“Esotericism: From Europe to North America”

Call for Papers

The Association for the Study of Esotericism is seeking paper proposals for our first North American Conference on

“Esotericism: From Europe to North America” to be held 3-5 June, 2004, at Michigan State University

We particularly encourage submission of proposals for articles on subjects that belong to one or more of the following general categories:

1. Esotericism in Antiquity: Gnosticism and Hermeticism
2. Medieval and Early Modern Forms of Esotericism in Europe and North America
a. alchemy, astrology; the history of science, technology, magic, and medicine
b. folk magical traditions in North America (Pennsylvania Dutch, Appalachian, and other forms)
3. Nineteenth Century Forms of Esotericism in North America: Magic and Secrecy in Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Music, or Art
4. Twentieth Century Forms of Esotericism: History of Art, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Magic
5. New Religious Movements and the Contemporary Study of Esotericism
6. Asian Influences on European and North American forms of Esotericism
7. Methods and Approaches to the Study of Esotericism

We welcome scholars from a wide range of perspectives, including anthropology, American studies, art history, history, history of religions, literature, philosophy, religious studies, sociology—the full range of academic disciplines and fields that bear upon this area of study. This is an interdisciplinary field of research, and we believe everyone will benefit from the cross-fertilization of perspectives.

If you wish to submit a paper proposal for review and possible presentation at the conference, please send it by regular email to conference organizers at ase@aseweb.org and you may send a copy to studies@esoteric.msu.edu
We are also interested in panel discussions on interdisciplinary approaches to the field, and in order to encourage graduate study in the field, will offer a modest prize for the best graduate student paper presented.
No attachments, please: simply copy and paste your abstract into ordinary email. Please limit abstracts to one single-spaced page or less and a brief bibliography. The deadline for paper proposals is 15 February, 2004. Each proposal will be reviewed by an academic committee and because of time constraints, we can only accept a limited number of papers. Regular mail proposals may be sent to

ASE Conference, c/o Prof. Arthur Versluis
235 Bessey Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
Fax: 1.517.353.5250
Tel: 1.517.355.3282

You should receive our response within four to six weeks.

The Association for the Study of Esotericism [ASE]
For more information on the ASE and our conference in June, 2004, see our website at http://www.aseweb.org