few popular works because some scholars may wish to investigate contemporary trends in this field. If you see a book here that you would like to review for us, please inquire, as we will continue to publish book reviews as well as articles and source materials. These files were researched by Aaron Weiss, our latest archival editor.

Academic Books
Alchemy Freemasonry and Secret Societies
Gnosticism Hermeticism and Hermetism Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
Magic Mysticism (General)

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