From A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed For Many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits (London: 1659).

As J. and E. K. sate discoursing of the Noble Polonian Albertus Lasci his great honor here with us obtained, his great good liking of all States of the people, of them that either see him or hear of him, and again how much I was beholding to God that his heart should so fervently favor me, and that he doth so much strive to suppress and confound the malice and envie of my Country-men against me, for my better credit winning or recovering to do God better service hereafter thereby, &c. Suddenly, there seemed to come out of my Oratory a Spiritual creature, like a pretty girl of 7 or 9 years of age, attired on her head with her hair rowled up before, and hanging down very long behind, with a gown of Sey, ....changeable green and red, and with a train she seemed to play up and down...., like, and seemed to go in and out behind my books, lying on heaps, the biggest....and as she should ever go between them, the books seemed to give place sufficiently, dis.... One heap from the other, while she passed between them: And so I considered, and...... the diverse reports which E. K. made unto me of this pretty maiden, and .....

I said..... Whose maiden are you?

She said.... Whose man are you?

I am the servant of the God both by my bound duty, and also ( I hope) by his Adoption.

A voice.... You shall be beaten if you tell

......Am not I a fine Maiden? Give me leave to play in your house, my mother told me she would come and dwell here.

She went up and down with most lively gestures of a young girl playing by her self and diverse time another spoke to her from the corner of my study by a great Perspective glass, but none was seen

An image of Dr. John Dee with his Stone

beside her self.

.....Shall I? I will (Now she seemed to answer one in the fore-said Corner of the Study)

.....I pray you let me tarry a little [speaking to on in the fore-said Corner]

Tell me who you are?

.....I pray you let me play with you a little, and I will tell you who I am.

In the name of Jesus then tell me.

.....I rejoice in the name of Jesus, and I am a poor little Maiden, Madini, I am the last but one of my Mothers children, I have little Baby-children at home.

Where is your home?

Ma.... I dare not tell you where I dwell, I shall be beaten.

You shall not be beaten for telling the truth to them that love the truth, to the eternal truth all Creatures must be obedient.

Ma..... I warned you I will be obedient. My sisters say they must all come and dwell with you.

I desire that they who live God should dwell with me, and I with them.

Ma....I love you now you talk of God.

Your eldest sister her name is Esemeli.

Ma.... My sister is not so short as you make her.

O, I cry you mercy, she is to be pronounced Esemeli.

E.K. she smiled, one calls her saying, Come away Maiden

Ma..... I will read over my Gentlewomen first.

My master Dee will teach me, if I say please.

Read over your Gentlewomen as it pleases you.

Ma....I have Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, look you here.

E.K. She brings a little book out of her pocket,

....She pointed to a Picture in the book.

Mad....Is not this a pretty man.

Edward Kelly, studying the work of the Abbott Trithemius.

What is his name?, his name is Edward, look you, he hath a Crown upon his head, my Mother said that this man was Duke of York.

E.K. She looked upon a Picture in the Book with a Coronet in his hand and a Crown upon his head.

Ma.....This was a jolly man when he was King of England.

How long since is it that he was King of England?

Ma....Do you ask me such a question, I am but a little Maiden? Lord here is his Father, Richard Plantagenet, is his Father also.

How call you him?

Ma....Richard, Surely this was Richard Earl of Cambridge.

E.K. She turns the book leaves, and said..

Mad....Here is a grim Lord, He makes me afraid.

Why does he make you afraid?

Ma....He is a stern fellow, I do not know him what he is. But this was the Duke of Clarence. This was Father to Richard Earl of Cambridge. Lord here is Anne his wife.

E.K. Turning over the leaf,

Te same was heir to all Mortimers lands.

Edmund was her brother.

Lord, Sir, here be the wicked Mortimers.

E.K. She turned over diverse leaves, and then she said

Ma....This fame is Roger Mortimer.

.....My Mother said this man was Earl of the Marches.

This same is his wife.

He had a great deal of lands by her, for she was an Heir.

This fame is wild Genvill, her Father.

Here is a Town they call Webley. Here is Beudley. Here is Mortimers Clyberry. Here is wild Wenlock. Here is Ludlow. Here is Stanton Lacy. Genvill his wife was Heir of all these. Here is Hugh Lacy her Father. He wears his hair long, for he was Deputy of Ireland; That makes him look with such a weathered face.

My sister has torn out the other two leaves, I will bring them when you have supper. I pray do not tell any body of me.

We were earnestly called for to supper by my folks.

Pg. 162

Orationem dominicam genibus flexis recitavi, variasque juxta propositam materia ejeculationes bubui, variasque inter nos collationes, considerationesque ultimorum verborum ipsius Gabrielis, etc.

E.K. Gabriel is here again in his Chair, and his dart upright in his hand, his dart is like a flame or staff of fire.

Blessed be God.

After his appearing, he stayed almost a quarter of an hour before he began.

Gab..... As God in his essential being, is a Spirit, without demonstration, so are his profound providences, works, and determinations, unable to be measured.

[E.K. He maketh curse: But nothing appeareth in the Stone.]

Gabr.....Herby may you find, that the love of God towards you (O wretches and sinners) is more than a love: and more than can be measured, which was the cause, that with his own finger, (delighting in the sons of Jacob,) he sealed this saying; yea with his own finger, this show and sign of his excellent, and more than, love toward his people.

I am a jealous God; which is as much to say, Lo, I am your friend: nay, rather your father, and more than that, your God; which delighteth in you, rejoiceth in you, and loveth you with that affection [Jealousy] which is more than love: which is as much to say, as my love is such toward you, as I am to myself. But, O ye stiff-necked Jews, O ye Strumpets, you despised the love of God, you committed adultery, and ran into the Temples of Idols: which the cause, that the same mouth, that praised you before.

An illustration from Dee's True Relation that follows one of the Enochian Tables.

[E.K. He makes curse often.]

.....Said also of you; It represents me that I made this people. Let me raze them out, and make a people of * there. This Idolatry was the cause, from time to time, that you became Captives, and of Inberitours, Rumagates, without a Master. Unto you also, thus saith the Lord (unto you my Brethern, I say that are here) More than the love of a father is, is the love of God toward you: For , unto which of the Gentiles, hath the Lord showed himself? Where dwell they, or where have they dwelled, into whose house have the Angels of the Lord descended, saying, thus and thus, does the God of Heaven and earth mean to deal with the World.

Think you not, that this is more than love? Look therefore narrowly into yourselves: Uncover the doings of your life, and secret Chambers: Enter into judgement with yourselves. Unto thee I speak [To E.K.] Hast thou not run astray from the Lord, nad committed Idolatry?

He told E.K. of his faults, which E.K. would not express to me, and I desired him to listen to them, and to do as it appertains to a Christian, etc.

Gab.....But thus saith the Lord, I am a pure Spirit that participates not with the defiled: neither can I enter in mercy into that house which is defiled. A great saying, my Brethren: For hereby you are motivated to make you consciences clean to open yourselves in pureness, to the Lord, that he may enter into you with comfort. For, so long as thou deals with wicked spirits, will the Lord keep back his hands: and thou keeps back the Lord. For shall it not be said hereafter? Low, is not this man known to have dealing with the wicked? And (as the foolish voices of the people are) Is not this be that can constrain the wicked? With further arguments, by repetition of thy doings. Well, if thou wilt be the minister of God; If thou wilt go forward in his works; If thou wilt see the happy times that are to come, thou must abstain from evil, and thou must sweep thy

house clean: Thou must put on thy best garments, and must become humble and meek. Let not thy life be a scandal to the will of the Lord, and to the greatness of his works: For the power that is within thy soul (in respect of his essential quid,) is of great force and ability to perform those things that proceed with power: which is the cause that the wicked ones obey thee; for they fear themselves, when they see the seal of thy Creation.

This is therefore the Cause, that God finding thee (as he passes by, by his Angel) fit in matter, but, my brother (God knows) far unfit in life. Oh Consider the dignity of thy Creation; Consider that the affection of God toward thee, is more than love. See how he bears with thy infirmity, from time to time. Oh, I says (yet) Enter into judgement with thy self: And consider, that thou art now at a turning where there lies two ways: One shall be to thy comfort, the other to thy perpetual woe. Let not good ground bring forth weeds, lest it choke her self.

Pg. 232

As I was putting up all, Uriel appeared again, with his black Scarf, as he did before but paused a while before he spoke any thing.

In thy name (Oh Jesus) we attend thy words by thy messenger to be uttered.

Uriel..... Give ear unto my voice.

E.K. Now he is like a great wheel of fire, like a wagon wheel: He thrust out his hands on the sudden, and so became like a wheel full of mens eyes: it turns round, it is full in all places of those eyes, like living and seeing eyes.

Now comes fire out of it in 4 places.

Now there is a great Eagle, which is come, and stands upon it: It is a white Eagle: The wheel turns still, notwithstanding that she stands on it.

E.K. She hath in her beak, like a serol of parchment. She hath two

monstrous eyes: one like fire red; her right eye as big as my fist and the left eye, is chrystal-like. She stands hovering with her wins spread, and her stern or tail spread.

Under the wheel is a great valley, and in it a great City, and a Hill on the East part of it. And all toward the South are Hills.

The City is as big as six Cracavis: and many ruins of houses in it there appear.

There is one place in it covered, square like a little Chapel: It has a little round pinacle in the end of it; and over, it in the air hanging a little fire bright.

There be many like unto fowles, like Raven, and their heads like unto bright fire: They fly into a Country a great way off from this City.

Now Uriel stands beside the wheel, and the wheel is as it was before: and he as before with the Scarf.

The Eagle cries and strikes as a Gull, or the fowles do.

Uriel seems to descend from the air above, and to come to the side of the Shew-stone.