Volume I, Issue 1

“Some Remarks on the Study of Western Esotericism”

Wouter Hanegraaff

pp. 3-19


“Western Esotericism and the Harmony Society”

Arthur Versluis

pp. 20-47


“Another Eve:

A Case Study in the Earliest Manifestations

of Christian Esotericism”

Laura Hobgood-Oster

pp. 48-60


“Following Lucifer:

Miltonic Evil as Gnostic Cabala”

Philip Beitchman

pp. 61-78


“Stages of Ascension in Hermetic Rebirth”

Dan Merkur

pp. 79-96


“Things Done Wisely by a Wise Enchanter:

Negotiating the Power of Words in the Thirteenth Century”

Claire Fanger

pp. 97-132


“The Alchemy of the Voice at Ephrata Cloister”

Jan Stryz

pp. 133-159



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